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  • Joker: The stars are beautiful tonight
  • Harley: Yeah
  • Joker: You know what else is beautiful?
  • Harley: ...What?
  • Joker: *points at the sky* The batsignal

she wasn’t interested in telling
other people’s f u t u r e s
 she was interested in going out
and finding h e r own

 lee ji eun as b l u e  s a r g e n t — the raven cycle


the cicadas are singing / the cicadas are dying
in droves. they are droning graveyard hymns
so relentlessly i have to wonder:
is it their funeral or mine?
maybe i am the one being buried
here under the summer heat.
maybe i should be mourning too.

dear dante, do you wear shoes in chicago?
what i mean is: will you still be the same
as i remembered? and do i want you
to be the same? you can’t answer
these questions; i’m just wondering, i guess.
just wishing something could be different
even though i don’t know what.


dear ari, chicago is too full of shoes;
not enough birds / not enough dreams.
i miss swimming, and i miss you—
can i say this, at least? i almost miss
el paso, but the memories of home
are starting to blur. everything hazy
except you’re always in sharp focus.
you can’t answer but i’m also wondering:
if i held your hand, could we make it
through all these faded june afternoons?


(maybe. i don’t know. i don’t know—)


if we carried hope into a thunderstorm
could we finally taste the rain?

boys like us || a. cho

Sense8 Season One Sentence Starters
Feel free to change pronouns/descriptions/etc. appropriately!

  • “So this is how you’ve been hiding from me?”
  • “We are born into this world the same way we will leave it: alone.”
  • “I’m not sure what’ll give me more pleasure: the money, or seeing his face.”
  • “The stuff he’s talking about? It is exactly what you need.”
  • “Say one more word and I’ll colonize your face with my fist.”
  • “I can’t tell you how bad I feel even being here, because I know I shouldn’t even be asking you this, but I have no one else to turn to.”
  • “You’re scared. You needn’t be.”
  • “I don’t owe you for what you did, but you should know: I won’t ever forget it.”
  • “You have no idea what’s going on, right? So you just kind of have to let go and go with it.”
  • “You just look them right in the eye, and you lie.”
  • “This is like some crazy witch burning shit.”
  • “You cannot kill a man like that. If you want to do it right, you aim here, for the jugular.”
  • “You came back. I knew you would.” 
  • “If I wasn’t such a bad person, I would let you get on with your life.” 
  • “It’s not something you make happen; it’s something you let happen.” 
  • “I just spent the last two hours getting my ass reamed by the feds.” 
  • “There are few things that are unpleasant to me than to hear you whine.”
  • “Impossibility is a kiss away from reality.” 
  • “I’m not calling you or anyone else.” 
  • “Sometimes, violence is necessary. Violence changes things.” 
  • “You are safer there than where you were.” 
  • “I didn’t tell you because I didn’t think I’d ever have to revisit this part of my life. I’m sorry.”
  • “If you guys are starting some crime fighting super team Charlie’s Angels shit, you count me in.”
  • “Legality is a bit of a moving target.”  
  • “I know I’m the bad guy.” 
  • “Fuck her in good health.” 
  • “I would never go straight.” 
  • “I’m sensing a bit of a negative vibe here.” 
  • “If you didn’t hear voices at least once, you were doing something wrong.” 
  • “Just promise me no matter what you have to do, you will not let that happen to me.” 
  • “Gods don’t give a shit about us. I speak from experience.”  
  • “Only thing I want to ruin is that smart mouth.” 
  • “Love ain’t nothing but a black hole.” 
  • “If life has taught me anything, it’s that I can take a punch.” 
  • “Not fair? This is the real fucking world. Nothing’s fucking fair.” 
  • “The idea of praying to a god to somehow influence my own fate is both primitive and terribly sad.”
  • “I don’t know what you should do. All I know is what I have to do.” 
  • “I was living in two separate worlds. And then somehow they crashed into one another. Now everything is dead.”
  • “I was afraid that if I came here I would want to die – or worse, that I wouldn’t want to.”
  • “I want to believe that the past is done with us the moment we are done with it.”
  • “What makes us ‘us’ is far less important than what makes them ‘them’.”
  • “Lying is easy. It’s what I do." 
  • "I know what you did. You will pay. I swear it!”
  • “I’m an all access kind of girl.”
  • “This is a bad place. You should not be here.”
  • “Some things in our lives are inevitable.”
  • “Crying won’t help him.”
  • “I don’t know how to use my fists, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to fight.”
  • “What kind of man betrays his own fucking family?”
  • “When I give instructions, I expect them to be followed.”
  • “You didn’t expect this, did you? Have you made a mistake?”
  • “Are you real?”
  • “You did it. You saved us.”
BTS Office AU

Imagine all of them working in the same department of some big company????

  • tae and jimin have adjacent cubicles and they constantly annoy everyone else by throwing random notes to each other over their cubicles insTEAD OF TALKING LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE.
  • jin is that one coworker who always eats at their cubicle. he’s like the Charles Boyle of the group who always brings interesting smelling food for his lunch which all the others laugh at, but he’s also the oldest and the one everyone goes to for advice and know-hows of the company
  • yoongi & namjoon are actually trying to work but they always get roped into maknae line’s shenanigans. 
  • maknae line forever pranking their hyung hobi by putting his stapler in jello. again.
  • jungkook is the company’s newest hire and he pours himself into the work to fit in, to prove that he deserves a place at the company despite his young age
  • jimin and taehyung takes to jungkook immediately. they know he’s super hardworking and he doesn’t feel like he fits in, so they try their utmost to loosen up the poor kid
  • NAMJOON AS DEPARTMENT HEAD. at first jungkook is super intimidated by him because namjoon is supposedly this scary dude but once they meet jungkook realizes he’s not all that bad.
  • sunshine line spreading joy and cheer throughout the office especially on monday mornings when everyone’s in a sleepy slump and whenever namjoon comes out of an especially stressful meeting with other department heads
  • jin bringing baked goods to the office every once in awhile just because he feels like it. he always brings them in these fancy baskets which he takes time to decorate 
  • during departmentally mandated office parties, jimin, taehyung, and hobi all get spectacularly drunk while suga and namjoon look on with faint amusement like “ahh…these kids.” jin goes crazy trying to keep jimin from throwing punches to the wall. taehyung sings to himself in a corner while jungkook is trying really hard not to get drunk in front of his coworkers
JiKook Backhugs

“Jikook is one-sided” my ass

Excuse me, but did Jungkook have to go and hug Jimin? No. He did it himself. And look at Hobi squishing and trapping him.

Jimin looks sly af like “Yeah biotch he’s hugging me on camera”

They’re so adorable together. I love Jikook

JinHope are like “Guys you can’t do that right now!” but JiKook are like lmao try to stop us

I just love this moment

Jungkook just casually slips his arms around Jimin and slowdances with him and Jimin just acts like it’s a natural thing to do

Excuse me Jungkook but did you really need to go on his back to put the headband on him?

Ew why is it so small?
“What scene are we?”
“Back hug scene”

Ok we get it Jungkook, he’s yours

They’re just talking and Jungkook slings his arm over Jimin

And of course Jimin backhugging Jungkook <3


Casually hugging during a broadcast with Seventeen I think???!!!!!!!!!!!! (Thanks @doodlemin)


When you realize that you should post your own original art too every once in a while. But i never know what to tag ma stuff T^T

Anyway; A level concept for a game i would like to make someday. This is the Earth guardian and a sample of what his level might look like. I had SO MUCH fun doing the sculpt that I would do it again if i can scrounge up more money (hes an expansive boi T^T) based off of the Quetzalcoatl god and many other things.  This accompanies the art of the mangrove i did a WHILE ago BAH.

It’s 1:30AM and I just realized I reached 300 followers. Honestly I don’t even know what to say. I’m SO SURPRISED.

I started this account like… 4 weeks ago and I’m ALREADY AT 300 WHICH IS INCREDIBLE???! I want to thank so many people but I wouldn’t be able to tag everyone, ANYWAYS

What should I do for reaching 300? A Q&A? A video? A long ass fic? What do you guys want? Send me it suggestions!! Please!!

Last Words

Cite the final line of five of your fics - your favorites, or the most recent ones. Tag five writers who should do this next.

Yo @punsbulletsandpointythings how dare you make me reread my shitty writing (which turned out weirdly not shitty? wtf?)
(in other words, thank you, because saner also always forgets that 23 is an actual number and is like oh no I never finish anything I have 0 works on ao3)

Tagging: @aidava, @oddlyexquisite​, @obaewankenope​, @lilyrose225writes​ only if you want to, or if you feel like finishing the end scene of something (*side-eyes frankenau*) or decided to do last words of chapters, idk. 

(1-3 are all fanfic of @deadcatwithaflamethrower‘s ReEntry )

1. Asha turns slowly, the look on her face utterly heartbreaking. Silver automatically swallows the expression of mirrored grief that wants to form, but even so, her words come from a tight throat when she does speak. “Finish that last broadcast. We don’t have to do anything else to do tonight, just grieve and remember, and pray for miracles.”

 Asha blinks, sending more tears streaming down her face, then gives a jerky nod. She wipes the tracks away with shaking hands, and takes a breath, focusing on the keyboard again to complete the report on Scarif. 

Armoured Hearts, fanfic for Silver Greene

2. He’d tease her, still, as long as she’d let him. He’d wait for her, until she was shaking and moaning and incoherent, sweat-soaked hair against her neck and almost in tears. After all, there was a mirror behind her, and he wanted to see that Dragon, his mark, as she came apart. 

Dragon Mark, aka the smut prompt with feels nobody asked for, saner, wtf, smut isn’t supposed to make people cry

3. He reached across to grasp her hand tightly. “General. Thank you, for him and—for me.”

Liura watched him with an inscrutable expression for a long moment before answering, giving him that Jedi Look again that seemed to bare one’s soul. “So many people owe you thanks, Laser. All the people you helped leave the Empire, brothers and volunteers. I owe you my life twice over for not shooting me, and I owe my life again to Flare for—well. The point is, I would have done anything to bring you back.”

“So I shouldn’t be thanking you?” Laser shook his head. “Most Jedi would have killed us on sight. You’re forgetting that.”

Her face fell. “Yes. Well, I won’t be forgetting it, should we come across a Jedi who dares raise a hand in your direction.”

“You already proved that once, General. No need to risk your life doing it again,” Laser scowled.

“That was a long time ago. I was younger, it was ill-advised, and he was once my friend. I hadn’t realised people could get dumber with age. And anyway, I promised you I wasn’t going anywhere. Next time I’ll just cheat.”

That, at least, got a laugh out of him. And woke Flare—but it was getting cold anyway.

The Long Way Out, yes hi did someone ask for clone feels? not these you didn’t have a sucker punch

4. But when Obi-Wan presses close, the threat of a migraine recedes; and moments later, when the rhythm of soft shallow breaths proves that the boy has fallen asleep, Qui-Gon realises he will never, never feel at ease without this. That he has, perhaps, never felt so much wanted and needed in all his life. The feeling almost overwhelms him, constricts his chest and clutches at his throat and dares to steal his breath. He breathes through the sting at the back of his eyes, shuts off the datapad and shoves it away to wrap the small, beloved warm body beside him in a tight embrace.

Stained Glass, the one with Blind!Obi and Qui-Dad Jinn

5. Qui-Gon looked down, realising with a start that the cup was long empty. “Please,” he murmured, half-smiling. The look on Obi-Wan’s face lit up the room. 

A Subject For Careful Meditation, tea drinking, improvised ceremonies of affirmation of skill and capability, chronic pain and brain weasels that the rest of the world apparently wants to hate you for. 


lol hey angela…….. lololol

im actually so horrible.. otl this is gonna be hella weird but lol i was your ksv and psv haahhhahahjhahah…. hah.. im horrible. ;; i apologise for being two people at once. i tried my best trying to fulfill being two versions of me lol oml.. you’re probs all “……wtf..” right now. 

you said that i should surprise you but ahdhahah my gfx isnt really that great. but sehun looks smashing in this tbh.. but hey i have a 8tracks playlist for v-day if you wanna dance ur butt off with kpop songs idk lol…..

anyways, i apologise for being rly awkward and being irregular with my replies. ;;

have a great valentines day, angela!!


Sir Alfred, 

Please forgive me, as I must tell you of my abrupt departure by leaving this letter. I first served your father, Lord Alexander, and have for so long shared in the joys and sorrows of the Ashford family. Lord Alexander disappeared unexpectedly 15 years ago, then an accident during an experiment took the life of our dear Alexia. You were forced to become the master of the family at a very young age, and nearly lost your sanity from the sorrow of having lost all of your family members at once. There was nothing I could do, and I felt powerless. I first though that I should kill myself to apologize. I then realized that it would be an insult to our dear Lord Alexander and Alexia, in the other world… 

Scott Harman 
Butler, Ashford family

ya boi wrote an unnecessary kano projection fic instead of working on the essay I should’ve been working on??? anyways 

 title; bring all your things and we will build a pyre 

 summary; He goes out at night because he can’t sleep, goes out during the day because he can’t sit still—his smiles are brittle and he thinks he’s probably hard to be around at the best of times, but he exists that way, because that’s how he is now. 

 (an evolution in ten parts) 

 [on ao3]

I was tagged by @rinoaheartillyy, thanks so much for tagging me! c’:

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1. Sleeping as much as I can, letting my queue run while I’m napping for hours even though I should be painting. But, you know…
2. Getting discounts on my art supplies! There’s nothing better than spending only 50 on 130 dollars worth of pencils. Nothing.
3. Drinking good coffee. Ugh, it’s my fucking lifeblood.
4. Final Fantasy OST while doing schoolwork. XIV or XIII. XV boss battle themes, too.
5. When for some reason my art instructors think I’m actually talented?? Like that’s… so cool. Thanks. But, wtf. Don’t compliment my stuff.

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So X-Ray found some weird doll and it… it TALKS?!

Yes that is Cry. No Cry is not actually the doll, he controls the doll from his house, which NO ONE KNOWS WHERE HE ACTUALLY LIVES OR LOOKS LIKE.

More backstory for him will come later, but I just wanted to draw this out. Anyways, meet the new character coming into this AU!
P.S. X-Ray is playing some video game and probably got killed in it cause of Cry distracting him wow Cry wtf bro.