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Can you write a Jack imagine where he gets the readers name or birthday or something tattooed on himself when he’s drunk and when he shows her she’s like “dude wtf why would you do that” and laughs about how thick he is sometimes and then all the boys and fans kinda tease him about it but he thinks it was kinda romantic? Idk I just thought this would cute.

Everyone knew Jack could do pretty stupid things while drunk, but you,as his girlfriend took care of him not doing things that were too stupid, but last night since you had to stay in the night shift of the hospital you worked on, and even when Jack promised to behave himself you were still worried.

So when you arrived home the next morning you went to check up on your boyfriend, luckily he was fast asleep as he laid on his stomach, but when you got a little closer you noticed that your name was written down in his shoulder blade, you ran your fingers along the small and delicate handwriting thinking it was some sort of marker.

But your name didn’t wiped away, it was still there, that’s when you realized it was actually a tattoo “Oh my god” you laughed making the lazy blonde boy up.

His eyes were half open but he was still able to identify your soft features so he flashed a smile “Hey babe” he said groggily, you bit your lip trying to hold back your laughs but he obviously noticed “What?” He asked confused

“You have my name tattooed on your shoulder” you said not really knowing how to tell him the news, his eyes opened widely
“WHAT?” He exclaimed running over to the bathroom mirror, where he noticed the brand new tattoo that he didn’t even remembered to get, and it was indeed your name. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” he said grabbing his phone and calling the boys

“No way!” You heard Conor laugh, Jack groaned
“Just hurry up!” After that he ended the call

“I must admit this is the stupidest yet most romantic thing you’ve done for me” you chuckled as you leaned against the door frame

Almost an hour later all the boys came to your flat and took turns to inspect Jack’s new tattoo before laughing their asses off

“This is a whole new level of idiocy” Joe said as he took a few more pics, making the boy run his hands into his hair as he rolled his eyes, you went over to them and sat on Jack’s lap

“To be honest, it is” you laughed
“I mean I love you Jack, but what the fuck?” He rolled his eyes avoiding your gaze “Aw baby don’t get mad at me” you pouted trying to kiss his lips but he pulled away making you kiss his cheek.

The boys gasped dramatically before they started hollering “Drama” again and again, you smirked before crossing your arms over your chest, your back facing his chest, everyone waiting for your response “Oh well I guess I’ll have to look for another boyfriend born in 1994 so my tattoo’s not pointless” you shrugged making everyone’s jaw drop as they stared at you speechless.

You stood up and went over to the kitchen counter pouring yourself a glass of juice as if what you had just said wasn’t a big deal “Wait, what?” Jack asked still completely dumbfounded, you rolled your eyes as you headed back to were everyone was.

Putting your feet in Jack’s leg you lifted the fabric of your jeans just enough for them to see the ink around the bone of your ankle, and it indeed said “1994”

“Holy shit” Conor blurted out “You’re both idiots then” you chuckled before turning to your boyfriend the satisfied smirk plastered on his face caused you to wink at him

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hi brat, ur an adult kinda I think prob not 4 real tho. I need real adult advice rn tho, kinda about sims so pls help. my boyfriend told me last night that he doesn't want me playing sims anymore because its embarrassing and that I shouldnt post on my simblr anymore because its cringey n idk what to do because I got rlly upset but my problem is that we're in a long distance relationship and he cant rlly do anything about it except get upset but he's been super controlling help me omg :( ughh

hi there!!!!! dudEEEE WTF!!!!!!!!! F THat seriously!!!!!!! nothin irks me more than a controlling bf or gf!!!!!!!!!! my advice: u gotta stick up 4 urself!! DONT let him make u feel bad/shame for your hobbies…like….who cares as long as its making u happy?!?!?he should b happy ur happy!!! uk!??!!!! it may be hard 2 stick up 4 urself but u gotta try!!! tell that bitch “hey im gona keep playing sims and having a simblr bc i like 2, u dont rly get 2 decide what i can do!!!!!” bc its tru lol………………………………..keep doing u kiddo and if he doesnt like it honestly dump him lol bc if hes controlling about something like this im worried he would be controlling abt other aspects of ur life… uk? could b a slippery slope u feel me…..anwayyYYY i want the best for u ok and !!!! sorry if my advice is crappy lol im kinda bad at this but IM PASSIONATE ABT HATING CONTROLLING SPOUSES *SHAKES MY FIST TO THE SKY******* ok kid i wish u the best ok love u!!!!!!!!!!

sometimes Oikawa drags Iwaizumi out to go see the stars at ridiculous times like 2am okay j ust imagine

I couldn’t sleep last night so at 5am I made this list please enjoy

If Bobby Flay is straight culture who is gay culture?
- guy fieri: gays like memes
- Alton brown because every lesbian I’ve ever met fuckin loves this dude
- Ted Allen: he’s a gay I think he was on some gay show
- Ree Drummond: I like her, therefore she is gay culture probably
- Geoffrey Zakarian: he dresses gay as hell, this ones a reach
- Chef Anne (wtf is her last name) is she a lesbian? She looks like a lesbian so she is gay culture
- Rachel ray: idk I want to have her so the cishets dont

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Did anyone die at all in 7B? Because I'm starting to think maybe Ian meant Noels death and just. Misspoke...About when it happened. Like if not, literally wtf. No way he meant Wren unless they filmed his death and cut it. Ugh. Last night was a hot mess.

We see Charlotte’s death but it wasn’t bloody. Other than that, I don’t think so. I don’t think he misspoke, honestly, I think he did mean Wren. From what it sounds like, it was meant to be a really, really bloody death. But idk. They definitely didn’t shoot the scene because Julian didn’t have the time, so idk.

Exo sleeping in the same room must be so weird like

Suho: alright, good night kids.
Sehun: mom I’m cold.
Kai: mom, Baek is touching me
Suho: Baekhyun, stop touching Kai. It’s weird.
Baek: he keeps hogging D.O. Everyone knows hes the warmest
D.O: only because of my internal hate fire for you, smol Chanyeol.
Kai: D.O only likes me, anyway.
D.O: tru.
Sehun: mom, I’m cold.
Chen: hey, where’s Luhan, Kris, and Tao?
Suho: idk
Lay: *giggle figgle*
Chen: wtf
Chanyeol: wait, if Baekhyun is small Chanyeol, then what am I?
D.O: Long Bacon.
Xuimin: actually, where are those three?
Lay: tee hee
Sehun: mom, I’m cold.
Xuimin: Lay, what happened to the other three?
Lay: they came home last night and I gave the brownies
Suho: fffffffffffff
Chen: what?
Lay: and Kris tried to breathe fire, Luhan thought he was a deer and would only walk on all fours, and Tao started to eat long pieces of tree bark
Baekhyun: what happened?
Lay: *whispers* i think they got high.
Chanyeol: was there weed in the brownies?
Lay: maybe a little bittle
Chanyeol: are you high now?
Lay: teeny weeny bit
D.O: everyone go tf to sleep
Sehun: mom, I’m cold.

My father is leaving to Spain next monday so:

Aunt: “Hey, your father will need a suitecase, right?”
Me: “Yes, we need to buy one”
Aunt: “It’s ok. I will give you one so you can save money”
Me: *thinks about how much $$ my aunt has and the buys expensive stuff* Ok, ty aunt.

* next day *

Grandma: “Did you see the suitcase your aunt left here today? It’s for your father.”
Me: “No. Let me see” … * thinks how cool the suitcase must be * … * sees the suitcase * “wtf, this is the ugliest suitcase I ever saw omg”
My father: “That’s so ugly. There’s no way I will use it.”
Me: “I’m sure is expensive. Sometimes the good things are the ugliest. Right grandma?”
Grandma: “Idk. Your aunt found it last night. That suitcase was the one your uncle used to use when he went to the troop, 40 years ago.”

i’m so done right now. Me waiting for something amazing and expensive. *sighs*