idk would he say that

I tried to tell Quincy that we were standing in front of natural treasure and that we should appreciate it. He continued to pose with this vaguely indifferent expression, effectively rendering all of my photos useless.  

put your opinions in the tags (great comet edition)

-is anatole a villain?
-dave’s pierre or josh’s pierre?
-no one else or sonya alone?
-dust and ashes or great comet of 1812?
-favorite ensemble member?
-marya + helene’s kiss or dolokhov + anatole’s kiss?

Shitty Knight running for president:


Shitty Knight running for re-election:


Legends S2 E1: Oliver treats Mick with respect and listens to his story and specifically says he doesn’t want to hurt him when Mick’s disoriented.

The flash S3 E8: Felicity holds an umbrella over Mick and genuinely asks about his experience being mind-controlled. 

Every character on Legends ever: insults Mick’s intelligence or other attributes and contributions.

I’m really tired of Mick getting more respect from the characters on Arrow, people he literally just met minutes ago, than he does from his own team.

help i’m in love with captain flint. he hasn’t once let me down since beating a man to death with his bare hands in the first episode. 

like. what sea nymph fucked a prince of the fair folk and gave us this passionate lunatic? 

starting this series is the best life decision. i’m mostly through S1 and i love every one of these trash human beings and their trash pirate king. but i mean seriously i’m not even mad captain badass just straight up murdered a dude who i really liked. not even a little. what kind of fairy magic bullshit is this???

Daddy Forgot How To Be My Daddy. .

Or maybe he just doesn’t want to anymore. Idk.
When I used to call out “Daaaaddyy” he would say “Yes baby/Princess/kitten”
Now he snaps “what do you want”
When I cried he used to wipe my tears away and hold me.
Now he says “stop being a baby”
He used to tell me I was creative and talented.
Now when I share my creations or photos he says things like “that’s weird” or “I don’t get it”
After 15 years of dating and almost a year of marriage idk how to stop being his little and I don’t want to. I’m feeling so lost and insecure now.
Please, if you have a little, remember that what you think and feel about them is more important than what anyone thinks or feels. It’s rare to have someone love you like a little will. So please, don’t take them for granted!

I was reading one fic and in one scene Yurio was questioning his sexuality and talking with Viktor about it and Viktor says to him ‘‘Don’t fall in love with genres, fall in love with people’’ aND LMAO I CAN’T  

To end this discussion, after this tweet and rewacthing the episode I think the fact that Alec didn’t touch Magnus was good. Magnus had just gone through the most traumatic and invasive experience of his life. It only makes sense that he’s not really comfortable with being touched right now, or that Alec is afraid of touching him. Though, I do think they deserved a little more time to talk about it. I’m not talking about 10 minutes, but just a couple more seconds for Alec to reassure him that he would be there to help Magnus if he needed, or for Magnus to tell Alec that he would need his support. 

🕵🏼 IT’S A KNEE 💅

Hey, so I stumbled upon your post about the “knee vs. thumb” debate, and I can tell you that it’s absolutely a knee. 

I’m a cinematographer, and the way the light hits the “object” corresponds to the way it would hit the shape of a bent leg. 

It’s also kind of sharp, which means that it’s further from the lens than a thumb or finger would be. 

Finally, if it had been a finger/thumb, the shadow/blur would be on one of the sides, not the bottom. 

I haven’t seen Joe’s legs, so idk if he has skinny shaved legs, but I would say no.. so yeah, about 99% sure that’s a girl’s knee.

P.S. It’s interesting how light never lies!

                 ~They prefer to stay anonymous 🕵🏼

cc: @charlotteweisberger



I couldn’t help myself and ended drawing this motherfucker sjdnnsnd

I really loved the new movie of IT, and I’m actually searching for the book (Well, I’m practically reading it with a friend that have the book. But I want to have it myself :‘v)

Anyway. I hope you like IT!