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block b grocery shopping
  • Zico: very efficient. He knows what exact brand and flavor he wants and doesn't waste time. However, always forgets to buy toilet paper
  • Park Kyung: spends most of his time in the produce aisle hitting on girls with cucumber related pick up lines
  • P.O.: goes to the store to buy milk and comes back with chocolate and no milk. He justifies it by saying it's milk chocolate
  • Taeil: holds up the checkout line because he has like 5000000 coupons. everyone behind him is annoyed
  • U-Kwon: goes grocery shopping with his girlfriend. They're the disgustingly cute couple you see having a play argument about what noodles to buy
  • B Bomb: every time he tries to go grocery shopping he ends up taking aesthetic pictures of fruit and then eating at a restaurant
  • Jaehyo: he takes 20 million years to decide what flavor of ice cream he should get but ends up getting the same exact flavor each time

It’s okay to find validation from whatever source, particularly if you can’t be out in everyday life! Whether that’s online, in your own art/writing, clothing choices, jobs, teachers, etc., whatever makes you feel comfortable with your nonbinary-ness is a-okay. Anything, no matter how trivial, can feel validating. Embrace it!