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everything about this scene is super extra and very sunny, frank declaring his son as a prostitute, mac’s reaction as “GOOD”, That Iconic Dennis Delivery, the gang’s general self-deception & yelling over each other and mac’s unforgettable line at the end


“Oh, you’re the new recruit they were talking about! I don’t know, your voice makes me think there’s a hot boy my age under that suit, why don’t you go ahead and show me,” You smirked as you aim your concentrated sunlight at the boy in the red onesie.

“Well, I have a secret Identity for a reason, don’t I?” The boy teased back, capturing your hands in his webbing. You glanced around at the fight as this supposed Spiderman came closer to you, pulling you towards him with his web.

“Why don’t we do a swap, you take your mask off and maybe you’ll get to see my face sunshine,” He flaunted as he went to reach for the fabric concealing most of your face. You quickly kicked him in the crotch, making him fall to his knees in pain. An arrow quickly sliced through the bonds on your hands, seeing Spiderman try to get up again you flashed some more sunlight in his eyes before collecting it in your hands.

“You’re from Queens right, that’s what I heard anyways. Maybe I’ll see you around, you could buy me some food, maybe take me on a date-” You started before you heard Clint yelling at you to hurry your ass up and keep fighting.

“Yeah sounds alright, but how will I know you’re not just going to beat me up,” Peter groaned, still looking sore.

“I’m much nicer when I’m not in uniform, see you around yeah? I gotta make sure that Cap gets to the jet,” You grinned before propelling yourself in the air with sunbeams.

“Woah, how will I know it’s her?” Peter whispered to himself before he heard yelling in his ear piece.

“Spider-boy! Get back on (Y/N), she’s dangerous if not kept busy, hurry up!” Tony yelled at the boy. Peter quickly got up, webbing onto the nearest and going after you.

  • Finland always sleeps on road trips. Doesn’t matter if he’s the driver or not, if that man feels like he needs to sleep, he sleeps.
  • Spain never understood rickrolling. 
  • Switzerland’s sex noises sound like high pitched yodeling. 
  • Iceland either wakes up at 5 am and commences a long hike in nature or literally turns into a hissing spawn of Lucifer if you attempt to stir him before 12 pm. There is no in-between. 
  • France and Romano: Super Sweet To Lady Tourists Duo. 
  • Sweden looks up romantic advice on Yahoo!Answers. 
  • Lukas cast a spell that caused Romania to sparkle continuously, much to the other’s annoyance. 
  • America has starred in more than a few action movies. He is notorious on set to goof around and end up breaking multiple props. 
  • Sweden is closeted pop music trash. 
  • Denmark is the master at cheering people up, due to his tendency to value other’s feelings over his own. With just a sweet grin and a heartfelt hug, he can pick you up from your worst day and make it a positive memory. 
  • Norway likes aquariums. 

Idk these are pretty bad but still

GerCan -- the fire and the flood

After much asking, arguing, and then outright pleading, Ludwig managed to get at least what province Matthew was in from Alfred. It was only after he menaced a young secretary in Matthew’s office about what might happen if her nation was alone for too long or if something happened to him on his holiday, that Ludwig found out where exactly Matthew was hiding in Newfoundland and Labrador.

He would feel guilty, about many things, not least the way the young woman’s face went white and her fingers stilled on her typewriter, for his dishonesty, but Ludwig had already thought of all the ways Matthew could hurt himself—physically, mentally, emotionally—so he really could only feel relief by her worry.

As Ludwig drove along the island’s dramatic coastline, up and down across hills, he added ‘flung himself into the ocean’ onto that list. It was exactly the sort of thing Matthew would threaten to do and actually do. Alfred had scoffed, but he was inclined to think of Matthew in a kinder, sweeter light.

Ludwig had met Matthew on the battlefield, in trenches, and even underground. He had danced with him during peacetime. He had fucked him then, too, and later in the war.

And Matthew, when it was all over, had smashed a bottle of wine on the floor and stormed out.

Ludwig would never have any illusions about what Matthew would do in any given circumstance.

So he wasn’t surprised when Arthur cornered him after a NATO meeting and requested he find Matthew and “tell him to get his act together. This is getting embarrassing.”

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