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I had so much fun writing this one. Like seriously. Oh my gods. I was worried at first that I would find it difficult to get the right amount of teasing in this story but after re-reading and a little editing, I think it turned out alright. Thank you so much to mattandbenedict for this wonderful, wonderful request. Also, azul23blue, I believe you were looking forward to this one too.

Request: Can you do a oneshot where Nat and the other avengers tease you about your crush on Steve,but he doesn’t get that the obvious comments are about him. Somehow(maybe they tell him,idk) he finds out and can’t believe it and you two kiss. Lots of fluff❤

“Captain Caffeine”

Warning: Swearing

“Well, well, well,” Tony smirked as you walked into the room, “Isn’t someone looking a little patriotic today?”

Without realising it, you had indeed co-ordinated your outfit with the red, white and blue of both the American flag… and Steve’s shield. A pair of navy blue jeans, a white shirt and a red leather jacket were the main components to your apparel for the day. You also were wearing a necklace that had a star as the pendant – it had been a gift from Steve last Christmas so you never took it off – but again, it was all coincidental.

Shooting daggers at Tony, you took a sip from the hot mug of coffee in your hands. You weren’t officially an Avenger (Fury hadn’t said the magic words including “Avengers” and “Initiative”) but everybody acted like you were. You’d saved Natasha’s life in the streets of New York without realising who it was. She had been deep in a conversation over her earpiece with Tony. It didn’t really matter what he was talking about – just the fact that it was Tony speaking meant that somebody was going to get offended and this time it was Natasha. Whilst heavily involved in her conversation, the red-headed agent hadn’t noticed the speed at which a drunk driver was barrelling around the corner.

Thanks to you hurling yourself at her, she wasn’t hit – although she did get a bruised hip and a stonking headache. In return, she offered you dinner and the pair of you hit it off. After that point, you’d been invited back to the Avengers Tower multiple times and you’d met the others. Though you hated to admit it – so you never did – the first time you saw Steve, you thought he was perhaps one of the most beautiful men you had ever met. His smile, his goofy laugh, and the way he ran his hands through his hair were adorable. When combined with his brave, chivalrous personality and his heart of gold, you could see why every woman you knew fawned over Captain America.

And that was the problem.

Every woman you knew fawned over Captain America. There were literally fan clubs across the US that had gathered solely with the intention of appreciating his chiselled abs or his cute butt (you could’ve sworn you saw something on the internet regarding a fan club called “Captain Ass-merica Appreciation Society”). Either way, you refused to let yourself become one of those people and so denied the feelings that were stirring within you.

However, what you couldn’t help was everybody else noticing how you wouldn’t shut up about him, how you complimented him regularly when he wore blue because it matched his eyes, how you smiled every time someone mentioned his name – it was pathetic how easily your body betrayed you. Pretty quickly, every single one of the Avengers had cottoned on to how you felt about him. Except two people – Steve and yourself.

“Speaking of which, where is the star-spangled stud today?” Tony said, taking a sip of his own drink. You had walked into the kitchen where everybody except for Steve had ‘assembled’. A pot of coffee had recently been made and most had a cup of it. Bruce was the only one without:
“Caffeine and I don’t really… mix well.” He’d said the first time you’d made the mistake of offering him some.

“Apparently, he’s having a lazy day. I wouldn’t expect him to move from his room for some time.” Natasha said nonchalantly. If you didn’t think so highly of the assassin, you’d be a little disconcerted about how she seemed to know everything about everyone at any one time.
“So that gives us the day to talk about him behind his-”

“Talk about who?” A cheerful voice said. 

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Her Part 4/5- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Theres a new girl at the prison, and she’s taken a certain liking to Daryl. (Daryl x Jealous!Reader)

Word count:

Warnings: none? idk whoops ://

 i rushed to do this so it’s kinda shit but i hope you enjoy nonetheless :)

read [part one], [part two] and [part three] first!


Like a river that moved too fast, the people around you were consumed. You couldn’t see a thing, but slowly the pain from your temple began growing stronger; a little ball of fire that just kept expanding.

You couldn’t see it, but Hershel must have been trying to clean the wound. The stings and burning sensations you received from the source was evident. Though you couldn’t open your eyes, you could almost feel everything. It was like being in the middle of a warfare, standing in no man’s land with bullets flying all around you. But instead of gunshot wounds, you suffered burns.

You tried to groan out, hoping it would help soothe the pain slightly but found yourself incapable. As if it was merely a dream you couldn’t drag yourself out of.

Time passed, and the pain diminished, slowly. You were beginning to feel more than the pulsing in your head. There was a ring of cold, what you presumed was metal, wrapped around your right wrist. Cuffs. They didn’t know if you’d survive.

Your lower body was surprisingly warm, you could feel the thick fabric on your legs, it slightly reached up to your torso, touching the bit ok skin that was exposed. Your top must have been moved through the mess due to the chills from your stomach when the wind hit your skin.

You didn’t know why you were so goddamn cold, but it ached through your body. You physically shivered as the cool sensation rippled down your spine. Whoever was near to you must have been watching, as a hand was now raising the fabric over your stomach and to your collarbones. They tucked you in slowly, rough hands but gentle gestures.

Daryl. You’d recognise that smell, that feel anywhere. Forests and sweat, dirt and calluses from working with his hands all day were a fixed part of your memory. You tried to mumble his name out, hoping for a whisper or anything to show him you were awake– or waking up that is.

The sensations in your body were growing stronger and stronger, a good sign. Though it felt like hours, reality set in; it must have been a few seconds as Daryl’s body still slightly hovered over you. You could now hear his breathing, and as soothing as that was, you wanted– needed more.

With fluttering eyelids, you slowly opened those (Y/E/C) eyes of yours. It burned, probably the lack of exposure to your eyes after a long period of time. At a leisurely pace, your eyes adjusted, showing you a figure above yourself. Daryl looked down at you, an indescribable look on his face.

“(Y/N),” He muttered, almost shocked. He looked as if you’d just showed him a magic trick. Awestruck and somewhat naive. With large blue eyes, the largest you’ve ever seen them he slowly raised a hand to brush a strand of hair out of your face. You subconsciously drifted into his palm, rubbing your cheek softly against the rugged skin.

You hummed softly, a melody you once remembered your mother singing to you. It was slow yet steady.

You stopped suddenly, opening your eyes after a particularly long blink to stare into Daryl’s own pair. They looked so gentle, but they belonged to such a hardened individual. Yet they gave you a sense of warmth in a world oh so cold, a light in the darkness if you might.

He felt the same, but the man had been taught to conceal his feelings and replace them with anger all his life. Though he craved the feeling of your skin against his, just the overwhelming pressure it created swelling his heart to five times its size. Even the touch of your face drove him crazy, the soft but blood stained cheeks.

It’d been a few hours since you’d been shot, the bullet grazing along your head before it landed in that walker’s skull, ultimately saving your life. Daryl stuck by your side at all times, still in his own daze as Hershel fought against the odds to save your life. Someone gave blood, Daryl couldn’t remember who, but someone– who he would be sure to thank– did.

A cough erupted from your throat, something of a distraction from both of your trances. Daryl pulled himself away, reaching behind him instead to grab a plastic cup of water. It was room temperature, but the warm liquid still didn’t your parched throat many favours.

“Daryl,” You gasped, your throat still surprisingly sore. You coughed into your inner elbow, taking another sip of the water before asking, “What happened?”

“You almost died.” He muttered, moving to uncut you from the post. You watched his hands move, nerves wracking through his body as he did. His fingers shook, but eventually you were free, and he was sitting in the chair positioned beside your makeshift bed. His body was slouched, effort-lacking. He scratched at his eyebrows, pinching the bridge of his nose before explaining. “Maria shot a walker that was about to bite ya’, but the bullet grazed your head. You were unconscious for a few hours, but Hershel helped you– saved you.”  

You thought about what he said, the scenario running through your head with quick flash from the small amount of things you remembered. It somewhat added up, and you couldn’t help but feel uncertain of Maria’s helpful gesture. Wouldn’t it have been better to just let you die?

Still, she didn’t, she helped you for whatever reason. You sighed, confusion evident on your face.

“(Y/N),” Daryl called once again, looking at you with expectant eyes. With furrowed brows, you glanced his way. He looked worried, tired.

“I’m ok.” You mumbled, answering the question he didn’t even have to ask. You thought about what you wanted, what the next words out of your mouth would be. As much as you felt the need to talk to Daryl about your near-death experience, Maria’s name continued to pop into your mind. “I just–” You cut yourself off, shaking your head while squeezing your eyes tightly. “Can I speak to Maria?”

“She’s just went on watch, but in a few hours.” He grunted, standing up. Before you had the chance to stop him, he stated his intentions, “I’m gonna get you some food. Rest.”

With a soft nod, you replied. Daryl gave you one last longing look prior to him walking out; the angel wing vest being the last thing you saw as his figure disappeared completely. You sighed to yourself, feeling a little light headed but overall ok for someone who’d just been skimmed with a bullet.

Maria’s actions still flickered through your thoughts every other minute, guilt for how you’d treated her beginning to seep into your skin. It was like a ticking time bomb, all you wanted to do was defuse it, but you couldn’t even get out of bed.

You looked past the barred windows from across the hallway, out at the sky. It was still bright, the sun beating down on the others as you lay up here, shaded and being pampered too.

Daryl was back within moments, bring a new cup of water that was slightly cooler than the last and a small bowl of food. It had some cereal without any milk and a spoon that was probably dirtier than it looked. Nevertheless, you gave him a smile, one that he would most likely cherish for the next couple weeks, months, or until you gave him another one.

He blushed softly, handing you the bowl. You took a small bite of one of the grains, still opting on using the spoon over your fingers. After all, they were covered in what was probably walker blood mixed with your own.

You ate in silence, a comfortable silence until Daryl sighed heavily. He was never one for exaggeration, so it caught your attention.

“What’s got you down, Dixon?” You asked, giving him a side eye glance before looking back down to the ‘meal’ below you.

“Don’t matter.” He mumbled after a second, giving himself time do contemplate if it actually did matter– but as always, it didn’t.

“Bullshit.” You spat, chewing on the food, “What’s on your mind?”

He stared at you, no words or loud sighs, no noises of any kind. Just his eyes and yours, connecting like they were the only thing in the universe. His eyes flickered around your face, slipping down from your lower lashes to your nose, where they followed along the small scars and lines to your lips. He lingered there for a second, just a second.

But you took that second as a chance; a chance to lean in and take a leap of faith. A chance to ruin a friendship or blossom into something more than that.

And he let you.

[part five]

unsaid things (part one)-Little Darling

[A/N so hey lol I’m the one that asked for biadore prompts etc. My final exam went okay and here I am! I’ve used the prompt - 

 Bianca/Adore, jealous Bianca when Adore kisses someone in the audience. Better if there’s other people there.

and will probably work on the double date one aswell as a second smuttier part to this one, unless the prompt gets taken :-)

idk what my tag thing should be lol maybe just my url like ‘little darling’ ?? I honestly don’t mind!

Hope this is the kind of thing that people wanted!

only warning i can think of is that there’s quite a lot of swearing???]

unsaid things (part one)

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