idk why this occured

Does it ever occur to you that there are people out there like “oh yeh Arctic Monkeys, I know some of their songs haha they’re cool!” And you’re just here like “guys guys remember that one particular sias tour outfit that Alex had with the mushroom hair and the blue jacket and the horrors shirt, haha good times lol”

You know… I’m rewatching season 1 of Voltron: Legendary Defender and

How tf did Keith set off those explosions in the first episode? Did he know how to make explosives? Did he steal some from the Garrison? Did he find them?

Imagine trying your hardest to get badboy!Woozi to play the clarinet after finding out from his mother that he used to play it as child.

It’s silly

But I’m very disappointed that while Monty’s mom was alive she never sternly called him “Montgomery Green”

idk why it never occurred to me before but I just realised that Yujin, who grew up neglected by his dad (and his mum passed away early too iirc?), is ironically best friends with Jingrui, who grew up with love and attention from two mums and two dads.

(granted, Xie Yu is very much Not A Good Dad and didn’t give Jingrui much love but most likely at least did not neglect him)

I think that the fact that Yujin still turned out to be a good kid has a lot to do with his friendship with Jingrui but I also wonder if they got into fights over this… like Jingrui was under intense pressure to live up to the expectations of both set of parents while feeling like he didn’t belong anywhere so he might sometimes be jealous of Yujin, while Yujin probably wished that his dad expected more of him than ‘spend money’.

maybe they bond over feeling like they don’t belong to any of their families and maybe that’s why they like to go off gallivanting in the jianghu because there are probably tons of stories about orphans or family black sheeps who find their place in the world and form everlasting bonds of ~true friendship~ through their adventures in the jianghu.

go to sleep, mr. eames

I was just drifting off and thinking about Inception, as one does, and a thought occurred to me that I don’t think I’ve ever had before, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone bring up, which is blowing my mind a bit because, woah, it seems suddenly like a super-obvious mode of speculation about the film? Maybe?

So the famous moment Arthur & Eames are on the hotel level & they’re bantering just before Eames goes under, and everyone is always pointing to that scene as evidence (lol this ship) for A/E, because it’s so weird that Eames is the only one Arthur helps with his Somnacin injection?

Idk why this never occurred to me before this, but it’s not weird if you consider that Arthur is the dreamer, right, and Eames is the dreamer on his level? It makes absolutely no sense that PASIVs and Somnacin even work in a dream state, but if we go with that premise, then it makes sense that Arthur as the dreamer would have to essentially dream-create the compounds and the way the PASIV functions, right?

So maybe the reason he has to help Eames is that he has to essentially dream-create the effects of the compound on each of the sleepers, and since Eames is the dreamer on his level, Arthur has to make sure to inject the Somnacin directly himself, so that Eames gets whatever special juice allows him to create the dream on his own level?

I have no idea if that’s legit, because who the hell knows how subconscious dream-Somnacin works, but I just thought I’d throw it out there as a possible explanation for why that scene plays out the way it does!

IDK why it occurred to me but imagine a spy movie where a female lead has to infiltrate a major video gaming event (like professional tournaments, expo, or convention) to get information, and/or bust someone doing some shady shit under the cover of gaming communities

so she literally has to be a fake geek girl to complete her mission and stay inconspicuous which is like near impossible to note the fine line between the two because as a girl she’s already treated like an outlier, but HOW MUCH of an outlier is the question

Is the guy slinging obscenities at her a really good actor covering for her mark, or is he really that stupid? Am I being tailed by agents, or are they just creepy stalkers? Do I beat these guys up for their stupidity, or will that give away my cover?

Also imagine a rival spy who also has to pretend to be a fake geek girl going after the same guy, for a different govt. organization with different interests. But the rival spy is an ACTUAL geek girl who likes gaming and doesn’t like pretending like she doesn’t know anything very much

And the girls don’t fight each other for stupid catty shit, like in most movies

SUPER EXTRA BONUS: THE VISUAL NARRATIVE INCORPORATES VISUAL ELEMENTS OF GAMING! Like the main character having to run like a platformer and collect things along the way in a time limit, a cosplay helmet that is ACTUALLY FUNCTIONAL WITH HEADS UP DISPLAY AND VOICE COMMAND FUNCTIONS, first-person shooting, etc. Decrypting a virtual code seems oddly reminiscent of a puzzle game.

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