idk why this made me laugh haha

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Idk if you've watched the latest criminal masterminds, but Gavin explaining that he couldn't buy a car bc he spent all his money on his gold sunglasses made me laugh so hard. It sounds exactly like something fahc gav would say lmao

Haha not yet but i have heard him talk about that back in the day, which is pretty much the origin of why i write him the way i do. Gavin who took an equal cut after his first little job for Geoff, who’d never had so much money in his life, and with a new roof over his head, a borrowed gun and unlimited access to food he had no idea what he wanted to do with it. Just knew he wanted to do something, couldn’t fathom simply saving it all for when it was needed, for a practical purchase, not when Geoff swore there’d be more to come. 

The sunglasses were ridiculous, even young Gavin knew that, but he knew just as well that money and success were as much about image as they were true skill. The rich get richer, respected and pandered to by anyone who’s trying to improve their own station, criminals and upstanding citizens alike, so it always pays to look like you have money. Like you deserve their deference. To play up the accent these American’s go wild for, practice haughty arrogance and condensing smirks, purchase clothes better suited for a member of Ramsey’s illustrious crew. 

Maybe the glasses were obnoxious but no one could question Gavin’s faux wealth, and honestly he liked the way they made him look; like an asshole, sure, but one who owned it, who knew what he was and dared anyone to question him. Gavin’s still too young and skittish for Geoff’s kind of suave, not quite ready for the debonair charms he’d develop eventually, but for now trust fund baby with money to burn suited him fine. 

Or at least thats what Gavin tells himself while impulse buying the the brightest, shiniest, most obscenely expensive thing he spots after leaving the penthouse, never mind the fact that he’s a thief. That there are things he will actually need the money for. It’s what he tries to tell Geoff and Jack later, when they’re torn somewhere between hysterical laughter and abject horror, swearing up and down to never let him out alone again, to set up an allowance for his next cut, referring to Gavin’s jobs as his chores for months. The story of those stupid glasses comes up again each and every time Gavin sets his sights on some new ridiculous or impractical target, a never-ending joke the entire crew gets in on even years after that infamous first pair died a tragic death. 

peter capaldi, i love you.