idk why this is funny but it is

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So I just finished reading Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton biography (the book the musical is based on) and uh, Tjeffs wasn't really Hamilton's biggest rival, neither was Burr up until the end, and Burr had ZERO regrets over killing Hamilton. He legit joked about it like "something something... my dear friend Alexander Hamilton, whom I shot." LIKE WTF. Idk I just thought you might appreciate this.

well of course? i mean back then u don’t have rivals, more like u hate that person and the other person is like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk why but okay

i mean rivalry was common don’t get me wrong and tjeff and aham weren’t actively trying to kill each other,,, it’s just that its funny to see fuckboys fight each other hence lin’s pov of american history


This joke fuckin KILLED me as a kid like idk why but i suddenly remember how fuckin funny i thought this was

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Idk why but imagining angels struggling with their halos is so funny omfg pore babies .. so they can't just take off their halos

Lmao nope. It is permanently stuck to their head. Imagine never being able to lay on your sides….

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my friend told me i can't be into bsdm and blood play and most other kinky things during sex if i'm transgender (where tf is that connection? idk), will you pls clarify that that's bullshit

i don’t even know what to say i’m trans and i’m into all that shit LMAO WHY WOULD YOU NOT BE ABLE TO BE INTO THOSE they aren’t??? transphobic or some shit what the fukc

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Emmmm, of course he won't talk about Louis. Haven't you heard, Louis ran off with Luke!?! They are a thing now, love of the century! Tommorow is wedding in Vegas, Oli and Calvin are best men. #confirmedbyshadyanon 😂😂😂 Come on!? It really is anybody but L&H.


I know you’re not saying this, but I’m dying at some of the things I’m seeing on my dash complaining that some of us would ship Louis and Luke (LouLu?) if we weren’t Larries.  I mean COME ON! That doesn’t mean I want them together, it means they’re both really pretty and I like their close friendship.

I also ship Louis with Natalie Dormer (idk why, they just seem like they’d be cute) and James McAvoy!  It’s just being funny, it’s not an “anyone but Harry” or “any man, no women” thing.

Lighten up people!!

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So funny story, I'm currently breaking out if stress hives and I was wondering what the fuck could bring this on when it's been pretty chill lately and it hit me. I may have got them frOM THE SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT JOHNNY AND HIS MEME SQUAD GAVE ME WHILE WATCHING NCT LIFE oH MmY GOSH!!😭 idk why I'm telling you this just thought you should know.

😂😂😂 when guys are so embarrassing you get hives.

On a serious note, I hope it clears up soon ☺

modern family is such a bad show idk why people like it and i definitely don’t know why some people put it in the same category as brooklyn nine nine or parks and rec because those are actually funny