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(170921) happy birthday my precious sunshine kim jongdae!

you are brighter than any star in the sky and more radiant than any rainbow in this universe. you have blessed the world with your beautiful voice, your excellent talent, and above all, your endlessly kind heart. you are an angel, kim jongdae. you are not of this earth, you are something far greater than anything we could ever deserve. thank you for always giving us strength and love. i hope your life is filled with blessings, just as you are a blessing in our lives. may the world always remain kind to you in every way. thank you for existing, my love, and for making each day brighter than the last. 


OH, MISTAKE!! » Shukashuu vs. Rikyako


I came here when I was six years old. I barely remember Scotland. It’s romanticised, a picture in my head. The truth is… France has always been my home. I threw myself into helping you because it meant that I could stay. Now, there is nothing but Scotland. And the hope of a new alliance.
Don Carlos.
You were right to suggest I consider him. I can’t stay here and sustain my rule.