idk why that last gif's like that

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Wow, since 2013... I wonder how Tumblr and all sites were back in the day when S1 came out. Unfortunately I missed it and joined until last year lmao. Hey, you're like a veteran of the Snk fandom

I am indeed one of the veteran squad haha, idk why spending years of my life being a weeb should make me proud but I kind of am lmao

but I’ve seen some crazy shit, no regrets

*opens old fandom folder* let’s see
one thing I don’t miss from 2013 is whip wars, we still have some, but 2013 ships wars were fucking brutal lol

half of snk 2013 fandom was plastering this face of Levi on everything

this pose too

2013 fandom basically

the gifs were everything lmao

MI CASA jokes everywhere because we were that lame lmao (like we aren’t now lol)

literally very unnecessary horse jean edits, like why lmao (and why do I have it saved qsfsfs)


qsfdsfs sorry I opened this old folder of mine and got carried away, I’m so surprised of all the shit I still have saved lmao

but yeah lol

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Why John "never shuts up about Sholto" with Mary but never mentions him in front of Sherlock? I can't find a heterosexual explanation.

Well..I spent the last 5 minute trying to find a heterosexual explanation…came up with none..I mean it’s actually like not mentioning ex-boyfriend so that current boyfriend doesn’t get jealous..

Sherlock’s fucking face journey though..

gifs by darlingbenny (x)

Just Explain…If that’s not being jealous..idk what is..


TOP 50 FREELA MOMENTS (as voted by my followers)

↳ #4. i was never lonely. not even for a minute.


Yūri doesn’t doubt his decisions anymore and yet I feel like my own heart is about to explode.

Grand Prix Final in Barcelona
Katsuki Yūri 『On Love: Eros』
Rank after SP: 4th (97.83pts)

Star Trek: TNG - Time’s Arrow Part 1 

Same, Guinan…Same.

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So, what are the probabilities of jjp being real?

hmm….that’s a good question anon. because we don’t know what happens off camera or if something is just fanservice. And if they are real, we don’t know if they’re using fanservice as a cover!! It’s just really hard to tell, but I think that it is  real in a sense. They might just be extremely close friends since they’ve been together since JJProject, (which is a REALLY long time) and their close bond could get mistaken for love. But sometimes I feel like those lingering stares and those touches could mean something more??? (I did my research and found some gifs online to help me)

he stares at jinyoung’s lips for a while, as if he’s mesmerized (and last time I checked I don’t see friends staring at each other like that)

External image

External image
Like I said, something like this could get mistaken for something more even though it’s probably fan service

but for some reason (cause I’m trash) I feel like certain moments are a little off?? like little actions that should be waved off as just being “friends” seems to have a lot more meaning to it than it should? Idk something about the way they interact doesn’t feel like “just friends”……it just doesn’t feel right

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why did they close their eyes

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I’m using a lot of gifs where they stare at each other because you cant hide emotion in your eyes. and the way its filled with so much love just….I don’t know. But if you focus on the way how they look at each other, touch each other, and smile at each other….I think you’ll know the answer if they’re real or not.

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Why are you such a good artist? Why do you make me squeal and laugh? Why are you so nice? Where is the remote? Where are my keys?

let’s see!

  • i’m good because you think i’m good! i’m sure there’re plenty of people out there who see my work differently. i thank you for enjoying it!! ♥
  • squeals and laughter are how i gain and grow in power. my goal is to eventually become a second sun
  • being nice is also related to that second point! also, there’s a need for more kind humans on the planet. i do my best to encourage that behavior when possible
  • try the middle cushion.
  • you panicked while you were leaving and forgot you put them in that weird little zipper breast pocket in your jacket. i don’t know why you keep putting them there, or why that pocket exists. probably for this reason

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do you watch lucifer on FOX too? if so, what do you think about it?

YES! i love it. i’m completely caught up! AND i have a BIG OL CRUSH on tom ellis

i actually did some lucifer fan art last year!

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Umm Hello! Is there a chance I can use the gif where there's​ a doodle (drawing? Idk not good with terms) of you (I think?) Surrounded by fire, like Elmo?




Arashi ni Shiyagare [2015.07.11]
┗ Nino’s too amused by Baby J~ (≧ω≦)