idk why so expensive

netflix, shoving the get down behind a bunch of shows on their originals pages, shining the spotlight on other less diverse shows, literally not promoting the get down: idk man this show was so expensive and it’s so unpopular… idk why that could possibly be. i guess we should just cut our losses and cancel this amazing show we did fuck all to promote. 


“So Emily why are you considering the hearing aid brand you’re considering??”

 well they are literally the only company with a functioning chat feature on their website

for, you know, the people who have difficulty hearing

Why is everyone so pleased over the Try Guys thing? And their defense (as always) seems to be “it’s just a joke, it’s not that deep” but if they weren’t suggesting dnp are a closeted couple then they’re implying there’s something inherently funny about two guys making out. Either way you look at it seems pretty fucking shitty to me, especially given dnp were in front of that same audience a bit later.

Just realized I have almost $200 left for SLCC and now I’m tempted to use some of it to buy Mark’s Represent shirt…

idk why Mac chargers have to be so fucking expensive like holy shit apple if I didn’t like your computers, I would not be fucking with you lmao and before anyone asks, I’d rather not try to find a cheaper one off Amazon because I did last time for my sister and they set the wrong one, it didn’t even work, and when I sent it in for a refund they didn’t give me my money back :/