idk why so expensive


i went to the birthday party of a seventy year old that ended up being a tango dance competition and i had more fun than in all the teen parties i’ve ever been to together

ruby-lucas-can-bite-me  asked:

Hi Maryneeeee is there like a specific brand of watercolors you can use when you're starting out or should I just go with a box that looks pretty and figure it out?


Well even if you’re just starting out, having supplies of good quality is always important! I personally love the Van Gogh and Rembrandt brands!

That fkcn mood drop that always comes after socializing, whether it went well or now…


“So Emily why are you considering the hearing aid brand you’re considering??”

 well they are literally the only company with a functioning chat feature on their website

for, you know, the people who have difficulty hearing

I want to do a ballet intensive so bad but I don’t do pointe so I can’t even be considered for a lot of them and I can’t afford them on top of college ugghhhh

netflix, shoving the get down behind a bunch of shows on their originals pages, shining the spotlight on other less diverse shows, literally not promoting the get down: idk man this show was so expensive and it’s so unpopular… idk why that could possibly be. i guess we should just cut our losses and cancel this amazing show we did fuck all to promote. 

mmmmMMMMM i kinda wanna splurge on a gaming system and i was thinking about either getting the nintendo switch or the 3ds….. if anyone can help me decide on which one i should waste my money on bc i crave an escape from this hellworld we live in i would really appreciate it