idk why shh

SO star wars would make a great series of ballets and here’s how A New Hope would go

  • The ballet begins with a frantic group dance- the plans for the deathstar are passed on to Leia, who desperately hides them before her confrontation with Vader (something like the opening scenes to the Nutcracker- Leia and others dancing with the plans, running away from the imposing Vader in full caped glory). R2D2 runs off stage, clutching the plans.
  • We enter on Luke, dancing a solo against the deserted landscape of Tatooine. He comes home after a long, lonely solo to find r2d2 and c3po waiting for him.
  • Luke and Leia’s holo dance a duet, which scrolls across the tatooine landscape as they search for obi wan
  • upon finding obi wan, he regales luke with stories of the jedis- anakin and obi wan’s younger selves play out light saber battles in the background- an ominous figure shrouded in black stabs luke’s father through the heart with a red saber. Luke’s father drops the blue lightsaber, which obi wan picks up and passes to luke.
  • obi wan and luke flee stormtroopers, hiring han and chewie in their desperate escape
  • the falcon is captured- obi wan exits to try and destroy the tractor beam offstage while luke and han hear of a captured princess leia and decide to rescue her
  • - battle/escape dances including blasters and disguises-
  • SUPER EPIC obiwan/vader lightsaber battle pas de deux, ending in obi wan’s death
  • Part II opens on the falcon’s arrival in Yanvin, the sharing of the plans and the joy of the rebels to have leia safe again 
  • luke joins the rebels, gets a costume change, and pleads with han to stay and help. He doesn’t.
  • the rebels begin their assault on the death star (not sure how to represent the tie fighters, but imagine a lot of dancers in plain black or white engaging in battle idk- like the flocks in swan lake)
  • Han returns triumphant and dances the lead in the battle, turning the tide, the rebel forces overpower their imperial counterparts
  • as han’s dance finishes, in a dramatic pause in the fighting, luke takes the opportunity to fire on the death star, followed by a dramatic background explosion
  • luke and han and rebels enjoy peace and happiness while receiving awards from leia (something like the coronation/gift-giving scene from nutcracker)
widowtracer hiding their relationship from everyone else
  • widowmaker: Any last words cherie.
  • tracer: ...stove...
  • widowmaker: What?
  • widowmaker: OH SHIT.
  • widowmaker and tracer: *sprints together in the same direction*
  • talon:
  • overwatch:
  • talon: Are they-
  • overwatch: Yeah.

I wish I’d known about your memory. I could’ve helped you

Look, let’s just get you taken care of.


d e s t r o y e r of worlds.

(background textures by evenstarss)


I see a bad moon a-rising
I see trouble on the way
I see earthquakes and lightnin’
I see bad times today
Don’t go ‘round tonight
It’s bound to take your life
There’s a bad moon on the rise

i find it kind of odd that some people in the fandom are hating on their relationship especially since we know nothing about him and there isn’t a reason to hate on them being together ?? like just let them live lmao aren’t some of y'all tired

ok but imagine: alec starting to hang out with magnus’ friends and eventually him becoming their friend. and together they go on adventures and they help each other out with everything from “dude alec, do you think catarina is angry with me???” to “idk man i think the clave are assholes to us for no reason…” just alec having friends outside the institute. him hanging out with people who has lived very different lives compared to himself and the rest of the nephilim gang. just alec and magnus with cool downworlder buddies.