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so…I don’t really talk about personal stuff on here often, but something in my life has been weighing on me lately and I just felt the need to share, and to express my gratitude for how wonderful all of you, my followers, are, and how much I appreciate you. you’ve helped me in ways you don’t even know, and I thought you should know. this is gonna be long and rambly but…i need to ramble.

when I was 14, I thought I had breast cancer. I was in the shower and I noticed a weird…inconsistency in my left breast. not enough to be a visible lump, but enough to be off. So I touched it. and I felt a lump, not a small one either, just under the skin. didn’t hurt. kinda rubbery, like silly putty, but retaining shape. I didn’t know what to think, exactly, but you know how sometimes you get a kind of gut feeling that something is just…wrong? yeah. that’s what I felt then. 

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I feel like I need to apologize to everyone for being so bland and negative recently. I’d like to say I’m trying my best to be positive but I’m very tired. Thank you to everyone who has sent me positive messages the past few weeks and I’m sorry if I haven’t answered them as brightly as I would have liked. I really appreciate all of you who put so much effort into being kind and I hope you share that kindness to plenty of others and yourself!

i’ve just seen so many posts about how ‘it’s time robert just talks to aaron about it’ and ‘why can’t he just accept it’s happening?’

this baby is a result of one of the biggest mistakes he’s ever made, he hates himself for doing it. he can’t just say ‘oh yeah okay i’ll be a dad’ because aaron is the most important thing in his life. if he had cheated because he was bored of aaron, or wanted rebecca none of what he is doing would be okay. but how can people expect him to just be ready to be a father, when in reality he didn’t want/consent to actually having sex with the mother. both him and aaron are being backed into a corner here, just give him a break??

So it might be a little while until my next comic cause I have to get that whole thing figured out. I do have a short comic that’s been sitting in my drafts for a couple weeks now so I can post that if you guys really really want

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Are you gonna post the song?! EEEEE I'M SO EXCITED


I already have it all recorded and the post is saved in my drafts so it’s READY BUT;;

I’m ner–I’m ner–I’m NERVOUS HHHHH


concept: since jim and spock are used to different temperatures in their quarters, when they start living together, they settle on a compromise (not too cold for spock and not too hot for jim) - but they also start a game with betting each other “thermostat points”
one point means the winner can change the temperature by 0.1 degrees
this results in saying things like “i bet you 4 thermostat points i can climb that rock”, or “50 thermostat points say the next peaceful mission will result in a disaster as usual”

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

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