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Your ship || Your ship kissing || Your ship with a baby || Your ship AS babies || Fluffy crap || OCs / Inquisitors/Wardens || Fandoms I’m not in, as long as proper references are given


which are a lot

- backgrounds || explicit porn (suggestive~~~~  shit is fine) || elaborated clothes || full-body shots due to technical limitations || coloring too different from what you usually see here || idk why anyone would ask me but mpreg is a no


- paypal payments only

- Regular commissions assume two characters to be on the pic unless it’s the most simple/cheaper option. Additional characters are + $5

- I obviously reserve the right to reject to draw any character/subject that makes me uncomfortable or I don’t like or can’t draw for whichever reason

- Contact me at jlarinda @ or through either of my tumblrs for details

fic: turn your heart around

Broadchurch fic. Hardy/Miller. Set during episode 5, and in the same ~world~ as my previous fics, faulty heart & lonely hearts club

“You shouldn’t have bothered, doing all this all night. You need your sleep.”

“Can’t sleep anyway.” She glanced down at herself. “Could do with a shower, though - I’ll head back to the flat before court, get sorted.”

Hardy nodded towards the bathroom. “Use mine if you like.”

Ellie raised her eyebrows.

“What?” he said, sniffing. “I’ll watch  - ” He waved at her son vaguely then met her eye. “- Fred, you take a shower.”

“Ha, you remembered his name. Well done. Anyway, you sure?”

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