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pretty pretty please oh pleaase will you do a post about sunggyu as in what's so great about him, just because i want one after the great job you did on Woohyun :D

Okay so my Woohyun post was liked by people, that’s always nice to hear! I hope the anon who sent in the original ask starts to see Woohyun in a different light from now on ~~

I guess I can talk about Sunggyu too, but where to begin?


Sunggyu’s voice is one that is instantly recognisable. He can be a soft falsetto, he can be a heart-wrenching high note. He is as versatile a vocal as Woohyun is, and can lend his voice to many different genres of music. He has proven himself a strong live vocalist too (remember that time the music stopped during a live and he just carried on singing, totally unfazed?). One of my favourite performances of his was on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook in 2015, where he sang Nell’s Time Spent Walking Through Memories and his own title track Kontrol. 

Sunggyu has one of those voices that really makes you feel things, you know? He is able to project some real emotion into his vocals, and every single song on his second solo album 27 just hits you with it. One of my fave things is when Sunggyu sings songs with softer, quieter parts that then reach an inevitable crescendo where he showcases the true power of his voice. A good example of that is this performance of Only Tears. Then there is this incredible duet he did on Duet Song Festival which just gets me every single time. I could probably go on about Sunggyu’s voice forever. But here is a compilation of his head notes, falsettos and long notes on Immortal Songs 2. 


Not only is Sunggyu an amazing leader for INFINITE in the sense that he pushes them to succeed and leads with a firm hand, he is also known to counsel the other members if they need advice. For Sungyeol and Sungjong’s birthdays last year, he went out while they were in Japan to get them gifts as he didn’t want them to miss out just because they weren’t at home. In INFINITE Showtime episode 10, Sungjong thanked Sunggyu for helping him out and listening when he has worries and concerns. The INFINITE members are close enough to Sunggyu that they can absolutely roast him on tv shows, knowing that its a joke. Back when they all lived together in a dorm, Sunggyu would wake up the members, and that is seriously the cutest thing ever, just watch it (like, yeah okay so he wrestles Woohyun, but he was being a little brat! And the spraying Sungjong was totally Nam’s idea soooo…).


Sunggyu has appeared on sooooo many shows it would take forever to list them all here. However, I couldn’t make this post without mentioning this side of him. Sunggyu has been on loads of different types of shows, including (but not limited to), The Genius, The Sea I Wanted/Dreaming Sea, Fluttering/Exciting India, and twice on Take Care of My Refrigerator. Not only that, but he has been a special host on numerous episodes of Weekly Idol and got his first proper MC position on the show Girl Spirit in 2016. Why is Sunggyu so good on these shows? Because not only is he intelligent, cunning and witty, he knows exactly what the audience wants. Whether it’s deliberately messing up a dance on Weekly Idol in order to get his manager punished, or if it’s his openness and honesty on 4Things Show . Also, here is a video of him peeling a Korean melon with his teeth.

He is also currently MCing a new show called Singderella alongside Super Junior’s Heechul, and it already looks to be pretty hilarious. You can easily find clips on Youtube ~


So above were three main points about Sunggyu as an idol, as the leader of INFINITE, as a singer. Here are some more important things:

  • Sunggyu has made multiple appearances in musicals, showing his vocal versatility as well as his acting skills. He has had main roles in Gwanghwamun Sonata (alongside Super Junior’s Kyuhyun), Vampire, In The Heights (with fellow member Dongwoo) and All Shook Up.
  • His friendships with other idols. Sunggyu is known to be close with numerous other idols, most notably Super Junior’s Heechul and Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Minho and (former) Beast’s Junghyun. He even appeared on Junghyun’s FB Live broadcast a few months ago in the Beast member’s new studio. 
  • His love of Nell. He is known to be a huuuuuge Nell fanboy, actually going so far as to say he only auditioned for Woollim because Nell were part of the company at that time. He reached peak fanboy when Nell’s Kim Jongwan produced his second solo album 27 and featured on a track with Epik High’s Tablo.
  • His undeniable good looks… So many people may be critical of Sunggyu’s small eyes, but it has to be said that he has amazingly good visuals. That jawline, those hands… I could go on, but you get the idea.
  • His hella cute baby pictures. He was the squishiest little cute kid!

In conclusion, I love Kim Sunggyu and so should you.

If you want me to do more of these for other members, just let me know heheh also @becuzgyu this is dedicated to you ~~

icarus burned fast,
 but not fast enough for the gods.
(apollo, later, screaming

they had time to think, to deliberate,
as icarus fell in slow motion;
“if we save him he’ll become arrogant,
‘the first man to fly,’ he’ll say.
no man should fly.”
“but it could bring forth inventors,
a genius to help the humans-”
“they will come to it in their own time.
it is still too early now.”

artemis kept her lips sealed, knowing.
 (apollo, later, accusing

“let him fall.”

and the slow motion stopped.
and time sped up
and icarus slapped the oceans surface,
still burning, barely a ripple
disturbing the mirror-stillness.

(apollo, later, sobbing

—  t.d.v

only keith and lance’s birthdays are left out of the paladins so please imagine this: they have the same birthday

(also imagine they’re both geminis bc get it!! they’re “opposites” and geminis are stereotypically two-faced)


First panel:
F!P:Hey Gloom…
F!P:How would you like if I filled your sweetrolls with icing?
Gloom: …..
Gloom:Lemme just go get them!
F!P:Wait wha-
Gloom:Here they are! *pure cinna-roll*
My drawing app updated to be able to create a frame and to cut it to make panels and what do I do with it? Abuse it and make a Gloom x Fell!Palette comic
Gloom the pure cinnabun didn’t seem to quite understand Fell!Palette’s hint C’:
Fell!Palette- @angexci
Gloom- @blogthegreatrouge
Original Goth- @nekophy
“Sweetroll” nickname by @pwnage101
“Icing” nickname by-
Someone plz tell me cuz I forgot ;_;

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag

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Request: Your writing is AMAZING❤ Could I request an Ethan x reader? Where the reader is a youtuber and they doing the girlfriend/boyfriend challenge?

Summary: Fem!Reader and boyfriend Ethan do the boyfriend/girlfriend tag for reader’s youtube channel! Lots of fluff ensues.

A/N: Hey there kiddos, I would like to apologize for taking so long with this request. I had class today, not to mention an essay due just a couple hours ago so I mostly tried staying away from my phone. That being said I loved this request so much because there were so many possibilities for fluffy stories ahhh. I mean as it stands, it’s 1am as I’m typing this right now and I have no regrets. I’m kinda proud of this one tbh. Sorry, no self deprecating humor in this author’s note. Anyway, thanks for the request so much, it was so fun to write this! Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1131 srry I got carried away whoops

Warnings: s o m u c h f l u f f. Physically repulsive to read so much cute thing. Continue at your own risk. Also i said ‘ass’ a couple times I think.

Please request some more! My inbox is empty! Pleaseeee!

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Psssst--So a friend and I thought about a Steven Universe AU for Septiplier and it ended up with this really angsty bit where Mark (Morganite, for a gem reference) is cracked during a battle against homeworld, and Jack (Emerald) had to poof and bubble him to save him from suffering, not unbubbling him until he had a healer to save him. I was just wondering if you could maybe draw a bit of that? ^^

 I’m sorry it took so long to answer x3 It’s a nice idea, and tho I am the worst with character design, the concept is neat :) 
 (I’m proud of the second one, why) Thanks for giving me something to procrastinate with btw x3
 I love suggestions like these :) 


Emma Swan in 5.20 ‘Firebird’

Because i can get out of handcuffs and you’ll have to track me down in every city in every hotel all the way across the country.”

This took way too long 😂btw requests and questions are always open 😊😊


Part of Hogwarts! Seventeen Series


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  • little 11 year old minghao walking down the great hall just staring at everything in awe with wide eyes
  • Hogwarts robe being wayyyyyyyy too big on him  sweater paws
  • “Mama you said this was in a small?”
  • “it is in a small hao. You’re just smaller than small i guess”
  • Biting his lips like crazy when the hat is placed on his lil fluffy head
  • “wait…. WHAT?!”
  • slytherins at the table all being like “what he looks too pure to be here”
  • smol minghao getting lost in the corridors 
  • best friends! with hosh 
  • “You’re a half blood? sweet me too!”
  • Second year minghao getting peer pressured into trying out for quidditch ft. hosh
  • Chaser! Minghao
  • “how the hell do you fly so fast???” “uhm-”
  • “because he weighs as much as the fucking broom soonyoung” 
  • “jihoon why don’t you love me?” soonhoon lives
  • blushy hao after his first game
  • People always wonder how he’s a slytherin bc hes so nice and shy
  • …..when hes not mad
  • once a Gryffindor named mingyu scratched his broom going on a “joyride” and he was sent to the hospital wing for 8 days
  • really hardworking! studies very hard and practices quidditch so much that other people get worried
  • “hao youre going to get hurt if you keep practicing without sleeping”
  • “pssh i’ll take a nap once i finish 3 more laps”
  • playing with his pet owl (which he uses to send letters to his parents who live far away) dont touch me im soft 
  • favorite class is charms bc he likes being able to do little things that make people smile
  • also bc thats the class that teaches him to do fun stuff like make junhui’s hair spontaneously change color (which junhui doesn’t mind because he claims he still looks handsome regardless damn vampire)
  • also not surprisingly really good at defense against the dark arts
  • fifth year minghao getting lots of people fawning over him bc of how he suddenly dyed his hair white (and those years of intense quidditch training sure helped too)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • still gets really shy every time he gets called handsome by girls and guys alike
  • minghao writing secret letters to the person he likes and sends them via charmed paper airplane and gets all giggly 
  • as the years go by he gets stronger and more confident (que thughao)
  • got into a big fight in 6th year with a gryffindor because they claimed slytherin house cheated in the quidditch finals 
  • which they didn’t. they won fair and square and hao worked super hard
  • insults thrown back and forth
  • “i don’t give a damn if i get expelled from hogwarts. NO ONE INSULTS MY TEAM AND WALKS AWAY WITHOUT AT LEAST A MISSING ARM”
  • fight gets broken up by gryffindor house prefect seungcheol
  • as punishment for hexing the boy, hao gets suspended from playing quidditch for the rest of the year
  • sulks and pouts in the library while junhui tries to cheer him up why are hufflepuffs so sweet?
  • “ we could go to hogsmeade? I’ll buy you cauldron cakes”
  • “……fine”
  • “see! being suspended isnt that bad. I mean I’m not on my house team either so at least you have me!”
  • “…. is that supposed to make me feel better jun”
  • his patronous would be a gold dragon and soonyoung would always be like “man why i couldn’t i have a cool patronous too instead of a fucking hamster??”
  • “idk hamsters are pretty cool man if you ask me”
  • Stressed out minghao taking a break from studying for  OWLS to go on a midnight broom ride over the forbidden forest
  • Crying on the last day of seventh year because he’s going to miss the memories
  • sniffling “…. shut up mingyu”

A/N: AHHHHHHHHH that took forever to write. I just love harry potter (and minghao) so much and so i just thought why not combine my two loves. tbh i alwasy have a soft spot of supernatural aus. I hope this was an okay first imagine?? I’m thinking about turning this into a series for each of the members (and maybe a few ships?) in the future. Really hope you enjoyed this mess of an imagine and please follow for more in the future. Also dont be afraid to submit ideas to our ask box for future work (you can also just say if you liked stuff ye plz thank you~~) -Rika

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If you could, what's five things you'd change about Avatar as a series? + Five things you'd change about Korra?


  • Number One is DEFINITELY less focus on the romance. Honestly, that plot line took up TOO much of this show. I couldn’t care less about the Makorrasami love triangle. Bleh.
  • I know that they were focusing on Korra and the new Team Avatar but… I wished they would have showed us more of what happened with the original Gaang when they grew up
  • In my opinion… Korra was sometimes kinda, hmm… I guess I’ll use the word “confusing” at times. Idk, just sometimes her thought process would confuse tf outta me. She would make decisions and I would find myself going “…Now why the hell did she do that???” Like I know that she’s stubborn and headstrong but… come on.
  • I wanted them to do more justice to Bolin. They did give him more of a motivation in the final season, but I wished they would have started it MUCH earlier… like Season 1 earlier. And knowing that LOK was at first ONLY going to consist of Season 1 and they were just gonna do Bolin like that??? Nah bruh.
  • I wanted more non-bender oppression undertones throughout the series. So like, yeah yeah, Amon is bad and he was taking people’s bending away. Korra defeated Amon. I get it! But uh… it was made pretty clear that non-benders were not being treated fairly by benders and they did sort of keep this up with the dissolution of the U.R. Council and electing a non-bender as president but, they focused it more in season 1, when I wish it was brought more to the forefront of the entire series.
  • BONUS: More Bolin and Mako childhood flashbacks would have been nice.

Tbh… I don’t have exactly 5 things I would change about Avatar. But I can list a few:

  • I would change the first half of season 2. Season 2 is my least favorite season of ATLA. But it ironically has one of my favorite episodes everrrr (Crossroads of Destiny). To me, that season didn’t start getting good until half way thru, when the Gaang finally get to Ba Sing Se.
  • Too much filler in Season 3. Fillers are okay and a nice break from the serious plot but… this was the FINAL SEASON. I could have done without some of those types of episodes (like The Headband).

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Domestic Tae smuuuuut
Word count: Not enough 1,891

Summary: Taehyung is completely enraptured by the way the light makes your skin glow and can’t resist the urge the feel the beauty of it against his fingertips. 

A/N: FOR MY LOVE @taechulo WHO I PROMISED TO WRITE THIS FOR LIKE FOREVER AGO <333333 Okay but smut is hard for me??? Idk why??? So I’m sorry if this isn’t super fab ;u; I also very briefly edited this cause I’m lazy (psst there’s probably a lot of grammar errors oh well)

When dawn first peeks through the blinds, blanketing you in a golden hue, he fights back the urge to reach out and touch you. Taehyung wanted nothing more than to feel the warmth of your skin beneath his palm. 

It took a lot of self-control, but he refrains from doing so - you need your rest. The night prior had been long and rigorous, fuelled by too much wine and desire. But the longer he looks you over - completely mesmerised by the way you glow as though you were a deity - the more Taehyung can’t resist the urge any longer and allows his hand to find purchase on your shoulder.

He starts off just ghosting the pads of his fingers along the length of your upper arm, slow and gentle, then carries on to the remaining parts still left untouched. A shiver crawls up your spine every time his nails scratch the smooth expanse of your bare waist while his fingers trace your curves. It causes small bumps to litter your flesh, accompanied by a soft whine and the flutter of your lashes. 

Taehyung holds his breath, stills his movements and smiles in silent amusement when you continue to sleep.

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“This is why I didn’t want you practicing with the Necrocomicon. Damn, I thought I kept it locked up.” Tsunade eyed the bottle left on her desk like it was at fault for the mess in front of her.

“I-I’m sorry, But I’m sure I can undo this. If I get the book back I could practice the reversal-“

“Sakura!” Tsunade’s voice was sharp. “That’s the last thing I’m going to let you do. If I leave you alone with that book another hidden village is going to end up in my living room at best. What if you summoned something truly eldritch and we had to save the world from it…again? This reality is easy enough to dismantle with a couple of intra-cosmic beings and a bad hair day.”

“I just wanted to see how much I could sustain. I made sure nothing that didn’t have a human form got through.”

“Doesn’t mean they’re any less dangerous.”

Sakura hung her head. Tsunade, the headmistress of Insmouth sighed heavily.  It was such an odd problem, when most of the students were struggling to summon water from a raincloud Sakura was working on conjuring beings of power from realms beyond. The last time they had to deposit her summon in the school lake and kids were still complaining of boats missing and strange noises in the early morning fog.

“Where are they right now?”

Sakura closed her eyes and concentrated for a moment before answering. “They’re still all in my room. None of them have left.”

Tsunade groaned again. “And on top of all this you’re still somehow connected to them. Great, not a problem. Yeah, this is fine. Ugh, can’t get better.” She slapped both of her cheeks and then shook her head, as if that would help the situation. “Okay, this is what we’re going to do. I’m sending them back on the 31st in two weeks. It’ll be easy to cast things back on that day. Until then, those things are your problem. You gotta keep them out of trouble. Got it?”

“Of course,” Sakura chirped, glad she wasn’t being expelled. How hard could it be to watch a handful of creatures that were filled with eldritch truth and likely enlightened? 


When sakura got back to her dorm room Itachi was meditating on the floor in front of her door, waiting for her like a puppy awaits it’s beloved master. Sasuke was standing on the table in her kitchen trying to eat the spiders that lived in the light fixture, Shisui and Madara were looking guilty with a pair of panties in each fist, while Izuna stood between them red faced and wearing one of Sakura’s best communion dresses. Kagami was nowhere to be seen, but she heard water running from the bathroom and she could only assume what that meant.



These figure skaters will be the death of me.


2. Lol, Johnny Weir becoming such a fan of Yuri!!! on Ice gives me so much life. It feels like only yesterday when we saw how he discovered YOI and live tweeted it


4. and I kind of remember dying at the time, too. Idk why I am alive enough to write this now.

5. Johnny Weir looks more fabulous than me like wtf

6. Johnny Weir’s eyelashes are curlier than mine LIKE WTF

7. “I’m an original…” – My brain. Legit short-circuited. It just took me back. Yes. Yes, Johnny, you are. You have always been that iconic, original and artistic skater that no figure skating related project can ignore. There will always be an homage to you and not even YOI was an exemption and. I. Am. Crying. Oh my God.

8. “Well, I think like everybody else, I’m really in love with Viktor Nikiforov. Whenever he says, ‘Vkusno!’ or ‘Amazing!’ we all just melt into little puddles.” – Lol, every day is proof to me that I am the only YOI fan who isn’t in love with Viktor. I may have everything backwards here because I relate with Viktor and I am head over heels for Yuuri. Is it really that odd? (I have been told yes.) Am I really alone in this? Because now I just feel lonely. =/

9. “[Yuuri] struggles, he works hard, he struggles and then rises up to create magic for the rest of the world… and he’s super cute!” – THIS is where I melted into a puddle. Yes, Yuuri is all these things and he is really, really cute!!!

10. “My favourite scene from Yuri!!! on Ice was definitely when we realise as the viewers that Viktor loved Yuuri before Yuuri loved Viktor. We see it when they were drunk at the after-party that he was so in love with him and so into him; everyone wants a romantic love story like that.”

I’ll just be right here in my corner. Crying. Drowning in a vat of my tears. 💔

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Hey this is for the Phil anon or I guess really anyone into the Q who doesn't speak french but I'm 110% down to translate any interviews if people want to know what's being said, just like send me a link to the video and I could make a transcript or something if anyone is interested

Ahhh so I took a peek at Phil anon’s blog (idk if they want me posting their url) and they did want to know about that lovely video of Phil and Jeremy at WJC. Tbh I’m curious about what they said too, all I caught was “Thanks”

Oh man and if it’s not too much work for you…I’m curious about Chabby and Jozy too bc I love them

In a rare moment of self-love (we’re talking once every three years here), just did my nails and tried on a Clinique face mask sample that my co-lead had given to me ages ago. Just checked on that mask’s price and it costs a ton, but I’m tempted to get it anyway. It felt strangely nice to do something nice for my body. Maybe I should try to get used to this.

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I'm going to Seoul for 10 days in March! So yes please make a Seoul visitor tips/places to see master post!

Ok let’s see

  • There is SO much to see in Seoul, no way I can list everything but here are a few places I visited myself or recommend visiting: Myeongdeong, Insadong, Hongdae, Itaewon, Gyeongbukgung/Gwanghwamun, Dongdaemun, Hyehwa/Naksan Park/Ihwa Art village, Seoul Forest, Ttukkseom Hangang Park, Gangnam, Bukcheon Hanok Village, Samcheongdo, Ehwa, Gwangjang Market, Namsan Tower, (more shopping places: Garosugil, Apgujeong Rodeo Street, Cheongdamdong ((clothes can be €€€€ tho^^))
  • Obv there’s not just a lot to see but also a lot to do! You can visit museums, galleries, rent a bike @ hangang, order chicken and picnic at a park or hangang, go to a jimjilbang, try all the streetfood, go clubbing, visit a cat/dog/sheep/whatever they have cafe, go to a noraebang, visit flea markets, try on traditional clothes (either for free or pay for photoshoots) or try on a wedding dress instead?, discover all kinds of cafes,hike a mountain, go to the Everland theme park if u wanna, visit temples and ssamzigil for handmade gifts, go to a hair salon and get a straightening perm lmao.. idek.. . just research a lot! ((:
  • Somehow I was kinda scared of using public toilets because a lot of people said they mostly have squat toilets and sometimes there’s no toilet paper inside the stalls (or even outside??) so just in case anyone wanna know my experience lmao. I usually used the metro underground restrooms (they have squat and ‘sit’ toilets) or the restrooms at cafes/restaurants (some just have one toilet for male and female) and I always had a ‘sitting’ aka westerner toilet and there was always toilet paper soo… everything’s good! The only thing I found weird and kinda gross is that they have those buckets you gotta throw your used toilet paper in??? Haven’t informed myself about this yet but honestly I just couldn’t do it….. need to know why they do that.. (edit:  “ Many Korean plumbing systems are also very old, so they’re a bit weak and temperamental. Because of this, in older buildings, the systems can’t handle massive amounts of matter and will clog frequently. Many establishments will have signs saying to put your toilet paper in the wastebasket.”) She’s also saying to bring toilet paper with you.. tbh just buy (baby) wipes.
  • Learn how to haggle ! I haggled a lot at dongdaemun (inside the malls), hongdae and ehwa.. and unless it’s not a sale item you’ll probably get a discount if you ask (sometimes just 2k won if you pay in cash sometimes more if you’re good or just lucky!), maybe do some aegyo (I’m talking to the girls here haha), if you can, talk in Korean! I just know very little Korean but basic stuff like “It’s pretty but I don’t know, it’s expensive, etc.” was VERY helpful. But well, don’t worry sometimes English is enough too (: Ah! Idk about other cosmetic stores but etude house has a discount app (you can ask someone there to help you register) but you won’t get any samples (ask anyway maybe you’ll get one haha)  
  • I recommend getting the citypass plus card at incheon airport/when you arrive (don’t forget to take a metro map with you). 
  • I think this is universal but don’t buy drinks in clubs! Very expensive! Same goes for booking a (vip) table but you’d need to know Korean for that anyway. 
  • Finding the right place to eat at can be quite confusing (and sometimes also quite expensive) if you don’t have any Korean friends who’ll help you out, especially in the evening.. Always take a look at the menu outside (if they have one outside^^) here’s a little guide, I don’t really have any tips since I had friends who most of the times ordered for me and knew the best places. (idk why I wrote this point lmao I’m just saying)
  • Get a currency exchange app!!! Don’t exchange too much money at the airport. I exchanged money at the bank in Seoul once but they took around 10k won and the second time I went to an exchange shop(?) (Hongdae and Myeongdeong have a lot) and their fee was around 3k? idk but it was much less.. anyways always ask for the fee beforehand and use the app!
  • Don’t forget about the Tax refund.
  • ((For ma ladies: remember, you don’t have to talk to every Korean guy who comes up to you! js))
  • let your host/hotel staff write down the street name and number for you in case you wanna use a taxi to get back (remember some drivers don’t know any English!) and if you wanna know how much a taxi ride approx costs just ask the driver before getting in (basic Korean would be helpful in this situation). You can pay with your citypass/T-money card if u wanna. (edit: don’t take the black taxis, they cost more)
  • Check the dates for markets at e.g hongdae, very interesting, get a painted portrait they’re beautiful and you’re helping out a student ((:
  • If you’re outside and need help and you can’t find someone who speaks English (imo usually they do know at least a bit though) try to say excuse me in Korean and do use e.g google translate for single words or even google images if you’re searching for e.g a pharmacy.
  • Bring medicine with you, for headaches and diarrhea mostly. I ate Yukhoe/육회/raw beef meat for the first time there and my stomach didn’t like it at all haha.
  • You’ll have free wifi basically everywhere but still not always so if you want fast wifi all the time I recommend getting a pocket wifi egg/device/whatever it’s called. Oh! Also what I didn’t know before is that you can recharge your phone at cafes/restaurants! Sometimes they’ll have charging cables but just bring your own anyway. Simply go to the counter with your phone and ask them to charge it.

Ok that’s pretty much all I can think of right now (will add points either from you guys or when I remember more) and I’m sorry if most of it isn’t helpful but I’m just sharing my thoughts if you don’t mind ^^’

Additional tips:

  • from @redeemtheyears: Express terminal in seoul has the cheapest clothes! and it is HUGE, i couldn’t even finish it in day! The best Ginseng chicken soup was from Toksochon (토속촌) Ginseng Chicken Soup 5, Jahamun-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 서울 종로구 자하문로5길 5 (체부동) and the best fried chicken is at KyoChon near Gangnam, 1309-8 Seocho-dong (8 Gangnam-daero 69-gil) There are lots of cafes at Samcheong-dong that sells good food, desserts, snacks. And for Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cake), try those at Sindangdong Tteokbokki Town (신당동떡볶이골목) My favourite barbecue pork place is Palsaek Samgyeopsal (팔색삼겹살), it is 8 different flavours of pork and the staff will help you with it
  • @hamahannah said: Hello! The only other things I could think of was to try and download the subway app! That helped me a lot when I was in Korea! They have it in English and you can download it for Apple and Android phones! Another trip is to try and pre-purchase an external battery for your phone! My phone dies really quickly and it is really handy to have an extra battery with you that way you don’t have to worry about finding a plug! :’D (You can find them on Amazon or in Korea for around $20 or less!

ok here are my thoughts on IT (2017)

  • its not scary. like…at all. too much cgi shit going on took me right out
  • i love bill skarsgard but his pennywise voice sounded like adam sandler doing a bit
  • the only disturbing bits were the parents. the dad molesting bev? scary. the mom who has munchausen by proxy? scary.
  • i dont understand why they were setting up bev and bill? but maybe that happened in the book idk all i remember is in the miniseries as adults she ends up with john ritters character
  • the only scene i thoroughly enjoyed was the blood scene in bevs bathroom. i like the aesthetic of blood flying everywhere and coating a room idk (kinda had a johnny depp death in nightmare on elm street vibe)
  • the movie is funny. both intentionally and unintentionally so…i’ll give it that.
  • best line: “who invited molly ringwald” (im always a slut for a molly ringwald reference)
  • its been decided amongst my friend and i that richie is my son (not son as in ‘i love him’ but son as in ‘if i was a teenage boy or had a teenage boy he’d be it’)
  • oh and the bully who was all tall and lanky and had black hair looked like coyote shivers from empire records
  • also new kids on the block references….a+

so overall id give the movie like a C. i still prefer the miniseries and tim curry remains untouchable

dammit-dark  asked:

(Hi hello I’ve seen you floating around Tumblr and I think you articulate yourself incredibly well and I love your muse’s character and idk why it took me so long to follow you, forgive me, but now I’m here and I’m gonna tell you you’re awesome and I hope you had an amazing day and you smiled a lot!😊)

// THANK YOU ;3;

// I’ve seen you around a little too! Thank you so much!