idk why it looks blue in photos

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It wasn't a hack? It's nearly impossible to hack from an iPhone and it was up for 38 minutes. The link wasn't a porn link for the 30 minutes but someone redirected it to that tumblr. Therefore it was deleted. He's not a random person, don't you think it would have been deleted immediately after it was tweeted (like when their management would post from their account and delete it RIGHT after because there was a typo or WRONG LINK). 🤔

it was a hack, why would harry post a photo of louis out of the blue when we know harry rarely uses twitter at all. the ambiguous link is a huge red flag why do you think he would post a random link??? it got taken down rather quick, 38 minutes is quick

remember when harry accidentally liked a nsfw tweet in 2014 and it stayed in his likes all night until he woke up the next morning and deleted it, and liked a bunch of pictures of kitties and puppies. that’s what it looks like when harry does something by accident

A tag thing

So I was tagged by @billy4life to do this tag thingy so why not

1. Relationship status: Single

2. Favorite colour(s): Orange, Baby blue and Teal

3. Pets: 2 cats, 1 boy, named Pickle and 1 girl, named Cookie 🐱

4. Last song I listen to: I don’t know :O

5. TV show: Steven Universe

6. First fandom: Idk maybe Gravity Falls

7. Hobbies: Drawing, sleeping, looking at cat photos 🎨

8. Books I’m reading: I’m not really reading any at the moment but I just read Ghosts which is a graphic novel by Raina Telgemeier

9. 9 people I want to tag:


@comiclpaper, @jayjaydadrawer, @chibijiri, @thatartcaster, @xtreambrush, @jam861, @cinderus, @dynamotoon, @yeethebee (Put me as that one who tagged you :) )

And whoever else wants to do this tag thingy is welcome! 😀👍

K bai

someone: hey! how are y-

me: are taylor swift and halsey ever going to meet and become friends? are they? because they’re both incredible human beings and incredible talents and their faces would look very very nice in a photo together and yeah i mean i know that halsey trashed one of taylor’s songs in twenty-twelve but that was THREE YEARS AGO like i know this might be asking for a lot but do you think its possible that there will be a kanye-taylor type situation in which taylor forgives her so that that wonderfully blue-haired beauty can officially join the squad that is currently dominating the world? also….. there could be a cute ship name somewhere in there idk i just this world is cruel and why aren’t all celebrities friends

Giselle placed her camera down on the table and ran a hand through her hair trying to get the snow out. “I don’t why people insist on having weddings in winter.” she said with a sigh “I swear I saw the bride’s arms turning blue and she still refused to put on a jacket while I was taking photos.” Giselle gestured to the bride herself who was standing a few tables away. “I know we’re inside now but she still looks freezing.”