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Why Doctor Strange is one of the best Marvel characters

So idk if anyone has pointed this out but I just want to give a few reasons (or more kinda life lessons) why Doctor Strange is so amazing (and is my favorite Marvel character).

1) No matter how bad the situation is, there’s always a way out.

As you probably know Steven Strange practically lost his hands in a car accident. Even though rehabilitations and operations his hands never came back to the state before the accident. He was a surgeon and his job was his passion. The thing was, due to his hands there was no way he could become a surgeon again. And even though it seems there was no hope for him, he didn’t give up. He was searching for a way to get back to his normal life. He didn’t listen to people who were telling him there’s no hope for him. He was trying every possible way to get out of this situation. Even the ones that seemed the most absurd. And after a long time of trying, of not giving up, he found a way out.

2) You can achieve anything you want by patience, studying and practicing.

After Strange finally found a way to heal his hands he didn’t just suddenly got his powers. He wasn’t bitten by a spider. He wasn’t a genius millionaire. He wasn’t a ‘chosen one’. He was just a normal human like you and me. The thing that made him achieve success and made him a hero was patience. He studied and practiced and it wasn’t easy. He had to put a lot of effort and time into it. And so during hard, long years of learning, he slowly was achieving his success.

3) Having an open mind has a lot of advantages

Strange at first didn’t want to believe in all the magic stuff and just assumed that it’s all not true. He only looked through the keyhole and threw away any options that were, as he thought, stupid. Later he understood that those other options were the solution. I’m not saying that now you have to take all the magic stuff seriously. Having an open mind means being open to possibilities. Maybe instead of throwing away other options/possibilities/solutions at the very beginning, you should think about them (even about the most absurd ones)?


I’m trying reaaaaally hard to not get too excited about Krafti leading the overall world cup because the season isn’t over yet and literally everything can happen, but when I think back to the beginning of the season I did NOT expect this at all?

Like obviously I go into every season hoping that my faves will do well and stuff but (and I feel so stupid for that now lmao) I wouldn’t have expected Krafti to even be fighting for the Top 3 this year, like I’ve had some people where I was just so convinced that they will dominate this season and idk why but Krafti just wasn’t one of them

Then came the 4ht and started out REALLY well, but I just kept telling myself ‘don’t get your hopes up, don’t get your hopes up’
which was good in hindsight bc.. ya let’s not talk about the 4ht lmao

I was so worried that the bad luck on the 4ht would bring Stefan down, like I was worried it would 'break’ him, but he came back from that stronger than he has EVER been before

and still I just kept telling myself 'don’t get your hopes up’, podium after podium, victory after victory, I just would not let myself even THINK about the possibility of him getting anywhere NEAR the world cup lead

and now he IS leading the world cup and I still can’t let myself be too excited because who knows what will happen until the last competition in Planica

BUT, no matter how this season ends, no matter if Krafti ends up winning or in second place or third or whatever, no matter if he gets more podiums/wins or doesn’t, this man has made me INCREDIBLY proud, he is such a fighter, he has shown so much passion and love for this sport and I could never thank him enough for this ski jumping season, he has made it to one of the best ones I’ve ever watched and I am just so grateful for that

Krafti, no matter what happens, to me you’re already the # 1 ❤



Im so sorry it took so long! but examns where being a bitch!

I feel so honored such a nice and awesome person is my friend! I wish you the best of the best! Have some acnorena wedding tbh acno will deny that he made that face forever! my headcanon is that theyd get married in a castle

When Game Night goes wrong. 


Noah: help… meeeeee 

Terri: Wait. Knight, technically you aren’t one of the bros here. Why are you here? 

Dark Knight: I live in their basement. 



Moonlight: Please don’t come home dad, please don’t come home dad, please don’t come home dad… 

Special thanks to colored pencils, crayons, Sharpies, and sanity to finish this.

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Eric’s “good song”

anonymous asked:

is it normal if as a lesbian the term "dyke" offends me? i came out publicly last summer, and i go to a really tiny rural high school so i've been called one multiple times and idk how to feel bc it seems like a lot of other lesbians are fine w that term

It is absolutely 1,000,000% normal and okay if the term ‘dyke’ offends you, and that goes for any so-called ‘reclaimed’ slur. The thing about reclamation is that individuals reclaim slurs, not the group as a whole (which is one of the reasons why ‘queer’ is a bad descriptor of the LGBT community as a whole, and one of the reasons why I will never use it). So while some lesbians are comfortable with calling themselves ‘dyke’, that doesn’t mean you have to feel comfortable with it. The most important thing is that you should never, ever feel pressured to label yourself with a ‘reclaimed’ slur you’re not comfortable with, and anyone who tells you otherwise is taking out of their ass.

If straight people are calling you ‘dyke’ because of your sexuality, then there is no doubt in my mind; they are doing it specifically to offend you and it is homophobic. You are well within your rights to be offended. I hope your situation gets better soon and you should know that you’re always free to message me if you would like!

I survived(ish) getting my boobs measured. Wasn’t going to do it but forced myself to. Turns out I am a cup bigger than i thought (woop) but been wearing bras an inch too big.

I forgot that i pick at my chest then when i saw my chest in the mirror in the changing room i was like ah fuck. Then when boob measuring lady went to get me some bras to try out, I got stressed because I was embarrassed of the state of my chest so picked my chest which makes total sense (sarc). Then when she came back, my chest was bleeding. I tried to act casual about it lol. She didn’t say anything. But apart from that i was pleasantly surprised to see my boobs fitting into a cup bigger. She picked out a pretty bra that went with my hair, made me feel like a proper mermaid :3. Too bad the bra was £30!

Idk why but I weighed myself before going because that makes sense (sarc again).

My partner tells me off many times to stop picking at my chest. Never thought it was that bad.. until then i had to have a stranger look at my chest.


  • “this wedding is so boring, no one is dancing, everyone looks miserable and its unacceptable so im gonna try and bust a move on the dance floor and encourage people to come out here with me to get this party started and while im trying to drag people out you see me struggling and trying so you come join me with ur horrible dance moves (i love them) and u dance with me and help me get people to get on the dance floor which ends in success bc people are pouring in and we end up dancing with eachother the rest of the night and u are super fucking hot can i have ur number so we can do this again and maybe make out later” au
  • “im at my ex’s wedding and im miserable idk why i came but i did and it was a bad idea so im dwelling at the bar in my sorrows planning on getting very drunk and u are the really goodlooking bartender that i end up talking too and you are really nice and it turns out the wedding wasn’t that bad afterall considering once it was over you were driving me home with your kiss burning on my cheek and the following year im the one sending out the invitation to the ex that im getting married to his wedding bartender so hA im also v happy so thanks asshole ex” au
  • “you are the host of the wedding entertainment and when the dancing/DJ segment comes in yOU KEEP DRAGGING ME OUT ON THE DANCE FLOOR and everytime you saw me sitting back down yOU AGAIN DRAGGED ME OUT why are you doing this to me i want to sit my feet hurt and i feel awkward dancing while you are an amazing dancer leaVE ME TO WATCH EVERYONE DANCE AND DWELL IN LONELINESS And oh why are you bringing me out to slow dance??? oh nO- ok fine yes your hands feel nice in mine and i like being in your arms so this is ok” au
  • “You are in the band at the wedding and you drag me out to sing with you even though this isn’t really a duet but i guess u don’t care (of course u had to pick me why am i not surprised, sad i had to put down my martini im not drunk enough for this) and wE JUST HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL’D THIS SHIT WE SOUND FANTASTIC TOGETHER AND EVERYONE LOVES US I LOVE YOU- i mean i love singing too yeah singing. also ur rlly hot.” au
  • “im the wedding planner of this wedding and im super stressed bc everything isn’t going the way its supposed too and the bride is my best friend and her to be husbands best man/woman is annoying the fuck out of me acting like everythings fine and noTHING IS FALLING APART WHEN IT IS. MONTHS OF PLANNING ALL GOING DOWN THE DRAIN AND HE’S MOCKING ME AND DRINKING FUCKING BEER WHILE I HAVE A BREAK DOWN AND- wait did he really just manage to fix half these problems and make this wedding out to be one of the best i’ve ever been too??? and is he actually doing everything he can to make sure im having fun and not worrying about things??? iS HE ACTUALLY GRABBING MY FACE AND KISSING ME AT THE END OF THE NIGHT???? wow like i said; best wedding i’ve been too” au