idk why it came out so bad

my thoughts on every rep song

ready for it: still tied for my favourite with one other. i just love it idk why. i was literally so shocked when it came out i just… IDK I GRAVITATED TO IT.

end game: catchy! not something i would really listen to if it wasn’t taylor, you know? but it’s still a bop. she’s also a lyrical genius, like they’re all so well written. ‘and i bury hatchets, but i keep maps of where i put ‘em’. so fucking good.

i did something bad: hands down my favourite alongside ready for it. it’s my type of music, if that makes sense? this is my ‘haunted’, ‘ikywt’ and ‘i know places’ of the album. it’s my favourite 100%.

don’t blame me: adore it. definitely a ‘overdose on drugs’ song (lmfao that’s what my sister calls what my music taste is like) and yep i love it. so good and sultry and catchy and darker and she is taking no one’s shit.

delicate: really good. i love her lyrics. i love the beat. i wanted a lil somethin more, feels very… one tone? idk i don’t know music verbiage but it’s still very good and def gonna be a good driving song.

look what you made me do: a banger. ‘nuff said.

so it goes…: ‘you know i’m not a bad girl, but i do bad things with you’ ripriprip i really love this song too. i honestly adore the direction her music is going in. whenever i say ‘ya i’m a taylor fan’ people will be confused cause she’s normally not what i listen to but this is definitely going in my typical direction and i LOVE her exploring it.

gorgeous: it grows on me every time i listen to it. i wasn’t feeling it the first time i listened, but when it comes on now i’m like OH WORM??????? again, her lyrics are other worldly but we all knew that. not to mention that cat lyric was literally written for me.

getaway car: the robot noise at the beginning is… inch resting. but this song feels very… 1989 taylor for sure. it’s a good thing. it’s a banger. i’m going to be screaming it in the shower. but it’s not my favourite. still catchy tho.

king of my heart: this one feels very forgettable when it starts but then that…hook…chorus…drop… (seriously i don’t know music terms) hits and you’re like OH ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT? i can’t wait to dance to this at the concert. but the talking-singing part is a little ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to me but that’s okay cause it just gets me more pumped for the DROP!

dancing with our hands tied: a banger. this one intrigued me the most by the title alone, and i wasn’t disappointed. wasn’t my FAVOURITE but i have a feeling all these songs are going to grow more and more on me over time till they’re all my favourites so. but i do love it? not much else to say.

dress: so i want to do the do to this song. it’s sexy. it’s so different. i absolutely love that she’s exploring new things and new lyrics and just!!!! so proud!!!!

this is why we can’t have nice things: lorde vibes??? anyone????? 22/new romantics vibes during the chorus, not sure why. i think this one will have to grow on me? 

call it what you want: so soft. so pure. so good. i want to drive down the coast with my lover’s hand on my thigh to this song.

new year’s day: lyrics! lyrics! lyrics! i wish i loved it more but i think that will come in due time. i’m just hyped and it’s lower tempo so i think this is going to be a song i need to listen to when i am crying. i’ll update you once i’m in that mood lmao.

in conclusion:

taylor swift murdered me!!!

Happy 151115 with B.A.P!!!

im a new baby and honeymoon was my first comeback w/ them. Since i wasn’t with them for long, just by listening to honeymoon, i would’ve never guessed that B.A.P went through everything that they did :/ anyways, what im trying to say is, for people who don’t know what B.A.P went through (like me at first lol), honeymoon is just a beautiful song. but for Babyz, it shows how happy and free they are now and how much they overcame! 

also i really love this song and the lyrics and the meaning and the mv and the album and the concept and the boys and B.A.P in genera loll!! <3 

what is poetry? you ask
as your blue eyes stare into mine.
what is poetry? and you ask this of me?
poetry… is you.

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

Poetry is the first time Phil says “I love you” to dan: a tiny whisper loud as a thunder in the silence of Phil’s dark childhood bedroom after a couple of minutes of belly-aching laughter.
Poetry is the kiss they shares right after saying “I love you” to each other: soft, intense, meaningful, not at all rushed like their first kiss on the Manchester Eye - even though Dan believes that was poetry, too.
Dan often catches Phil staring at him, mouth open, mind elsewhere, a tiny smile printed on his lips: that is what poetry feels like.
Poetry is the way Phil holds Dan when they’re having sex: a strong grip on his hips or a hand on the small of his back or legs tangled together or trembling fingers slightly pulling the hair on the nape of his neck.
Poetry is Phil falling asleep on the couch with his head rested on Dan’s lap, one arm under his belly and the other one hanging from the sofa. Glasses crooked. Lips slightly parted, snoring softly.
Poetry is Phil making two cups of coffee at 4pm when both of them are fighting to stay awake after travelling back and forth from the UK to the US.
Poetry is Phil hugging Dan from behind when he’s making dinner, whispering dirty things in his ear that make both of them laugh because those words are so un-Phil.
Poetry is Phil massaging Dan’s back, shoulders and temples after he spent hours sitting in front of a computer. (Poetry, in Phil’s opinion, is Dan’s little moans whenever that happens.)
The little kisses Phil leaves on Dan’s jaw and neck when they’re making out, that’s also poetry.
Phil’s laughter when Dan makes a dumb joke is poetry, too.

Poetry is all that and even more.
Every moment Dan shares with Phil. Every glance. Every “I love you”. Every time they hold hands. Every time they kiss. Every single second Dan spends with Phil is poetry and that’s as sappy as it sounds.

Should you fight Topp Dogg?

A/N: I’ve seen this done a lot and I don’t think a toppdogg version was made lol I just thought it was super funny. Definitely not my idea, so credit is due to whoever came up with this hilarious concept 🙃

 P-Goon: yes!! Fight his tiny ass!! Why he always taking off his shirt? Why he always MCing when there’s no need for an MC? So obnoxious oml please knock his ass out. serious “Leader” my butt smfh 

 Hojoon: idk tbh he’s kinda sus…he seems all quite and innocent but when the camera are off he’s a real Scorpio™. He was born on Halloween so I bet he’s freaky. I’d fight him for always looking better than me. Don’t hurt him too bad bc Sangdo will probably scold you like a mom 

 Sangdo: no? Wtf? Are you an animal? Why would you want to hurt this Pisces baby :( if you do then Hojoon is probably already planning your murder 

 Nakta: I wouldn’t mess with him tbh he’s really tall and could beat my ass any day…but yeah he steals everybody’s food so fight him for that. Just throw a couple punches and run away quickly and pray he doesn’t catch up to you

 Yano: no omg he’d probably start crying and think about all the things he’s done wrong in the past :( he looks mean but trust me he’s a squishy panda maknae on the inside and everything affects him aw poor baby 

 A-Tom: the second maknae aka the second in line for the throne in hell. So arrogant and selfish, please fight him. You’ll probably end up apologizing afterwards just because he’s so pretty. Might laugh at you while you’re throwing your punches. Might hit you back rly hard and knock you out…take your chances

 B-Joo: yes jfc I’ll literally pay you to fight this punk. Stop saying WOOWWW all the mf time you lil shit. It’s adorable, but I think we all know he’s on the verge of insanity. Also don’t hurt this one too bad bc Hansol will probably murder you in your sleep

 Xero: tbh? Yes. Although he might not even get what you’re doing and end up giggling. So dumb. But pls don’t break his nose or ruin his face. Aesthetic prince, so you should beat him up for always acting cool and pretty and better than you

 Hansol: idk man he’s difficult bc he’s so bipolar. He might cry before you even touch him, other times he might try to choke you with his dirty underwear. Bring backup just in case tho. B-Joo will probably be watching on the side, giggling and stuffing his face with popcorn 

 This was so fun to make lol if you want another group, let me know 😇

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cuddling!! with chittaphon{ten}

can you do cuddling with ten of nct pls!! have a wonderful day 💕💕 

A/N; im so so so sorry for my inactivity its the end of the school year and im trying my best to not lowkey fail so i apologize but since it is summer i should be posting more frequently so about that yall

  • YES 
  • tbh tho like i wanna say bias but then  it starts to become irrelevant when i say everyone is my bias wHOOps
  • cuddles for everything to be real rn 
  • having a bad day? CUDDLES
  • stressed? CUDDLES 
  • tired ? CUDDLES
  • just cuddles all around basically
  • is 50/50 one the big spoon-little spoon situation
  • kinda like a kid when it come to cuddling
  • hella moves around LiKE ThIs Boi CANnOT sTAY StilL
  • is always warm 
  • but ice cold feet
  • loves laying his head, and arms, and legs on you 
  • loves the skinship like he’s just always near you
  • he must be showered with affection or will pull you in even tighter than he already has you
  • “chitaphon i cant breathe”
  • “that’s ok”
  • loves facing you when cuddling 
  • like that awkward but really cute eye contact is a pretty good summary of what is going here
  • “ten, why are you staring at me?”
  • “because you’re gorgeous” aaljsdksajfkl 
  • will always talk about his day
  • or rant about something most likely something stupid that johnny did
  • “so like today johnny snorted a noodle and it came out his mouth, and i was so inspired that i had to try it”
  • “please tell you didnt”
  • idk was happening in my mind when i wrote that but seemed pretty accurate to me
  • probably alot of bad jokes
  • leaves lots of kisses 
  • like LOTS OF KISSES or a subtle makeout session whAT
  • prefers to cuddle facing each other while his hand is resting on the lower part of your back while your legs are intermingled
  • or he is the big and is basically koala bear hugging you with his arms and legs wrapped around you
  • hella blankets 
  • always watching a tv or has soft music playing in the background 
  • in general its always a good time to be cuddling with chittaphon 
  • gotta love this boy 

gif is not mine

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why do u still like solas so much

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cause I can? idk anon in the past I might have written up a five page essay defending his character but in all honesty its been 84 years since DA:I came out, and I really don’t care if people agree or not. I’m just going to take this anon in faith as a genuine curiosity and not some problematic character gotcha. 

He’s an interesting character to me, that’s literally it. He’s a good man doing bad things, he’s a man displaced out of time and scrambling to find something familiar, and he’s got a guilt complex so strong it destroys worlds. I empathize with that, and there’s a reason I write him as someone who experiences dissociation and survivor’s guilt because I do believe it has affected him and his actions greatly.

I should point out that I do not write these things as an excuse for what he’s doing, just as a way to understand why he acts the way he acts. He’s an asshole, but I personally feel like the writers did a good job making him a sympathetic asshole. If someone feels otherwise that’s okay…that’s all up to people’s individual interpretation and there is no right or wrong answer to that. 

Also, those legs 👌

Another day spent in hell or aka high school, you walked the empty corridor in a fast pace trying to get to a lesson you were already late to, turning into another corridor you suddenly slam into something, into somebody actually. Your bum hits the floor and you let out a grunt, looking up you see a smirking Reggie bloody Mantle standing in front of you, you roll your eyes and stand up.
“Well, well, well, looks like you keep falling for me y/n, don’t hurt yourself too much” he said and smirked, i rolled my eyes yet again, “trust me, the only one that’s getting hurt here is you Reg” i elbow him in the ribs as i pass by him trying to get to lesson, but the he follows, “oh come on, it was a joke, why you so serious for y/n? hmmm? something on your mind, my good looks maybe?- i practically snort at his so called comeback, okay so Reggie was obviously tall, dark and handsome, scratch that he’s hot but he’s such a prick and so annoying that his looks actually don’t matter anymore. Suddenly a teacher appears out of nowhere, “Ah, Mr Mantle and Ms y/l/n, late to your lessons, yet again? detention no questions asked, i will see both of you after school” he said walking away, i looked Reggie with annoyance, he just smiled “what? we get to spend more time together” we then finally get to our lesson.
after school i waited outside for the teacher and Reggie, the teacher shows up and lets us in, “looks like it only you two, you can start writing lines in your books, i’ll be back soon” and then he left us, i wasn’t trying to get into more trouble so i started writing, Reggie had other plans, “alright, what’s it gonna take for you to go on a date with me?” he asked as he leaned in to my side, i was taken aback by this, “what? why would you wanna take me on a date? no one else to shag, you’re certainly lowering your jock standards” i finally said and this time he rolled his eyes, “i wanna take you out, is that so bad?” i shook my head, “come on y/n, one milkshake, my treat?” he said and before i got to respond the teacher came back.

part 2 maybe idk?????? 

Jung Jaehyun & #58: “I’ve waited for this moment for a long time.”

-For anon

Warnings: Slight horror in the beginning, not much else.

A/N: This got long, but idk? ALSO, the teasers images. Like who gave them permission?? But also they’re great. Anywhoo. Here you go~

You didn’t normally go outside at night. Mother said the bad people came out at night, so you didn’t go out. She never told you why they were bad people, or what they did, just that they had taken your father, and that was enough to make you want to stay away. Tonight wasn’t supposed to be any different, you hadn’t intended to be stuck outside well past midnight. All you wanted was to be home and asleep, like any other eight-year-old child.

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Im so sorry it took so long! but examns where being a bitch!

I feel so honored such a nice and awesome person is my friend! I wish you the best of the best! Have some acnorena wedding tbh acno will deny that he made that face forever! my headcanon is that theyd get married in a castle

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Hey do we know yet who's siding with who in the Jokes and Riddles war? Please I need to know which of my children I need to throw down the stairs..

covers can be deceiving but i kind of feel like that big cover of the rogues fighting is basically dc’s version of civil war in that it’s probably gunna be pretty accurate to who is fighting who. unless they just randomly threw everyone together to confuse people, which they might have done, but probably not. when the cover first came out i actually jumped over to Paint and made a very bad red line down the middle a clear divide between the two teams.

if this is the correct then that would mean the following teams are….

joker’s squad:

  • ivy (WHY)
  • mad hatter
  • ventriloquist 
  • deadshot
  • oswald
  • waylon
  • man-bat

riddler’s squad:

  • victor 
  • jon
  • harvey
  • firefly
  • deathstroke (wtf)
  • solomon grundy (also wtf)
  • clayface

if this is the case man idk eddie’s team seems to be a lot more well rounded than joker’s which seems all over the place. i mean they have ivy (who if written right could have ended all this nonsense in seconds but she’s not bcos it’s tom king so we suffer) but i suppose eddie’s team is intellectually stronger. not that it makes any difference bcos we all know tom king’s gunna have joker win to reaffirm him being “the best batman villain ever!!1!”

i wouldn’t get too shook up about the teams tho tbh this event takes place only one year into batman’s career so i guess most of the rogues probably don’t know joker that much anyways?? it’s like their embarrassing high school years “remember that time we teamed up with the joker? hahaha Wild…. pls help me forget…….”

dunno why deathstroke and deadshot are involved bcos this seems more like an arkham skirmish but whatever, guess dc gotta plug them for the dceu and shit. good to see selina is staying out of this fuckshit tho


*spoilers for mystic messenger v route * This lovers quarrel is so ridiculous… Rika keeps going back and forth and back and then she goes lesbian on you etc…. It’s frustrating. THEN Ray has multiple personality disorder and his “bad side” came out, insinuated that Ray had sexual thou about me, and that he’ll show me, aka rape. Lololol IDK why but I always think of this when I think of Ray:

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Q s t u !!

Q: How do you feel about collaborations?

Lol. I love collabs. I have several with @kpopfanfictrash that we always really enjoy and am currently work on another with her, @iwonchubebe and @baebae-goodnight !! Not to mention I get to work with other kinds of amazing content contributors like @everybodykpops when we do them! But also, these collabs work because these ladies are my close, personal friends and we have a very open discourse and trust one another creatively and personally. So that always helps!

S: Any fandom tropes you can’t resist?

ah yes. I love friends to lovers, friends with benefits, secret lovers, college AUs things of that nature. While I love a good fantasy AU, the feeling as if the fiction is rooted in a plausible day to day setting makes it more relatable for me.

T: Any fandom tropes you can’t stand?

Um. hm. None that I can think of off the top of my head. I don’t like when characters have not even a semblance of a redeeming quality thought. Like they’re just bad for no reason? If that makes sense. Villains are great but there’s always a reason for why they are the way they are.

U: Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.

Three? ahhhh. Idk just three is so hard! - I’m doing four because I like even numbers LOL.

@kpopfanfictrash Shan is someone who’s work I enjoy consistently. Even if someone isn’t my bias, she has created wreckers out of them lol. Ever wanted to know where my love of Kyungsoo came from? See her Cupcake Wars and Consider Me Yours. She creates really beautiful worlds and relatable characters who have a lot of depth and layers. She is really purposeful with her plot devices and storylines, character developments, etc. Everything is done for a reason and knowing how much of herself she puts into her writing is awesome as well. Even her slow burns are always exciting. Basically Shan rocks.

@vankoya Ivory actually kills me with her work. The pacing, the dialogue, the breaks of well thought out humor during tension in her work is so refreshing and entertaining and just truly is so enjoyable to read. Plus the writing itself is so beautiful and vivid. I have enjoyed everything I’ve read from her and she’s only dragging me further into JJK hell - a place I once swore I would never go LOL. 

@rapmonluv Amy’s writing is SO exciting. I feel like I know the characters in her fics. I’ve met people like them, am friends with people like them and for me that makes reading so enjoyable. Not to mention the build of tension in her work is phenomenal and I’m excitedly on the edge of my seat while reading. Everything always flows very fluidly and I’m always wanting more when a particular work comes to a close. 

@soobadnoonecanstopher LORI makes me die of laughter in her fics but it never takes away from the plot. The way her mind works and the characters she creates are by far some one the most entertaining I have ever read. She packs a lot of very real emotion into each of them as well which makes them interesting and well rounded and so much fun. I once started reading a fic of hers at the very end. I think there’s like over 20 chapters maybe and I read the last two, I had no context to what was going on but it didn’t matter because I was so enthralled with what was happening during those last two chapters. She laughed at me when I told her I did this. but yes lol Lori is awesome. 

I have a lot of writers I admire and could go on for a long while about each of them but I’ll leave you with these ladies for now!

Fanfic Ask Game

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Hello! So, I've been thinking a lot about my gender and, if I'm actually transgender, and I was wondering if you're ok with describing how you learned you were trans? I understand if you aren't comfortable, though, so have a lovely day either way! :)

ok so first of all i was always super uncomfortable with femininity? i had long hair as a kid and then i cut it all off in third grade because it was stressing me out, and my mom literally had to coach me into saying “oh, it got in my way” when people asked about it instead of saying “i hated it, it made me so uncomfortable”. (which apparently just alarmed grownups. whatevr.) all my childhood friends were boys and i only wanted to play-pretend as men. 

i also thought it was normal for people to feel discomfort to the point of nausea every time they had to dress up for a family function and put on a dress. ANYWAY.

i came out as bi when i was thirteen (circa ~2010), and that’s when i started wearing makeup and stuff, because i figured, there we go. i’m just gay and sad, that’s why i feel this way. but i was still very unhappy and it wasn’t getting better.

[age 14/15 is a black hole from trauma so idk what was going on with me then. i wore a thick red jacket 24/7 because i didn’t want anyone touching me. it was a Bad Time.]

i started flirting with the idea of being a boy at theater camp, of all things, because they let me play men onstage and it felt… really… good. too good. i just wanted people to keep calling me “he” and letting me be a man onstage, i fucking lived for the performances when the entire room would look at me and see a man standing there.

so that tipped me off. eventually. i did a lot of internet research and came out to my two best friends first, then my family a little after, came out to my school (against the school’s wishes lol…). that was sort of that, i knew i was a boy. i was still a hot mess, but it was easier to get invested in my therapy and start teaching myself how to cope when i was going by the right name.

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Idk, but something I feel bad for liking Ezio because he's so popular??? But, then I don't because I just love him too much??? H e lp?? I can't get attached to any other characters besides him?? (Jacob came close I mean he's a soft boy) I just?? Don't even know why I like him so much?????

dude there’s a reason he’s so popular, he’s a really enjoyable character. there’s no reason to feel bad! go and love the heck out of him!!