idk why im tagging him

i picked up inquisition yesterday and am preparing myself to fall head over heels for this mustachiod man

I wanted to draw a bunch of Yosuke’s, so I drew all the different AU’s that I have, including a horror crossover Yosuke that abutart is designing (but yet to finish, but I’ve been helping out with the plot and damn I wanted to draw him and everyone else when theyre done)~ 

to the five year old that pushed me in the pool when i wasn’t ready today, i will find your house and steal every single one of your teddy bears and decapitate them and bury them. i’ll provide you with a map and it will take you days to find them but it will be too late, they’ll already be six feet under and their heads will be up in the trees where you can’t reach them. think about that the next time you get your greasy fingers all up into someone’s personal space and push them into a freezing cold pool. — on a different note we should invest in a pool warmer thing because this is unacceptable.