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Anyway at some point they will be sitting together one evening, hopelessly married without yet being so (possibly engaged tho) in their respective armchairs and Magnus will have those reading glasses on he doesn’t really need, writing in his journal and Alec will be trying to focus on his book or paperwork or whatever he’d be busy with, work never sleeps, but instead he’d just be watching Magnus, the way his hand would fly back and forth, and the scratch of feather on paper and his hair, quite different a style than when they first met, getting in the way all the time so Magnus would blow the bangs back in a way he wouldn’t even be conscious of that made Alec’s heart badum in his chest almost painfully and so Alec’d be thinking and then just say it like he usually does, really, “I want to become immortal.” and Magnus would almost spill the ink he’d be letting float before him in midair before looking up real slow to give Alec the “istfg Alexander” look of exasperation and adoration and then sit back real slow taking the glasses off folding them in his lap bc “Okay…why?” so Alec, who we know has been thinking about Magnus’ immortality since the very beginning, who has definitely registered they discrepancy between “he’s immortal” and “I’m not” and “i want to be with him forever”, tries to explain in really sober manner really but it still spills out of him in a gurgle of emotion bc the thought of actually getting eternity with his love….and that’s how after lots of quite pragmatic “you’re the love of my life, obviously I want to be with you until the end of time” statements Alec asks “It’s possible, right?” and that’s really how they have that conversation proper bc sure as hell it is.

Horror was rising up inside Gansey. “You let him get trampled?”

“He killed Noah,” Adam said. “It’s what he deserved.

“No.” Gansey pressed his hands over his face. There was a body here, a body, and it used to be alive. They didn’t even have the authority to choose an alcoholic beverage. They couldn’t be deciding who deserved to live or die.

“You really wanted me to let a murderer in here?” demanded Adam.

Gansey couldn’t begin to explain the size of this awfulness. He only knew that it burst inside him, again and again, fresh every time he considered it.
“He was just alive,” he said helplessly. “He just taught us four irregular verbs last week. And you killed him.”

“Stop saying that. I didn’t save him. Stop telling me what I should believe is wrong or right!” Adam shouted, but his face looked as miserable as Gansey felt. “Now the ley line is awake and we can find Glendower on it and everything will be as it should be.”

“We have to call the police. We have to —”

“We don’t have to do anything. We leave Whelk to be worn away, just like he left Noah.”

Gansey turned away, sickened. “What about justice?”

“That is justice, Gansey. That’s the real thing. This place is all about being real. About being fair.”


 “Kavinsky’s dead, so — Jesus Christ, listen to me. Jesus Christ.”

   The cave walls crumbled yet more; the ritual before had been imperfect. Gansey sat back against the wall and closed his eyes. Adam watched him swallow.

   Again he heard Gansey’s voice in the cave.

   “It’s okay,” Adam said. He did not care that Joseph Kavinsky was dead, but he liked that Gansey did. “I know what you meant.”

“No, it’s not. It’s disgusting of me.” Gansey didn’t open his eyes. “Everything has gotten so ugly. It wasn’t supposed to be this way.”

   Everything had begun ugly for Adam, but he knew what Gansey meant. His noble and oblivious and optimistic friend was slowly opening his eyes and seeing the world for what it was, and it was filthy, and violent, and profane, and unfair. Adam had always thought that was what he wanted — for Gansey to know. But now he wasn’t sure. Gansey wasn’t like anyone else, and suddenly Adam wasn’t sure that he really wanted him to be.

—Richard “this person who did terrible things still did not deserve to die” Campbell Gansey III and Adam “lmao idgaf sweetie :)” Parrish

no but actually this is my favorite thing tbh. i love this stark defining difference between them and i love that because of the completely opposite lived experiences they’ve had the way they view life and death and right and wrong and power and justice is so different and i love that adam is this way but can still understand and respect why gansey can’t feel or think the same way like he doesn’t think gansey is naive or weak for being so compassionate he appreciates it and values it even though he knows he’s not and will never be that way. 

idk i don’t have a point i just love this. 

  • interviewer: tell me a bit about yourself
  • me: first things first im the realest

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why don’t you want a murder king ask though you’re murder king central

because it was a joke ok it was A J O K E that i posted MONTHS ago and still!!!! to this day!!!!! i have people tagging me in things with their dissertations on why i am wrong or how they are disproving me by citing monarchy facts and like!!!!!!!!!!

im just here to spread laughs folks i Do Not want to have a serious discussion about murderking or hear all about how much u would like to critically analyze a phone game and the clearly labeled crack theories that accompany it. idk man,, do ur own thing if that’s what u want? jokes are for fun and this fandom is constantly ruining them and i am just Tired.


ok im sad and therefore i had to make these losers happy but some of them turned sad…therefore mission dont be sad was a failure but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

also, note, i dont have a style as demonstrated above also i dont give a hoot about anatomy

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I found a patchwork skirt and Very Long Scarf at the bins! >:)

Dear diary,

I wish I wasn’t immortal. It saddens me to watch generation after generation leave me. It makes me afraid to get to close to anyone, in fear of the heartbreak that comes along with losing them again.


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trying to get used to blunt pen again, but in the end couldn’t stop myself from touching the crayon brush. I guess I’m just more comfortable with the crayon brush. 

(thank you @onetrash-man for the request! If nothing this can be a pretty thing to look at. I’m kinda addicted to making light gifs.)

and yeah heres the link to the request post its still open people

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I put this in my tags when I reblogged that stranger things au but I legitimately wanna ask if Richtofen gets stuck in the upside down which is why he's obsessed with aliens n monsters instead of it being caused by the mpd and element 115 and all that I'm sorry I have to know

honestly idk if itd be like. a straight on stranger things au at this point since im still watching the idea but i sorta love like. the stranger things 11 story au thing oof


ching ching

why be sad about the seijou extras when you can still have them being dorks

beach house living update

Summary: June 1997. Dee and Dennis are hoping to run away from their problems at the Jersey Shore. Too bad codependency is one thing they can never escape.

Pairing: one-sided Dennis/Dee

Warnings: See fic tags and notes because there are a lot of them.

Racing towards the end with chapter 10 of 12.

I’ve created a decent amount of stuff so I thought why not open my very own redbubble! I’ll probably add more stuff at some point

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stupid attractive triplechangers B(

blitzwings design from TFA is probably one of my favorites over all so im not sure why i havent drawn him until now.