idk why im still tagging things


tag ur best 11 friends (in no particular order) n reasons why u lov them, it can be any reason
idk if someone else has done this before but ya know
u can tag more than 11 if u want

- @sepia-buttercups - very loving n motherly, inspires me v much ;v;
- @sithstalkerplaysvg - supportive n tries his best
- @aqua-blue-toons - real funny guy, brightens up my day
- @askfirstfallen - really heckin awesome friendo, makes me happy
- @fallenleaf-chara (forgot ur main blog) - even tho we dont talk often anymore, you still make me incredibly happy
- @ninjanekox - even tho ur puns are annoying u still make me laugh until i feel like i cant breathe
- @ask-cherry-dreemurr - ur!! super cute?? wth??? and even tho we havent known eachother for the longest time u make me rlly happy
- @shiftingchildrenover - ur a god damn meme and u break my heart with ur headcanons but u make me laugh and i lov u
- @lilyofthelightdx - UR HILARIOUS AND A MEME TOO
- @ks-no-tanbu - im in love with ur art n personality ok
- @ask-triplec - fuckin league of legends lemme smash meme, u are motherly n lovable



I found a patchwork skirt and Very Long Scarf at the bins! >:)

idk why im making this post considering this happened in january but w/e:

look….I love S//tydia, I really do. But I have some huge problems with how they got together on Teen Wolf. Lydia was kind of ooc in some parts of 6a and honestly, the fanservice argument against the ship has a lot of evidence. I just wish they stuck to her actual character a bit more to make this relationship happen. Also not to mention, the way Malia was thrown under the bus oh my god (and how so many people ignore the way she was treated).  I’ll admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan of S/talia either but Malia deserved better than to be thrown aside in the way she was….

anyway in conclusion I got beef with jeff davis but whats new ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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1. Favorite underrated/new group? Tell me why !!

2. Favorite store to shop at?

3. 3 unique and quirky things about yourself !
i take pictures of @takane-no-hana
when i speak japanese to my parents, i end sentences with “nya”
when i was little, i thought i was 5% dog. yiff.

4. Your ultimate comfort food ?
honestly..its kimchi and rice LOL
(or, idk, im craving kimchi rn though)

5. What do you see yourself doing in 10-15 years? (lmao that sounds like an interview question but be creative !!)
still taking pictures of vivian…. 
hopefully not matched/blessed?

6. Fuzzy socks and blankets while watching tv on a snow day or going to the park and festival/event with your friends on a hot summer day? (if neither tell me what your favorite seasonal things to do !!)
going to the festival (with vivian)!!

7. Favorite tv genre and/or show?
i mostly watch cartoons, but i love romance and adventure.
i really enjoy shows like Timeless or Pushing Daisies.
(10/10 would recommend them)

8. What app do you use most?

9. Would you rather live in a large house in the relaxing countryside or a penthouse in the heart of any bustling city of your choice?
apartment in New York city… for the ~aesthetics~
and a lot of good figure drawing classes are there so..

10. What song do you barely listen to in your music library but get hella lit to when it comes on? (if that makes sense lmao)
idk man. “Caught Like a Fly” by Falling In Reverse??

tagging: @NoOne bc im too lazy to make questions. :v

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you’d like to get to know better.
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Nickname: Alex 
Star sign: Sagittarius 
Height: 5'4″ 
Time right now: 3:02 EST 
Last thing I googled: Monty Python 
Favourite Music artist: Lol…cmon 
Song stuck in your head: 
Last movie you watched: The Perks of Being a Wallflower - i cried..i for sure still crying 
What are you wearing right now: lol green high tops, gray sweats a green t that says “Im a Fungi” w/ a mushroom wearing glasses and a giant green hoodie - mind you none of them are the same shade of green 
When did you create your blog: May or March of 2012 
What kind of stuff do you post: Mostly kpop- every once in a while ull see a Barca post or Marvel, occasionally some HP - i did use to be a multi fandom blog lmao 
Do you have other blogs: i’ve been thinking about making an aesthetic blog but rn i don’t have any
Do you get asks on a regular basis: lol no..probly b/c im so unsocial and the ones i do get sit in my ask for months b4 i ever realise they’re there
Why did you choose your URL: coz ppl kept trying to talk to me even though i had head phones on so this became my mantra

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honestly Frisk, idk why you trusted him…just look at that suspicious grin. Before i finished the game i was so confused and frustrated by this mysterious door in the forest. I was hoping sans would help me but…realistically he’d probably just make fun of you ^.^

I can’t believe how much time i spent making this thing i feel like my arm is going to fall off. it was worth it though!!! I learned so much while i was doing this and i owe a lot of my inspiration to undertale, and also all the AMAZING FANART OUT THERE!