idk why im still tagging things

I tick myself off when I’m not in the mood to draw


I found a patchwork skirt and Very Long Scarf at the bins! >:)

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Nickname: Jeffrey, Latte, Lotje, lotspot
Star sign: Libra
Height: 5'6
Last thing I googled: Lapis Lazuli
Fave music artist: Bruce Springsteen, Mika and like loads idk
Last movie you watched: Sing Street (for the person who recced it to me i enjoyed it!)

What are you wearing? gym shorts………. im still in bed

When did you create your blog? 2013…. good lord

What kind of stuff do you post: Les Mis and a weird smoothie of my other very specific interests

Why did you choose your url? Basically at the time I could only think about Pride (2014) 
Hogwarts house: Gryffindor
Pokemon team: I never did the pokemon thing
Fave color: Purple
Average hours of sleep: 7-8 usually
Lucky number: 27
Fave characters: Enjolras, Jehan, Dante Quintana, Pippi Longstocking
How many blankets do you sleep with? 2 usually
Dream job: singer/storyteller/village witch
Fun fact: Barricade Day will mark the 1 year anniversary of my descending into les mis fandom hell!!

One day I will be fucked to tag people,,,, today is not that day sorry lads

Dear diary,

I wish I wasn’t immortal. It saddens me to watch generation after generation leave me. It makes me afraid to get to close to anyone, in fear of the heartbreak that comes along with losing them again.


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1. Name a character (book or movie) you relate to and explain why

idk i think hazel grace??? cause im v scared of hurting people who love me and im analytical in my actions.   

2. What do you think it is about Dan and Phil that drew you to them initially and what still draws you to them? If they’re different things then explain why or what changed. 

how damn relatable they are and most importantly they make me so fucking much happy

3. What is your favourite thing about tumblr? 

the people over here and evErything in general

4. Opinions about the disastrous lack of pockets on women’s clothing? 


5. What is your biggest fear? 

losing loved one and also every fucking insect

6. Do you believe that you had a happy and healthy childhood? 

kinda??? idk its was mixed ://

7. What annoys you the most? 

slow walking people annoy the fuck out of me

8. Name a game that Dan and Phil haven’t played on the gaming channel yet that you’d like them to.  

im not really into games so idk :// 

9. If you read fanfiction, then name a fic that you’d like to read again for the first time. (If not, then name a song/book you’d like to hear/read again for the first time) 

no fanfiction i dont read them but id like to listen to dans diss track for the first time again lol

10. What breed of dog do you think should Dan and Phil should get when they move to their forever home? 


11. What is your favourite thing about 2017 D & P?

how theyre embracing their fucking self and that they are very happy compared to previous years :’)

my questions~

1. If you could be one animal for a week which animal would you be?
2. If you could be invisible for one day where would you go?
3. If you could have plastic surgery to look like anyone in the world who would you wanna look like? 

3.Thoughts on dan and phil’s relationship/friendship?

4. If you could marry any celeb who would it be?
5. If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life which movie would it be?
6. If you could change 1 thing about our yourself what would it be?
7. If you could only be one of the following which would you choose? Attractive, Rich, or Intelligent?

8. What is the most romantic thing you want to be done to you? 
9.If talent, ability, and money were no issue what job would you choose?

10.What is your worst habit?
11.Who do you consider your role model?

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I was tagged by @minhoinator to do my Top 10 girl group/girl artist songs (thanks! I love GGs so much!!) i promise it wont be SHINee this time

1. Shadow- F(x)

2. Why So Lonely - Wonder Girls rip my heart

3. How Why - EXID

4. Breathe - Miss A

6. Are You Still Waiting? - Hee Young idk if this counts but i love this song ok

7. Touch My Body - SISTAR rip my heart again

8. Bad Dracula - Red Velvet

9. Green Light - SNSD

10. Velvet - Le I know this is putting EXID twice but i love this song ok also Le

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i remember at my friend’s 18th birthday party as she was about to blow out her candles, and everyone was surrounding her. there was applause and cheers, and heaps of people were shouting things like “woo!” in the background. just as she was about to make her wish, i turned to a guy next to me and asked, completely serious, “why doesn’t anyone have the spinny things?”

realising what i said, i turned to the guy as my face paled, and whispered “wait… that’s what happens on sims”

barbiegal  asked:

what are ur most favorite things? like foods, places, colors, and stuff like that!!

hmm.. food is always a strange thing for me i am never sure, kind of like w music. i just like what i like in the moment. i do love hummus and chips tho lmao.

hm i love really quiet spaces, but my favorite is when you are in a quiet space but there’s action going around you that you arent actively involved in. like people watching and stuff like that, i love it so much. i love being still as i watch others wander around. i feel most at home when im in cities

oooh colors mean a lot to me too i even have a whole tag dedicated to colors that really draw me in emotionally ( idk why the thing isnt coming up to smoothly pop a hyperlink in.. anyway like deep colors, darker neon colors. purples, blues, organe, red, black all blended together and contrasting off each other really puts my heart at ease


ching ching

why be sad about the seijou extras when you can still have them being dorks

I’ve created a decent amount of stuff so I thought why not open my very own redbubble! I’ll probably add more stuff at some point

Link over here!

  • interviewer: tell me a bit about yourself
  • me: first things first im the realest

stupid attractive triplechangers B(

blitzwings design from TFA is probably one of my favorites over all so im not sure why i havent drawn him until now.