idk why im so into these

i feel like im acting like a little kid but im genuinely really upset over that worker being mean to me?? like it was only a couple of things but now im so tired i need a good cry

i have a lot of mixed feelings about being around little kids like.. toddlers being toddlers often sets off my sensory issues. but like all my life ive always been apparently unusually good with really young kids (like 2-8) and i actually do like working with them sometimes. like ive babysat for neighbors and i had an internship in the childrens section of a library and children just. tend to really like me. i dont know what quality i have that makes it that way but it makes me happy

Why did i spend time making this


The 20 most memorable moments from the Harry Potter books – as chosen by fans.

So um,,,

This one actually goes for @nellos12

I just wanted to draw something nice for u, so,,,

hanzo is and will remain the most beautiful dude ive ever seen, like have u seen that jawline and those goddamn cheekbones????

also idk how to draw bows for shit so please accept the fuckery and embrace it like I did to my lack of skill thank you.

personal understanding of the signs
  • aries: little bitch who's always pissed off
  • taurus: can go from big cuddly teddy bear to el fuckass within minutes
  • gemini: the absolute worst and best at the same time. the funniest, make sure to love them
  • cancer: they are a big ball of confidence until u make one (1) relatively negative comment about em, then it's all tears and drama
  • leo: really outgoing and sweet. playful cuddlers, but probably has a secret evil side
  • virgo: the most sophisticated of the signs. despite this, they REALLY know how to party
  • libra: suspicious. very unpredictable and spontaneous, you never know what they're up to
  • scorpio: ice. fucking. cold. they're really fun when you're on good terms with them, but get on their bad side and they will ruin you.. tbh they're the baddest bitches out there
  • sagittarius: really chill. can easily be anyone's best friend. can throw a kickass party when the time comes
  • capricorn: they're uh.. strange, to say the least. they got some odd characteristics and even weirder secrets. but overall, really funny people
  • aquarius: the softest. really sweet, everyone loves them. i can barely believe it when i hear that an aquarius did something wrong.
  • pisces: they're almost as two-faced as geminis, but i think that's pretty useful. for the most part, they're fun to be around

will i ever contribute to the fandom with something actually good? no