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Hong Jisoo in his class yearbook…

cr. chiagiaa

idk how i got into that conversation but i was talking with a group of my friends’ friends on dis.cord and somehow we went on a small discussion about how we feel about sex and whatnot. 

i told ‘em i found it gross cuz im sex-repulsed ‘n’ shit and most of them were either like “lol same” or were curious as to why and i explained as best i could and stuff…

but this one guy… this one fucking guy.. he just couldn’t accept it for some reason? like ??? he was like “dude, you might want to change that”. agesev4vrt what? 

like, i told him or whatever that… that was how i was and he just kept saying that i “need to change” cuz im “missing out” and some fucking bullshit about how “it might not be possible for me to be in a relationship for long” like… how fucked up is that? like… he told me that “it’ll be important cuz you wont have any more EMOTIONAL intimacy”WHAT???

first of all… i did explain that its PHYSICAL intimacy not fucking emotional… because fucking shit just check in the dictionary the definition of words you use, holy fuck. second of all… most of the chat members also denied the fact that being sex-repulsed will have such drastic consequences in a relationship

but no… that wasnt enough…

he then started to tell me how i “need to see a fucking professional for this” yep… just for finding sex gross… he questioned me over and over again and i repeated the same exact fucking things on how I DO NOT WANT THAT AND I DO NOT NEED HELP FOR THAT BECAUSE IT IS ALSO NORMAL TO NOT WANT SEX! he literally made me go to a point where i had to basically explain in detail why the fuck am i 100% sure i do not like sex, because i needed him to fucking stop trying to fucking convince me that im somehow wrong, just because im the fucking virgin of virgins. AND YET IT ONLY CONVINCED HIM EVEN HARDER THAT THERE’S FUCKING SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME! like, holy fuck, man. this is like saying “gays need therapy lol cuz it aint normal”.

fuck you.

like, my dudes, im not even fucking ace or aro, all i have as “compromise” is the fact that i find sex gross and yet i managed to get nearly all the fucked up speeches aces get on a fucking daily basis in a matter of an hour… and i already fight for aces to be both accepted as a real thing AND accepted in the fucking LGBTQ+ but, holy fuck, now that i felt and seen whats its like WITHOUT EVEN BEING FUCKING ACE i gotta kick some ass now

BTS Reactions To Their S/O Being Jealous


“Are you enjoying your meal sir?” Your waitress pointedly asked Seokjin, completely ignoring you sitting on the other side of the table.

 Jin spared you a glance and let out a forced laugh to try to relieve some of the tension that had built up between you and the waitress. It had started from the second she had been assigned your table. She would not for the life of her take her eyes off Jin, and was overly friendly and every so often leaned a little too close, her chest nearly knocking into his head each time. You had been patient but your patience had only lasted for so long until you had finally gotten fed up. Jin clearly knew that you were upset and every so often smiled to himself, making matters worse. He was enjoying this. Once you had finished eating, you couldn’t help but be a little pouty as Jin drove you home. A few minutes into the drive you felt him poke your cheek and so you naturally turned towards him to find him smiling amusedly, “you’re cute when you’re jealous Jagi.” You simply rolled your eyes. Once you guys were parked outside your house, Jin grabbed onto your wrist before you could storm out. You turned towards him, knowing it was irrational, but nonetheless ready to lash out but were quickly stopped by the gentle caress on your cheek made by his hand. “Jagiya, please know that you have no reason to be jealous. I love you and only you. You’re the only one in my eyes and heart.”

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“Goddammit Y/N, where are you going?” Yoongi called out after you as you stormed out of the boys dorm. It didn’t take long before he caught up to you, halting you by grabbing onto you by the wrist. 

“She’s just a friend, how many times do I have to tell you that?”

“Yeah, of course she is because “friends” just sit on each others laps like that right?” You laughed sarcastically. 

He remained silent for a few seconds before answering, “I didn’t know she was going to do that.” 

“You didn’t seem to rush yourself in asking her to get off. Yoongi she has feelings for you for fucks sake don’t you see that?” You said, beginning to grow tired. It was always like this when she was around him. She would always flat out come on too him and he’d just make up for it by saying they were just friends. 

He sighed, “I know she does. I haven’t said anything because she’s like a sister to me. I don’t want to hurt her, you know? I haven’t been fair to you, I see that now and I’m so sorry, I’ll talk to her today. Just please know Y/N that I don’t feel anything when she does any of that. She doesn’t make me feel what you do. Fuck she doesn’t even begin to compare to how much you mean to me.”

He had barely finished before your lips were on his. Yoongi was momentarily taken aback from the suddenness of the kiss before relaxing into it and instead pulling your bodies closer.

You both pulled apart out of breath, “I’m so-” 

“Don’t apologize,” he cut you off with another passionate kiss.

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“Who are you?” The female dancer beside Hobi asked as you walked into the studio during the middle of their dance practice bearing snacks. 

“My girlfriend,” Hoseok proudly replied, wrapping his arm around your waist before giving you a kiss on the cheek. 

The dancer’s eyes narrowed, her lips drawing into a sly smile. She had liked Hoseok from the second she laid eyes on him and couldn’t help but want to rile you up a bit.

“You’re not leaving are you? Why don’t you stay so you can see the choreo?” She asked you innocently. 

You nodded excitedly, but those feelings of excitement were immediately replaced by feelings of jealousy as you saw just how intimate the dance was. Hoseok had warned you beforehand that the dance was meant to be sensual but you had never imagined for it to go as far as the dancer straddling Hoseok’s waist, ending the dance with a kiss to his jaw. 

Although you remained calm in front of her, your facade fell the second you and Hobi were alone. Hobi knew you well enough to know that the cause of your silence was due to your jealousy and he couldn’t stand it for more than a few minutes before he broke. 

“Jagi, don’t be mad.” You remained silent. Desperate to get your attention, Hoseok grabbed you by the waist and pinned you against the hallway’s wall. 

Your eyes widened, “Hoseok, what are you doing?”

It was just at that second that the female dancer walked out of the studio looking haughty and proud of herself.

Before you even realized what was happening, Hoseok’s lips were on your as he gently lifted your thighs to wrap around his waist. 

You heard the dancer cough awkwardly. Hoseok looked towards her sheepishly, “ahh I’m sorry. It’s just so hard to restrain myself around my girlfriend. She’s too damn sexy for her own good.”

The dancer looked a little shocked before she scurried out of your sights. Once she had left, Hoseok turned towards you and winked, “don’t be jealous Jagiya. She’s got nothing on you.” 

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“I know you’re jealous, but Y/N, please. Talk to me.” Namjoon begged, as he gently turned your cheek so you’d be facing him.

Your eyes were shining with unshed tears and Namjoon felt his heart break. He couldn’t believe he was to blame for the cause of your pain. 

“Can you really blame me for being upset? S-she kissed you Namjoon.” 

“She was drunk, Jagiya. She didn’t know what she was doing,” he tried to explain.

“You know. That I can understand. It still hurts but, what hurts the most is the fact that you were going to hide it from me,” your voice quivered.

“I didn’t want to upset you over something that meant nothing,” he reasoned.

“I would’ve found out eventually…I mean I did, didn’t I?”

He sighed, “I fucked up and I’m so sorry, Y/N. I just couldn’t bear the thought of you not believing me…God I’m such an idiot. I love you Y/N, please tell me you know that. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you. I didn’t even know it was possible to love someone this much until I met you. I should’ve told you, I should’ve been the first one to tell you. “


“Y/N, you have every right to break up wi-”

“Stop right there,” you cut him off, “yes, I’m upset. But how could you ever think I’d want to break up with you?”

“You don’t?” Namjoon looked shocked.

“Of course not! I love you so damn much, you dumb ass,” you smiled before leaning in to give him a kiss. 

“Jagiya I-”

“Just please tell me next time something like this happens Joonie. There’s no one I trust more in this world than you so please don’t break that trust.”

“I won’t. I promise.”

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| Hyung Line | Maknae Line |

Ahhh I didn’t want to fill all of your dashes since this reaction actually came out quite long haha…ANYWAYS I WILL POST THE MAKNAE LINE’S REACTION EITHER LATER TODAY OR TOMORROW<3 I HOPE YOU ENJOY ^_^

~Admin Coffee

literally one of the main reasons why im so afraid to start messaging someone is because every single time i have in the past after one or two conversations we never talk again & they end up either unfollowing me or never interacting w me again, its so shitty. like is there something wrong w me lol??
i wanna have internet friends so bad & theres so many people on here that i’d love to be friends with but idk how, im just so afraid of ruining it.

tentacledicks replied to your post: you know whats weird?? when youre talking to…

it always feels like to me that they’re tryin to delegitimize it, bc straight ppl get to have gfs/bfs/spouses but gay ppl only get to have Ambiguous Partners Who Might Just Be Friends

glowingmongrel replied to your post: you know whats weird?? when youre talking to…

i always get the vibe they either dont wanna say ~gendered~ titles cause its like, Too Explicitly Gay or st so they soften it w/ Partner for their comfort or some shit idk

right like… it just gives me really bad vibes like. why are you assigning these weird titles i didnt ask for…. the girl in question does a lot of little Subtle Homophobe things all the time so im like really suspicious of her in general but this is something that always gets me 

@detroit-to-tadfield replied to your postCONCEPT: JORDI/DUSAN MIC DROP

I’m curious now.

here is a half baked extension on this concept:

so ubidad said that Human Conditions can take place either during the main campaign or after it, right? SO

post-all of Jordi’s missions, Dusan’s contacts (bc u know he has a Lot of contacts :/ trash babe) inform Dusan of Fixer/Assassin/Whatever We’re Calling Him in WD2 Jordi Chin and so Dusan reaches out bc ‘i got a pest named DedSec. it’s nesting and i need it exterminated, but discretely’ and Jordi is like ‘yeah whatever heres my rates can u even afford me’ and Dusan is like ‘i can afford 10 of you’ and Jordis like ‘my rates just went up’ and Dusan is annoyed but accepts

(drama ensues when Jordi realizes that DedSec includes Marcus but bc canonly Jordi didnt get rly attached to Marcus (th only person Jordi has ever gotten attached to in canon is AIDEN PEARCE BUT THATS A RANT FOR ANOTHER POST) Jordi isnt too beat up abt going for DedSec)

idk where i was going with this i lost my train of thought like 3 times bc im watching whose line is it anyway but. this is a good jumping start i guess???

alternative concept: Dusan hires Jordi from prison :// Dusan getting his revenge without it rly tracing back 2 him. hes rich and the prison system is fucked up his lawyer probly did good by him (au where Dusan is just on house arrest for the rest of his life or some shit a la martha stewart??? lmao)


lol happy birth @shoosshpap

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mmm have you seen the post going around from the most recent interview? Apparently there is going to be something unexpected happening with Otabek being involved with Yurio's preformance...I swear I'm going to be really upset if it ends up being Otayuri related :(

tbh i haven’t but that could be bc i’ve hardly been coming on tumblr lately so?? rip but ugh no matter what happens we all know the shippers will make it relate to ot*yuri regardless so i’m not looking forward to it lol

Listen here you fucking pricks....

Sigh. Ive done nothing but be everyones bitching post for the last few months, listen to their relationship problems. But heres the #1 problem: YOU CONTINUE TO TRY WITH SOMEONE WHO CLEARLY DOESNT GIVE A FUCK. Like holy fucking shit how can you want to make something work with someone whos never honest, or cheating, or is verbally/physically abusive, or ignores you for someone else?

Why the fuck cant you idiots move on? I mean clearly youre just a fuck toy to them, you deserve better than that (or maybe you dont, idk your fucking life story), either way im sick hearing ppl whine “my s/o doesnt spend any time with me,” “my s/o is always lying to me,” “my s/o wont let me do this or that,”

Well you have 3. fucking options. 1. Keep being a spineless little bitch and put up with it because you “love them”
2. Actually stand up for youself and demand that they actually behave like theyre in a fucking adult relationship and stop making everything out like its your fucking fault.
3. Realize your own fucking self worth and break up with them and completely cut all ties with them.

Sorry this may be a little harsh but when youve had to listen to this shit for years and years (believe me its the same shit every time), you grow tired of everyone saying “oh, mike i wish id taken your advice in the first place”


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That bipolar feel when people ask why you don't talk and on the inside you're like HAHA DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW. I EITHER TALK TOO MUCH OR I TALK TO FUCKING LITTLE AND IM NEVER IN THE MIDDLE. THERE IS NO GRAY IN THIS MIND, BODY, AND SOUL. TIS SIMPLY AND ONLY BLACK AND WHITE. Then you realize they're still staring at you waiting for a reply because you drifted off into your own head so you just reply with the idk phrase. Lol it's a good life over here in the bipolar world. Fuck.

UP10TION Gif Reaction: When you wake up with cute bed hair

I like how you clarified that your bed hair was cute haha, thank you for requesting!!! <3

Also i’ve added a little scenario where they knocked on your door while you were sleeping so you answered the door with (CUTE) bed hair and this is the first time they’ve seen you like this

Jinhoo: *doesnt even say anything, just smiles and admires*

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Kogyeol: *asks you to do the flower pose and then laughs bc uR SO CUTE*

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Bitto: “I thought you’d look ugly but you dont..?”

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Wooshin: *starts talking and fumbles his words bc he’s caught off guard by your looks*

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Sunyoul: ‘you’re even cute when you’ve just woke up..?’

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Gyujin: “lookin’ good” *gyuwink*     …bye

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Hwanhee: whether you look cute or a mess, he’s probably going to laugh either way 

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yo since furaffinty is going through a serious security breach and people are looking to alternative sites, i just wanna say two things:

1. inkbunny was created in protest after furafinity banned cub art aka furry pedophilia. i would not recommend supporting them 

2. back in 2014 i left furaffinity in favor of Weasyl and lemme say it wasn’t a good experience and i deactivacted my account there. for starters feedback is nonexistent there, after the first 10 minutes of posting something it immediately gets lost in the void, it felt so pointless posting there unless you have a lot of friends active there. the userbase isn’t the best either idk why. i’ve had more bad experiences than good ones with people there. 

and on top of it all the site isn’t very user friendly. it takes forever to add info and upload a work. the ability to find people’s (and therefore, yours) work is impossible due to poor navigation, categorization, and lay out. in general the site felt very baren and navigating it wasn’t fun,

i dont know how other sites like sofurry are but im just throwing in my two cents to give people a heads up

ok so i got super bored and accidentally wrote some deancas coffee shop au (1.8k)

The coffee shop Castiel usually goes to was surprisingly crowded but he was too tired to find another place to get his coffee. And he liked it there so while he stood in the queue he started looking around for an empty table or even a seat. Line went on pretty quickly and he got his big cup of Monday afternoon black coffee.

Takeaway mug in hand Castiel looked around again if there was anyone leaving so he could take their table but no one seemed to be leaving anytime soon.

That’s when Castiel saw Green eyes, sitting alone in a small table at the far corner of the shop.

Green eyes – because he has green eyes and Castiel doesn’t know his name okay – was one of the hottest men Castiel had ever seen and he was also a regular customer like him. He was there almost every time Castiel came for coffee and he did that a lot. He looked at the tables behind him and the only free seat he spotted was in a table of three quite noisy women. That gave Castiel the courage to ask to sit with him.


“Do you mind if I sit here?” The green eyes lifted up from the iPad they were staring and now stared at Castiel. The owner of the eyes smiled.

“Yeah, sure.” He put his iPad on the table and stretched out to grab his bag away from the other seat. He put the bag on the floor as Castiel sat down on the now free seat.

“Thanks”, Castiel smiled at him, “Place is surprisingly crowded this afternoon.”

“Yeah”, the other man chuckled, “People have realized this place serves the best coffee around here.”

Castiel smiled at that and made a sound that told he agreed with the man. Green eyes gave another smirk at Castiel before he took his iPad from the table and continued whatever he was doing with it. Castiel sat his coffee on the table and started digging through his own bag. He took some books out before setting the bag on the floor. He gave Green eyes another glance before he opened one of the books. He was even hotter up close; you could see his freckles and everything better.

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I want people to tell me im wrong!

warning: the most non e//ruri post I’ll ever post

How can it be that levi truly loved him if he just gave him up. True love is what I’m seeing from the trio, they were fighting with all they had for armin. While levi just gave up on his “special” person. All i can think of is that Levi was shocked by Flocke’s words. That Levi hadn’t realized that Erwin had indeed become a “demon” and he helped in that. I feel like he may have lost his admiration once he saw the real image of what Erwin had become and thats why he apologized for him. Like Erwin was afraid he had tricked levi a few chapters before, maybe it was true. Levi always saw this image of someone looking at something he didnt see, and eventhough levi knew about erwin’s personal dreams it could be that his image of him changed after what Flocke said. Idk if I’m right or not, but I just cant otherwise explain how a person who once lived for someone else can just be so cold about that same person minutes later. I feel like levi freed himself of what he was a slave of not erwin…

dragon age fandom: call out for art by donc-desole

#tw rape, #tw sexual abuse, #sex mention

this is a call out post for this piece of art by tumbler user doc-descole. (note: there is a drawn sp-ider in the link! be careful!)

if you want the tl;dr, this art is disgusting and a rape and sexual abuse joke ! if youd like to know why this art is so bad, please keep reading under the cut!!

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