idk why im making this tbh


baekhyun + lotto = holy fck.

i feel like going for a walk, but with someone else. i want to hold hands and go have a picnic. we could draw bad pictures of each other and eat ice cream


i jus got out of the shower and i need a haircut


okay i condensed this one a bit since it’s longer but listen this is beautiful and added at least ten years to my miserable life so

this is the soft shance content i needed today

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we, jikook trash, stick together. i'm so thankful for all the jikook moments we have been getting the past two days!!!!!! but at the same time, it feels so weird to be so well-fed (not complaining tho, keep it coming bighit) do you have any few favourite moments of jungkook being jimin's bodyguard? like jungkook daddy material (-; also, i loooove your blog, keep doing amazing 💙

I’m honestly feeling so blessed for all the jikook moments we’ve gotten. like, idk why we are getting fed so well, but i appreciate tf out of it. (honestly tho, what’s goin on that we’re getting this many moments in so little time… hmmm…) And honestly, i do have a few fave moments of jk like defending jimin or praising jimin, but i can’t find some of them and idk why?? so i’ll just make a quick list. 

-that one time when jm was the mc and kept messing up and the other members made fun of him, but jk was there like “you’re doing great jimin!” and kept encouraging him. wow. 
-when jk guarded jm at the airport and blocked cameras. idk why he did it, but im glad they did tbh. 

-when hoseok kept teasing jimin by acting like he was gonna give jm the food only to eat it himself. and jungkook just got up, walked over to hoseok, took the candy from his hand and fed it to jimin. 

-basically whenever jungkook praises jimin. it makes me so so happy. honestly. i love it. (gifcred to yoongles)

-that one time when jm tried to run away during the eat jin vlive, and jungkook just grabbed him by the waist and was like “where are you going” in that deep ass voice. like. wtf. (gifcred to gayjikookadi)

-basically anytime jungkook acts tough and cool around jimin is so iconic to me. 


 Ok, I’m just going to throw a wild card out here and analyze the current placement of Kurobasu. Normally, I was expecting the choices to be based on colour or personality, but when Akashi came out I was completely thrown off. I think there is a clear pattern for why they were placed on this teams though.

My theory is they’re being placed into the teams where the greatest NBA legends are born (because they are the GOM so the teams have to be legendary too??). BUT! It’s more than just aesthetics! (I’m sorry Akashi, but the yellow jersey isn’t your color :-/ ) I think the GOM-Legend matchup is more on their playing styles!

So they’re not totally random! Then again, I could be overthinking things. If I am, this is probably a short rant of an obsessed KNB fan ^u^?

ANYWAY, Here’s the roster so far:

1. Kagami - Chicago Bulls
Michael freaking Jordan started from the Chicago Bulls. Kagami wears Jordans.
Also, have you seen this man jump? There’s a reason why Mike’s #1. He can jump crazy high and his drive to become the best is what put him at. the. top.
Michael Jordan wasn’t only amazing in terms of offense, his size allowed him to be a great defender too. 

2. Kuroko - San Antonio Spurs

Have you guys heard of Tim Duncan? No? Well let me introduce you to the man Shaquille O’Neal called “The Big Fundamental” and the one who placed the Spurs on the map. Let me tell you that name wasn’t born without a reason.
He plays similarly to Kuroko - in the sense that his plays are more quiet and a little “vanilla” unlike the other more flashy legends. He lacked a “style” in a sense, but not having one was his style! His style was consistent and amazingly persistent - often perceived as “boring” by some, but it was perfect for masking his individuality on the court. No one could pinpoint just Duncan. He had a very sneaky playing style - amazing footwork that allowed him to dance around his opponents. Literally, he was the perfect shadow.

3. Midorima - Boston Celtics
OK, first things first: makes sense because of two things: GREEN EVERYWHERE and the symbol is the leprechaun, a symbol of good luck!

Next, other than this lining up perfectly, let me tell you folks about Larry Bird, one of the greatest legends of all time (my idol tbh and a legend alongside Magic Johnson). Larry Bird is well known for having one of the quickest shot releases of all time. His shots could go past any defender. By the time they saw him shoot, the ball had already left his hands. Let me say again, he is one of the greatest shooters of all time.

Why not Curry and his amazing three pointers? Stephen Curry is only 6′3″! Larry Bird had a build that towers at 6′9″, he nailed the shots each time, and he’s in green too. Go figure. (There are other great Celtics like Paul Pierce or Bill Russell but I love Larry Bird OK)

4. Akashi - LA Lakers
Why not Sacramento Kings or a team that’s totally red? I thought he would be because Kings = Emperor or something. But, this makes more sense. The LA Lakers had several legends but I think the key player here is Magic Johnson. Johnson is one of the greatest Point Guards of All time and is a name that runs in every basketball nut’s household. He wasn’t just incredibly skilled, he made the plays that brought the trophy home. He virtually improved all the players around with each pass or move. Each pass and set was calculated - surprising many of his opponents! In a way, his plays brought a little magic to the court, hence the name. He was one of the few players in all of history who could not only play all roles, but DOMINATE EACH ONE. He was THE PLAYMAKER, THE MASTERMIND, THE KING ON THE COURT. If you’re looking for a player with irl Emperor’s Eye, Magic Johnson is the player with that exact ability.

Also, he and Larry Bird’s rivalry is one of the greatest in NBA history too! (Like the competitiveness between Akashi and Midorima)

Unrevealed so far and my predictions:
Murasakibara -
Houston Rockets (Possibly Yao Ming)
<3 Kise <3 - Golden State Warriors (Possibly Stephen Curry)
Aomine - Cleveland Cavaliers/Miami Heat (Possibly Lebron James)

But these ARE JUST MY THOUGHTS AND IN NO WAY AM I A DECISION MAKER FOR WHAT THEY ACTUALLY DECIDE!  Just trying to understand why they’re in the teams they are now huhu

If y’all have any thoughts or other predictions that might be even better, i’m totally open to hearing them!! XD I’ll probably upd8 this every time they release a new one X3 or keep my thoughts to myself

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do you, perchance, have any shadowhunters blog recs? pls?

ahh these are in no particular order and i’m sorry if i leave anyone out but here are some of the nice blogs that i follow that seem to post lots of shadowhunters content, i hope you like them!

@courageincombat @isabellelightboob @willjtudor @sapphicalexandra @alexandargideonlightwood @jaceherondalex @canislytherinthings @clizzyiscanon @aleclightwouldyounot @matthewbane @malecshappiness @malecsbiscuit @jemcarstvirs @mammafairchild @alecsplushpillow 

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since the next fbawtft movie is gonna happen in Paris do u have any thoughts on what the state of the magical community in France would be like?

fuck, dude. 

for the sake of realism i hope the magical community of France goes something like this : 

  • the governement is a mess, like any governement. there’s a President and a prime minister and more ministers and no women whatsoever and the President is important. 
  • idk if they’d be involved in the Grindelwald bullshit ? probably so, like the rest of the world. plus they close to the UK and Germany (is grindelwald german ? i think he is) so wizard cops in blue uniforms 
  • wizard cops in blue uniforms who go on strikes sometime bc really they should be paid more than that given how much their lives are in danger 
  • the magical governement is probably hidden at the Palais de l’Elysée somewhere 
  • or maybe the Louvre 
  • Holy shit. A magical Louvre with magical paintings and shit fuck dude 
  • i hope the french wizards they meet are extra as fuck 
  • and grumpy. i hope they swear a lot in french and complain about everything 
  • including the price of baguettes 
  • i hop jacob discovers the wonders of french baked goods and pastries 
  • i look forward to hearing newt and credence and the others stammer their way in French. 
  • or i look forward to getting embarassed by french background characters trying to talk english 
  • i hope the final scene takes place on the eiffel tower or something, makes us proud jk 
  • this is getting off topic im sorry im exhausted and idk shit about politics 
  • otherwise id imagine they’d be on high alert about the grindelwald thing like every other governement and they’d grumble about why grindelwald still isn’t in jail yet while eating croissants and coffee 
  • ive no idea 
  • send help other french people 

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Why do you draw kraglin with such a huge ass nose and thick brows? I'm not saying you cant, artistic freedom and all, but im curious since that's not even close how sean gunn looks

You’re right! From now on, I’m only going to draw him like this.

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Tbh i dont get why people say "cishet" aces because if youre ace youre not... heterosexual. Like cis makes sense, duh, but het? That isnt right? Unless they mean heteroromantic because them ignore me idk what im saying

i think of ace as more of a ? tag on?  

like cishet aces USUALLY mean heteroromantic and thats. het. ace just means ur not sexually attracted but you ARE romantically attracted. and if ur het ur attracted to opposite gender, like ur straight. 

ace isnt inherently lgbt, its just a little disclaimer that ur not as into sex as someone else might be

idk why im thinking this but ive compiled the kinds of jokes the resistance gang would make

poe: he makes dad jokes its confirmed (”it’ll be a snap, snap” from the comics) also puns and sarcasm

finn: he doesn’t make a lot of jokes but when he does they’re really funny and witty??? it’s usually him flaming someone tbh

rose: she makes the best jokes. she’s hilarious and everyone loves her jokes, very funny gal

rey: usually just laughs a lot tbh????? her jokes are pretty funny, like, good knock knock joke tier

honestly it would have been so much better if the sosu turned out to be a synth in fallout 4