idk why im even posting this but whatever

nya’ll mind if I

love my followers a lot


I didnt want it to come to this but,
This is a serious threat.
Sherri. YOU brought @reb-and-wrath and i into this when u blamed us for a blog we didnt create.
I did not post your personal information, i didnt contact your husband or threaten to. I didnt bring your kids into it.
Anons sent to us, did. Whatever was posted was public forum. I got anons with ur name i didnt even post. I didnt reblog ur name either, and xena deleted ur name.
You have fucked over a lot of ppl.
Idk why you are bringing @goodanimemix into this either.
I havent done shit to you. You dont have a valid reason to hate me. Posting things ive said a year ago isnt gonna change anything because im not the same person i was a year ago.

I didnt wanna post this. I didnt want emily or xena or Ash to even be involved in this. But whatever sick obsession youve had with me, it comes to an end. Literally, stop.
I dont send u anons, i dont do shit to u.
The only reason you hated me was because im friends with Mel. Thats fucking it, and its stupid. Please grow up.

Sure i posted a “try me, cunt” because i was pissed off when i heard u were still blaming me for shit i didnt do.

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i really love reading your thoughts abt Darkstripe and the others. its really wholesome to see your nice posts on my dash and see how happy the characters make you. idk why im sending this other than just to say i enjoy your content & your presence on my dash, & i hope you're having a good day/evening/night (whatever time of day it is when u get this)

aaaaa thank uuu!!!! i appreciate that a LOT and im glad you like seeing them fnskf, i enjoy talking about them!! i wish they were more developed in canon but bc so much is blank for them i figure why not fill in some stuff

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I'm definitely not neurotypical, I have a horrible mental health I just don't know exactly what I am and I can't get a prof. diagnosis but I don't think I have BPD but I know my symptoms relate a lot to those of BPD and I see a lot of ppl on tumblr who have BPD and their posts about it are just rlly relating and comforting to me with whatever mental illness I do have. I guess Im just trying to ask do you think it's okay if I identify with these sort of posts even thought I don't think I have BPD

(Previous anon about not thinking I have BPD) i’m also an abuse survivor so I think that’s another reason why my mental health relates a lot to the sort of stuff people with BPD post about but just idk. I have no idea what I am but I know I relate to these posts and they’re comforting for me to have something to relate to but I just don’t want to feel like I’m hijacking something if they’re only meant for people with BPD cause I don’t even know if that’s me

That is okay, Nonnie! If you relate to a symptom, you relate to it, and that’s not something you control. You’re not being invasive by relating to a symptom. Abuse can cause BPD like symptoms, esp if it lead to C-PTSD, which is very similar to BPD.