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Mmmmmmmm question I’m nervous to ask

Okay, I’ve been thinking about this for at least a year now, but probably longer??

Ive always hated having breasts. I,,,don’t like them. I have like mid-sized breasts?? Like, they’re definitely there. They’re hard to ignore. And I really dont like them. I’ve tried using condenser bras and sports bras, which dont really help. I bound my chest for a role one time, and I felt so good. I’ve considered wearing that “binder” (it wasnt really a binder??? It was this weird shirt thing that was supposed to be like a bra but also help push your stomach in, but when I wear it backwards and fold it over twice, it flattens my chest) more often. I feel more confident in it. Sometimes I just wear it around the house when I’m alone, or I’ll make excuses to wear it. (“I’m cosplaying as a guy!”) As for my curves, I…tolerate them? I dont love them, but don’t hate them as much as I hate my chest, especially now that I’ve lost some weight.

I watched a series of videos a while back in which a genderqueer person (Ash Hardell) described their body dysphoria, and it really put into words what I was feeling.

But, I’ve taken time to question my gender, and I really dont think I’m trans. I feel like a girl, I’ve always felt like a girl. I like wearing dresses and makeup and she/her pronouns feel good. I know I’m not a guy. I’ve thought about other pronouns. He/him wouldn’t feel right. They/them, however, aren’t bad. She/her always feels good, though. But so does they/them, sometimes. Other times, it doesn’t. Some days, I really want to dress more androgynous. (Side note: the other day someone said they perceived me as androgynous which made me, someone who’s usually perceived as feminine, happier than it should have) Some days, I don’t. I’ve thought about other labels like demi-girl, but I don’t know. Something just doesn’t feel right.

I feel like a girl, but I dont at the same time. Idk what’s up. I just ???? Idk. Does anyone have any thoughts???? Bleh

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Dude, why would he be so thristy for a kiss? This makes me feel like Adrien WAS REALLY EXCITED FOR THE KISS WITH MARINETTE but he didn’t have it so he wanted to kiss ladybug instead. BUUUTT WHYY? IS THERE A POSSIBILITY OF ADRIEN KNOWING OR SUSPECTING THAT MARINETTE IS LADYBUG I MEAN WHAAAT IM FANGIRLING RIGHT NOW

Dude like?? I’m actually thinking he probably subconsciously knows? Idk if it’s the magic of the Miraculous or whatever, but he’s definitely feeling that Ladybug vibe on her, ya feel?

I mean, he knows Ladybug has dark hair, wears pigtails, and has bluebell eyes—-and who else is in close proximity to him with the very same features??

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I mean, there are a lot of instances where Adrien seems to be giving Marinette some “special” attention that even he doesn’t give Chloe or anyone else—-the primary one being him putting out all the stops to impress Marinette during the Evillustrator episode (and thus Marichat was born).

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“She has other things to do, so YOU’LL be my Ladybug.

Like……… Adrien…. kid… dude… bruh…

And he winks at her a lot??

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And touches her a lot???

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And it’s clear that he admires her one way or another?

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Hahahaha……….. kid… pls.

He doesn’t have to say or realize he has a crush on her too. I honestly think it’s less that he’s not interested in her, and more that he’s completely oblivious about his own feelings because of Ladybug being at the forefront of his mind. But I think, deep inside, he just sort of knows.

Then again he is a French teenage boy so……………. I don’t know…. I mean, I’ve seen him touch Chloe’s shoulder? And Juleka’s? Maybe he’s just the touchy feely kinda dude. He is starved for affection after all, someone love him pls

But, I mean, they’re obviously made for each other anyway. In the end, they’ve always liked each other. In the end, the four ships are two dumb people circling around each other so! It’s all good??

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So Jason always sends those ‘Florida Man’ articles/tweets/whatever to Roy and he’s like 'this is you u greasy hick’ except one time Roy texts him back and he’s like 'no that’s your dad’ and it’s a little hard to tell with the beard and the overalls, but it is actually Bruce Wayne driving a bobsled pulled by crocodiles down a Florida highway

And Jason is like, Can I not have One Thing On This Goddamn Earth for myself

doodle 4 a comic ill never finish

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You wonder why everyone hates the teens of the fandom, you are just as ridiculously as the self harm girl who told the whole cast her personal story.

look dude im only gonna say this once. we didnt post anything on any social media platform, we didnt harass the cast– all we did was play a game of cards against humanity and fuck around a bit. we dont actually think dom and kat are together. we dont want ray dead or whatever.

idk what girl ur talking about but i dont think its uncommon for fans to tell the cast their personal stories? that’s all dom and kat ever talk about when they talk about the fandom? all the people who wynonna earp as a show has helped?

anywho sorry the fandom teens have got ya so down. have a nice day. idk where u live but where i live its gonna be sunny tomorrow

leaked means either:
-someone outside of the official account posts screenshots/video/info/whatever that was not supposed to be released yet. example: those early videos of smash bros wiiu/3ds characters not yet confirmed at the time would be this. usually you dont know its this kind of leak or a fake until the actual info is posted by an official account to confirm it
-an official account accidentally posts the info early and usually quickly deletes it. for example all those times steven universe episodes were aired early would be this kind of leak
its not when an official account posts info on purpose to tease or give a sneak peek for upcoming content

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I guess I've like reached the Larries nirvana or like final level or whatever where I like totally and 100% believe in this relationship and have like 0 doubts. Now every time a fan talks about being with Harry or something im like "yeah but you know he's louis' right??" Idk I just think it's like weird and sad that some people don't realize the truth. It's like crazy to think not everyone sees the truth.

Why can’t all anons be like this? You get a gold star.