idk why i'm posting this so late at night

dazai is such a strange character. like, he doesn’t care if he’s on the side of good or bad, he’s just looking for a meaning in life… he’s completely and utterly selfish in a way that makes it so he doesn’t seem to care who he hurts, nor is he repentant for hurting others (see akutagawa). 

but he clearly cares and isn’t truly selfish?? he behaves as if he doesn’t and acts as if he only cares about himself, but at the same time he did care enough about oda’s plea to turn to the side that helps people and i think he does feel a connection to characters such as atsushi, chuuya, and akutagawa (however the reader interprets those feelings). 

this isn’t inconsistent writing of the character at all, though. all of those things seem completely in character instead of contradictory. all of these things are dazai. i think the issue is there’s a huge gap in dazai’s backstory that needs filling. we’re missing something important that happened before oda and before the mafia, before he was 14…

@rinrinp42 HI I DID A THING

Apparently my art is way better than it should be at nearly midnight… I was just sketching and god why does this look so freaking cute?

The context to this is weird and difficult to explain, so I’m not gonna even try to. Just… it goes along with my weird fuschiablood headcanon….

Anyway enjoy these cuties…