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a love letter to brown eyes | shawn mendes

requested by anonymous

word count: 1,539

author’s note: bet y’all weren’t expecting this on a monday, huh? i hope this is okay, anon! I’m sorry it’s pretty much all dialogue.

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There were not many secrets between you and Shawn. He knew about the time you threw up in front of your entire second-grade class during a field trip, you found out about all the drama with his friends from school, and you had shared - in length - the most awkward highlights of your terrible first kiss behind the bleachers in middle school.

And somehow, even after all the confessions and conversations a two-year relationship entailed, you were still discovering new sides to the floppy-haired boy that first shyly approached you at a mutual friend’s party two years ago.

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hiiii idk why i'm so nervous but i really really wanna start writing fanfiction. ljke full out "woah this makes me feel stuff" fanfiction and i thought you'd be the best place to come for pointers because you're literally amazing but anyways do ylu have any suggestions as to 1. where to write it 2. starting tips 3. what not to do?? thanks!! i really really want to but i'm little scared to


How To Start Writing Fanfic for Beginners: 

  • Okay, so, the first thing we usually do is have a beta reader– someone who looks over stories and checks for writing flow, typos, and, most importantly in the case of fanfiction, characterization. You find one before you start writing so that you have a cheerleader who can talk about ideas with you and push you through when you feel like you wanna quit. This is a formality, though, and can be skipped. My one-shots usually are in the 20k+ range so I like to have three or four people look over them, but if I’m writing a 6k one shot, for example, I only have one beta reader.
    • I’m actually pretty sure that the origination of this practice actually came from everyone trying to figure out how to make friends in fandom. If you’re the beta reader on someone’s story, you’re automatically buddies. Google docs has made this way easier, though– it used to be long email chains. *shudders*
  • Step two, decide which host sites you’re going to post your fic on. Different fandoms are more popular on different fic sites. The most popular fanfic sites are , (AO3, we call it), and sometimes tumblr, depending on the length of the fic! 
    • So, for example, the Percy Jackson fandom is really really into (or at least was when I was writing for it?) That’s where you get the most reviews/comments and the most hits for that fandom. In the case of Teen Wolf/Stydia the most popular site is AO3, easily. But if the piece you wrote is a drabble (in the 1k range), you can also plop it on tumblr. If it’s in the 2k range, it’s acceptable to put it on tumblr under a “read more.”
    • For all these sites, you need an account, but AO3 is technically in beta mode (idk why; it’s been like that for multiple years?) and therefore you sign up and then have to wait for an invite. But it’s worth it because once you have an account, you can view the history of the fics you’ve read, bookmark faves, leave comments, and, of course, publish fics.
    • Unlike ffnet, AO3 also categorizes fics into fandoms, which is really really helpful if you write for multiple fandoms. Their sorting system is really good and really specific, which is why people use it. I think that, at this point, AO3 is undoubtedly the most diversely enjoyed site.
  • Here’s some things you definitely need to know about posting on AO3: 
    • (This is SUPER important), it’s considered REAL bad manners to tag characters/ships that aren’t the centric pairing. So, the fic is gonna ask you for characters and the ship. If you’re writing a fic where Stiles and Lydia are the centric pairing, you’re gonna fill in Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinski, and then Lydia Martin/Stiles Stilinski. But say your story also has a few scenes with Scott? Either don’t mention Scott, or do “Scott McCall- Side.”
    • The reader should be able to clearly tell what type of fic it is by your tags. (Unless you don’t want them to know). You can create your own tags or you can use the site’s already established ones. AO3 tags can get slightly obnoxious but nobody’s going to call you out for that so enjoy. 
    • If your fic takes place within the bounds of the series, you tag it "Canon Compliant.” If it not only fits with the plot of the series but also takes place literally during the series, tag it “Missing Moments.” If it diverges from the plot line of the series, you tag it “Canon Divergent.” If it is after the series is over, tag it “Post-Canon." 
    • If it’s AU, tag the kind of AU it is. “Coffee Shop AU” “AU– The Hunger Games” “AU– Everyone Lives” “AU– Stiles is Olaf from Frozen and gets it on with Anna who is Lydia.” (Spoilers for my next fic.) (Just kidding.) 
    • ALSO when you’re posting, it’s a huge struggle because AO3 either requires HTML coded stuff (for italics, etc) or rich text. My suggestion would be either putting your fic on tumblr and copy and pasting the rich text from the finished post, or getting an account on ffnet and using their document uploader to c+p your fic into, then save it and copy and paste it into the rich text part of the fic loader on AO3
  • So now, ratings. 
    • Here’s what you’ve got: G,T, M, E. 
    •  G is like… no swearing, no mention of sex, you could read it as a bed time story to a 6 year old.
    • T is swearing, acknowledgment that sex exists, maybe some kissing (but you’re getting to shaky territory as soon as you venture anywhere remotely past second base) light, non-descriptive violence (there’s also a tag for violence under "archive warnings” because some people get triggered by it.)
    • M is lighter sex scenes (I would say anything that doesn’t describe genitalia? Idk, this is a real fine line. I think you’ll feel it in your bones. Or, bone, in the case of smut. 
      • Nailed that joke. 
      • HA GEDDIT. I did it again.
    • E is like, you’re going to hell for writing this, enjoy hanging out with satan in the fiery pits, I hope it’s worth it.
  • If you post on tumblr, tag appropriately. Tumblr tagging is different from ao3– you just tag to sort things, and so that the right people see your work. So, like, if you wrote a Stydia fic, obviously don’t tag it Sterek or Sciles because you’ll get hate, lmao. You can tag character names, but I would suggest you don’t tag “Stiles Stilinski” or “Lydia Martin” because the Sterk/Mrrish/Stlia shippers tend to attack you. Also, only the first five tags count.

And now, the Don’ts of fanfiction***

  • Make sure your spacing doesn’t look awful. 
    • It makes people not wanna read it 
    • You should know what regular spacing looks like. If you’re able to correct it so that there’s not eons of space between paragraphs, I would do that. 
  • Don’t say “Sorry for the bad summary I promise it’s better than it sounds” in your summary. 
  • “Their tongues battle for dominance” or other equally cliche dialogue
  • Original characters as main characters
  • Fandom crossovers are almost always rolled their eyes at in the fic community. Like, you can thrust your characters into a different universe, but normally, you can’t use the original characters. So by all means, write a Percy Jackson AU, but don’t make Fitzwilliam Darcy best friends with Annabeth Chase. 
    • Okay this is really delicate because some people can do it really well and some people can’t
    • Switching back and forth between character point of view within one section of your fic is really hard for the reader to keep up with and it tends to look clumsy. It’s a no-no. 
    • If you have divides between sections, that’s where you can switch POV. 
    • However, I tend to write almost all of my fics with just one POV. I pick Character 1 or Character 2 no matter how long it is. It’s cleaner that way. 
    • I need to remember this one– don’t describe clothes too much. You’ll sound like a cheesy YA novel. (I’m a hypocrite, okay?) 
  • Titles matter. Work hard on picking a title. I s2g it actually makes a big difference. Idk why. Titles. 

***Side note: All writing rules are all allowed to be broken. There is truly no such thing as a steadfast writing rule. The more comfortable you get with writing, the more comfortable you could be with breaking these rules. Does that make sense?

Luke knew your sleeping pattern better than he knew his own. Granted, his was often different — shifting across cities and continents until he was constantly chasing the stability of time. His sleeping pattern was sporadic; awake some nights, dead to the world some days. But your sleeping pattern, he knew that by heart. He recognised the shift in your breathing as you wrestled with sheets trying to settle again; he knew the gentle nudge of your nose against his arm, his neck, his back, was a silent indication that you had stirred from your dreams.

Like clockwork your eyes scrunched open somewhere between 4 and 5am every night, stinging as they blinked against their will. Some nights they woke to an empty bed, pillows untouched by the messy curls of Luke’s head, his dreams instead taking place in hotels around the world or in the back of a bus. Other nights your boyfriend lay awake beside you, scrolling through playlists on his phone or rewetching Bojack Horseman on netflix — again. Those nights were among your favourite; his gentle face turning towards you as you wriggled closer and pulled his headphones from the laptop so you could join in. You almost never got beyond one episode, typically smiling yourself to sleep as Luke huffed out little laughs. Some nights he was out cold, and though you enjoyed his company in the dark of the hours just before sunrise, you loved the nights his rest went uninterrupted. His chest rising and falling under blankets, arm tossed above his head and the space against his side ready to be occupied by you once more. Those were your favourite; a perfect opportunity to admire his broad frame without his eyes catching you with a teasing grin. A perfect opportunity, too, to bask in the quiet comfort of his presence after weeks on end without him.

this is the beginning of something longer that my brain just can’t get done atm but i like it so i’m sharing in case i never do

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Hi! I would like to know how each member would make Hobi laugh when each of them are working alone with him, and Hobi is stressed about work. Nothing smutty, just how they actually would show how much they miss him being happy.

Hey hey sorry for the wait:


Settling back into the couch, Jin gave his current companion a gentle grin. The co-op game flickered upon the screen, playing familiar music as they both grabbed a controller. The other members were in their own respective rooms, so it would be a one on one game. It was probably better this way–Jin only brought up the idea less for team play and more for Hoseok’s sake. 

He glanced at Hoseok who looked more tired than usual; the slumped shoulders, lips pulled into a straight line, stale aura that seemed so much less vibrant than the brighter-than-sunlight one usually projected. They flipped through the characters together making quiet conversation, and when Jin made a comment that squeezed a laugh out of his friend, he couldn’t stop the buzz he felt. Playing games with Hoseok was a good way to unwind and make both of them feel better. Easy, comfortable and fun also.


In his hands he held onto the bucket with a sheepish shake of his head. His tongue wet his lips as he considered the intent. How long had it been since they were trainees? Since he and his members had stood on the stage for the first time, since the last time when there were thousands of fans, celebrated their international fans together, wrote songs together, danced together. Yoongi gnawed on his bottom lip for a moment as he wondered how long it had been since he was genuinely embarrassed by Hoseok’s antics? Sure he pretended but–did Hoseok really know? Did he know that Yoongi was so proud of him?

Did he know how much brightly he shined in his hyungs eyes?

Yoongi walked carefully, expression tacky and mildly flustered as he held onto the bucket of chicken that mirrored the one he once shared with his friend so long ago over the holidays. His expression turned pleased when he entered Hoseok’s room to see a the slight frown on his smooth face turn into a teasing smirk. Perhaps this was all he could do–share an inside joke with his brightest member, but even though he never said it aloud–he would do anything to see Hoseok’s smile return to the usual brightness.


Namjoon could feel it in the air. The whole dorm was slightly more reserved when Hoseok was having a hard time. It’s not that the fans might notice, after all when he was at home he wasn’t all aegyo, he wasn’t quite the over the top dance machine that he was for the fans sake. But the mood was still different somehow. Hoseok, even if he didn’t have his camera ready smile, was a source of happiness throughout the dorm that couldn’t be denied.

Scooting close to him as they ate a private bowl of porridge, while the others went about chores, games, whatever they had planned for the scarce moments of free time they had. Namjoon glanced over at his friend who was quietly eating his food without expression. He swallowed a bite, sitting his spoon to the side and clapping his hand over Hoseok’s shoulder, squeezing lightly to gain his attention. They were of similar ages and very familiar with each other, and he appreciated the lack of need for any formalities he felt with Hoseok greatly during times like this.

The member looked at him with big eyes and a mouth full of porridge and Namjoon grinned at him. Lifting his hand he patted his head carefully, “You’ve been doing well recently.” He voiced quickly, his dimples appearing in a grin. Hoseok first looked at him blankly, before his features turned into a teasing smile.

“What?” He laughed, “What is this about?” But his expression was a bit more open than a moment before and it made Namjoon grin wider. 

“You do well in interviews and on stage recently.” He nodded as if it were a fact, “I should tell you these things more often.”

The laugh he got was something of a snort. “Ay, what an embarrassing leader.” But his smile was bright and the conversation flowed easily from that point on.


The way his golden hyung looked so low these days felt like a hot iron in Jimin’s heart. He swallowed down a sadness as he looked at Hoseok’s immediately dull expression after they finished their dance practice for the day. The members were all sweaty and exhausted, so they broke apart to leave instantly, but Hoseok was moving sluggishly–his usual energy even after practice, was startlingly lacking. It had been for too long, Jimin had noticed weeks ago. 

“Hobi-hyung,” he called out, running to catch up to his hyung as they were the only two left in the practice room. He was met with a very tired gaze and a “hmm?”

He wasted no time lengthening his torso and standing on his tip toes to capture his hyung in a hold with his head between his forearm and bicep. Immediately he was met with a hybrid of whining and laughing, as well as some complaints about how he was being a troublesome dongsaeng. But Jimin felt nothing but an emotional high to hear the laughter bubbling from Hoseok’s lips. The two wrestled to the floor where, thanks to both tired and sweaty, the younger managed to pin his hyung beneath his legs, flattening his arm over his shoulders and pressing him down. He used his free hand to softly ruffle Hoseok’s hair. “Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” Hoseok seemed a combination of humored and serious somehow that made Jimin a little wistful. 

The moment his hyung began to fight back beneath him, Jimin gave in purposefully, immediately being knocked off and then pounced on. The mood altered to being slightly more playful once again and even while he joked that he was being crushed, he finally felt like he could breathe again at the sight of Hoseok’s genuine smile.


Pout set firmly in place, Taehyung quickly moved towards Hoseoks bed. He had been looking morosely at his phone all day, stuck on the same lyrics for about a week now, and the younger boy had taken it upon himself to cheer up his usually bright hyung. Since about three days prior he had been finding any excuse to cuddle up to Hoseok with varying degrees of success, back hugs swiftly rejected, sitting on his lap only to get promptly pushed off. But when he realized that even petting his hair wasn’t giving him the response he wanted, he decided to plan to get his hyung out of the dorm, give him a breath of fresh air.

It took about 3 minutes for Hoseok to agree to go to buy boba for him. He had questioned why it was up to him to pay for the outing that had been Taehyung’s idea. But once he did agree Taehyung had rushed to find Hoseok’s favourite padded Puma jacket and a beat up pair of comfy tennis shoes before Hoseok got the chance to change his mind.

Taehyung knew his plan had worked when on the way back to the dorm, about an hour later, Hoseok didn’t pull away from the younger when he had linked their arms together, and was granted a muttered “thanks” from the warm presence to his right.


Jungkook sat quietly upon the floor of the room his hyung shared with the other members. No one was there but the two of them which Jungkook would have a difficult time admitting he was rather content about. 

He marveled as he looked around at how clean it was near Hoseok’s bed especially. Hoseok always managed to keep things organized and clean–Jungkook only wished he could be that way, but the manner of his own cleanliness seemed to be tied to his mood at the time. As he grabbed two shirts that appeared to belong to Tae and tied the sleeves together idly, he realized that Hoseok always seemed so flawless–room clean, continuously helping the other members, smiling for the fans, doing aegyo even though it was something that he felt rather insecure about– no matter what mood he was really in.

The youngest listened attentively as he absentmindedly fiddled with the things nearby as his hyung let out all of his feelings while perched on the edge of his bed. After a moment, Jungkook stood, tossing a shirt he was playing with aside and sitting at Hoseok’s side gently. The bed dipped and he looked at his friend with his entire attention as the speech continued. Jungkook found it upsetting to know that Hoseok was having a hard time. He truly loved his hyung’s smile. Besides it was this hyung who always looked after him for so long and made him feel so welcomed. He would listen as long as he could if it meant that it would relieve some of the pressure on Hoseok’s chest. 

He bumped shoulders gently in a pattern of beats while he listened, looking at the sharp, handsome profile of his hyung’s face as he did.

Makorin Day 4: Kids

In which Rin overthinks everything.  

It’s 3am and Rin can’t sleep.

Makoto is lying beside him with a peaceful expression on his face, his arm splayed out protectively over Rin’s waist.  It’s warm and comfortable under the blankets, enough to lull him off on most nights, but his mind just won’t shut up.

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A/N: Hiiii! Thank you for the prompt, lovely! This was written between the hours of three and four am so I apologize for any and all typos or errors. I hope you enjoy :)

There’s a slight chill that runs down Finn’s spine. Summer was coming to an alarming halt and he wasn’t ready for the cold just yet, not even when there was a warm body attached to him at the hip. 

Her name is Clara, from his history class. Or maybe his art class, he doesn’t exactly know. His mate Chris said she fancied him a bunch so he thought, “Why not?” and asked her if she wanted to have lunch with him. It’d been alright at first, her hands felt nice on his skin (not exactly like Rae’s because every touch she’d graced him with was accompanied by lightning bolts shooting through his veins. Clara’s hands just felt like she moisturized at least twenty times a day), and… she had pretty teeth. Finn saw around everything else.

When they kissed, he thought of Rae’s tongue, the little flick she always did because she found out that it drove him crazy. Clara didn’t know how to slide her tongue against his, how to run it along the seam of his lips. It was always just teeth and biting, which, Finn would have been alright with if it didn’t cause his lips to swell and leave him longing for the sweet taste of Rae in his mouth. (Nothing tasted the same anymore, he yearned for something that was no longer an option.)

They’re sitting in the pub on a Tuesday night, Clara’s mousey voice drowned out by the loud chatter of everyone around them and Finn is thankful. She’d been talking all day and it wouldn’t have bothered Finn if she actually had interesting things to say. Mostly she talked about herself; what color she should paint her nails, something about getting her hair cut like some actress she saw in a movie once. He often found himself tuning her out until her hands started to travel up his thigh, to which he would either start kissing her like she wanted him to, or he would smile and thread their fingers together. There was an emptiness in him, like he was this shell of a person. Being hollow made it easier not to think about the things he was doing. He was just going through the motions. It felt like Stacey all over again; Only, Finn learned that Clara is a genuinely nice person, there’s no sweet front covering up a rotting mess of venom and bones. At least Finn can breathe around Clara. Stacey suffocated him.

Somewhere between his third and fourth beer, Clara’s taps him on his knee to get his attention.

“Hey silly goose, did you hear what I was saying?” Clara’s big hazel survey his face.

Finn blinks. “Er, sorry. I kind of missed it. What’s up?”

Clara sighs and Finn feels it creeping under his skin, makes him feel terrible. 

“You’ve been so gone lately, I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall, Finny.”

“Sorry,” is all his mouth lets him say. He doesn’t comment on the awful nickname, doesn’t say what’s really running through his head, threatening to burst out at any moment: I really don’t want to be here. I’m sorry.

“It’s alright,” she brightens up, smile shining like fireworks. “I was saying maybe we should head back to mine? Parents won’t be home ‘til morning?”

Finn feels his stomach turn, can feel the beer burn his throat as he gulps it down. He thinks perhaps this is the way to get over Rae. This is how it has to be.

He smiles at Clara and kisses her, imagining the night swallowing him up and disappearing until things are good again. 

(But, he realizes, things never work out the way he want them to.)


Clara’s bed is lumpy and something keeps poking Finn in the leg whenever he moves. There’s also an N'Sync poster staring at him in the face, making his insides weep. When Clara kisses him, he’s grateful for the excuse to close his eyes.

Her lips move against his and he can taste her margarita stained tongue, the slight hint of tequila leaving a bitter taste in his mouth. She moves the hand that’s been caressing his face to a spot dangerously close to a place he doesn’t want it to be. He feels his skin crawl under her touch and he doesn’t realize he pushes her off until he opens his eyes and the looks of shock or hurt or a mix of both shadow her face.

There’s a ray of moonlight that catches her eyes, turning the amber into a storm. Finn finds himself wishing he had the guts to go through with this. Truth is, he’s just a boy trying to mend his heart with other people’s hands.

“You don’t want this,” she pauses. “Do you, Finn?”

His mouth opens to say words but there’s nothing he can say to make the sting less painful. To make the hurt, hurt less.

“I’m sorry, Clar. I shouldn’t have-” he sighs and goes to take her hand but she pulls away, wipes the tears that are streaming down her face. Pity swells inside of him for them both and he wants so desperately to go back in time, to make things right and not lead her on like this.  But all he can do is take his leave and hope she’ll be okay on her own. 

He sighs, defeated. “Maybe I should go.”

Clara ignores him.

On his way downstairs, Finn hears the quiet sound of muffled sobs behind him. He hates himself for doing any of this and hates that it’s no one else’s fault but his own.


The next day, he doesn’t see Clara which makes everything a bit better. At least he doesn’t have to see her eyes rimmed red, her disappointed looks boring into him like a curse. 

He does see Rae, though, and he zones in on her before he loses the confidence that drives him. The sun catches her midnight hair and she’s got on that Stone Roses t-shirt she wore the first time they touched, when he hugged her at the park that time that feels forever ago. He can still feel the spot on his back where she patted him, warm like a stove-top burner. But then again he can still feel every part of him that Rae has ever touched and he pictures himself to be a walking flame. There isn’t a part of him that she hasn’t gotten her hands on. 

In a surge of bravery, he stalks over to Rae and clears his throat when she doesn’t notice him.

“Rae, can we talk?” his heart leaps into the sky when she turns to face him. It feels so long since the last time he saw her in person, the pictures in his bag don’t do her justice.

“Why?” her voice sounds rough, shaky. Rae’s hands twitch and Finn wants to hold them, to relish in the way she rubs small circles with her thumb. 

“I just- I want to say  that I’m sorry.” he cusses inwardly at how pathetic he sounds. “I mean, I know I said I couldn’t be friends with you. But I can’t do that either, Rae.”

“What do you mean?”

“I tried that and it’s shit. I don’t-” he lets out a frustrated sigh and stuffs his hands in his pockets to keep them from shaking. “I don’t care if we’re not together. No, I mean, I do care. I just- I need you in my life, Rachel Earl. Whether we’re together or just friends. It’s just not the same if I don’t get to talk to ya everyday.”

Rae looks away and Finn feels a bit of hope as there’s a tiny smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. He has to stop himself from crushing their lips together and kissing her until their lips are swollen. It’s a hard feat but he conquers it with his bare hands.

“I missed you,” she says softly, the breeze carrying her voice off into the air. 

Finn smiles, “I missed you too.”

“I’d like to be your friend.”

“Good,” he looks up at her through his fringe and finds that she’s got a full on smile now, one that takes up her whole face. His favorite smile. “I’d like to be your friend too.”

And he knows they still have a long way to go, that they’ve got stuff to work out together but he’s willing to do all that and so much more so long as he has Rae in his life at all times. 

au where rapunzel accidentally sends a nude to the wrong number

It was nice meeting you last night. As promised, here I am.

She frowned and debated on whether or not it was appropriate to add a wink afterward because her text had sounded all but too formal for something so… cheeky. She bit her lip, her fingers grazing over the semi-colon and parentheses and cringed as she entered the emoticon in.

She was used to smiley faces and hearts. Winks, however, were not really her thing.

Rapunzel had never sent nudes before. Hell, she had never even taken nudes before and had no idea what the first steps in taking one were or how to even send something so ridiculous and supposedly sexy. She was sure she was doing everything wrong and had a feeling the other line would think of her as foolish and naïve. Which, she was–there was no denying it. At all.

For God’s sake–she hadn’t even taken a full on nude and had innocently settled for her lingerie instead. That was enough for a first timer… right? It felt wrong but even worse to consider sending her entire naked body.

But she had become so smitten with the boy from last night that she was desperate to earn his approval–even if that meant doing something she had always thought was a little stupid and way out of her comfort zone. He had whispered to her that he preferred girls who were willing to sext. So she could learn that, right?


She looked at the text again. Then decided to add a heart. Her thumb hovered over the green send button. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply before forcing herself to try something new for once without freaking out. And then she hit send.

She threw her phone on the bed immediately, embarrassed at herself for even following through with it. She could feel her entire body grow hot, her face bright red. Then carefully, she picked the phone up.

The reply was immediate, but not one that she was expecting.

uh… who is this?

Haha, very funny, Flynn. It’s Rapunzel. We met last night. I have your number. You said you wanted nudes.’ She felt her heart rate increase as she watched the ellipsis bubble at the bottom, indicating that he was typing up another response. ‘Remember? I asked if we could see each other when we were sober, and you said sexting was the way to go…

definitely the wrong number. idk a Flynn.’ Then, after a moment. ‘not to intrude, but lingerie doesn’t necessarily translate to nudes in case you didn’t know. in case he was picky.

She suddenly felt like she was about to cry. No way. No way could she have messed up something so simple, much less, send a picture of herself to a complete stranger who could potentially now post it online for everyone to see. She pressed her phone against her forehead–this was why she never did stupid things like this.

Her phone buzzed again, and she jumped. She glanced down to see another message from the other person. ‘also, you look really uncomfortable. not trying to be a nude critic, but…’ She waited as he sent another text afterward and couldn’t help but feel so ashamed that the person was literally telling her how to take a nude because she had obviously done it wrong. ’if you didn’t want to take and send one, you shouldn’t have.

oh, god. was i that unfortunate to send it to a professional sexter…’ she typed furiously.

it’s not that,’ the person quickly typed back. ‘i’m just saying you shouldn’t have done something you didn’t want to do. and it’s obvious you didn’t want to send the nude.

idk. idkidkidk i swear i typed in the number correctly’ She embarrassedly pulled the scrap of paper out of her pocket and squinted at the numbers. Then blinked at one number a couple of times, unsure of it’s illegibility on whether it was a 2, a 5, or an 8. Or maybe even a 3. She looked at her phone. Well, she had typed in a 2, so maybe it could have been the other three digits. She screamed in frustration. Either way, it was far too late, and the picture had already been sent. ‘omg, can you delete that picture

i already did’ A pause. Then, ‘a guy who asks you to send nudes to him after just meeting sounds like an ass. also, he didn’t want to meet you when you were sober? hmmmm warning bells

he wasn’t an ass. he was nice. from what i remember, anyway. and he just said he wasn’t interested in anything serious, but he said he would be more inclined to consider it if we sexted first…’ She flushed. ‘either way, that’s none of your business

look, not saying that all guys are the same, but as a guy who has heard that line from other guys… i highly doubt he was ever really going to consider a relationship

you don’t know him

yeah, well, obviously, neither do you’ A pause, and then, ‘look, i’m just saying a lot of guys tend to think with their dicks first. not saying flynn is a bad guy, but he was a little tipsy and probably thinking with his dick at the time.

She didn’t know how to respond, really. Maybe he was right.

you seem like a nice girl. i just want you to know the truth before something stupid happens

idk if i should thank you bc that stupid thing already happened

well idk in case you’re still thinking about sending him a nude. just be careful.’ A pause. ‘and considering that you sent a picture of lingerie when he had asked for nudes, it seems you’re fairly new to the sexting game. so you know, be extra careful before you send something that could later on hurt you.

not that new

right…’ It was obvious he didn’t believe her. Hell, she wouldn’t believe her. She pulled up the picture she had sent of herself, and he was right. She did look terribly uncomfortable and way out of her comfort zone. Her phone buzzed again. ‘well, i deleted the pic. i didn’t look at it very long, i swear, so you have nothing to worry about. also, you should be careful about sending pics to strangers, whether or not you think they’re an ass. you never know if he or she is just going to upload it online…

A pause.

Then another buzz.

take care, rapunzel.

She buried her bright red face in her hands as she threw her phone on her bed. Then she tossed her entire body with it, flopping on the thick white blanket, and screaming into the cushion. The person was right, though. She barely–hardly–knew Flynn at all. She had met him at Merida’s party last night, and she remembered being slightly over-the-top tipsy. She could remember making out with him and asking if he’d be interested to meet up when they were both sober.

He had told her in response that he wasn’t really interested in a relationship. But sexting, he could do.

She remembered really wanting to impress him, so she agreed.

But what if he was an ass? What if he had posted her picture online?

She sighed. She guessed she was lucky that it went into kind hands.

Then the phone vibrated again, and she carefully picked it up, flipping over so that her back was resting against the mattress.

This time an image filled the screen, and it was a picture of a boy with a large black labrador. He was grinning, avoiding the dog’s heavy kisses. From what she could tell, he had a couple of piercings along his ear, a tattoo dancing down his arm, his hair pure white with bleach. But his eyes were kind, and his smile kinder.

A text soon followed after. ‘selfie for selfie, right? well, not the same kind. idk what good it would do if i sent you a nude, lol. but i thought it wouldn’t be fair that i got to see your face and know your name, and you didn’t even know mine.

Her lips trembled before she let out a small grin.

i’m jack, btw. this is toothiana–tooth for short. she has a twin named toothless. they’re both dumb sweethearts. but i love them both.

She watched as the ellipsis bubbled again before a series of texts were sent her way.

i’m not really into sexting, tbh. not that you seem like you are, either. but i am interested in texting.

so if you end up not pursuing the guy who wanted nudes

i promise i won’t ask you to do something that you’re uncomfortable with

but it’s not going to work if you don’t like dogs

She couldn’t help but burst into a small laugh. ‘I love dogs,’ she texted back.

good bc it wouldn’t work if you didn’t’ Then after a moment, ‘i’ll probably be at burgess park later with tooth if you want to stop by and make sure i’m not a psychopath or anything. and if you happen to decide i’m normal, we can go on a date. because people usually go on dates before they start sending each other nudes

Her fingers froze above the keyboard. He had said he wasn’t interested in sexting, but what if he was just expecting a date first and then–

i’m kidding, rapunzel, don’t freak out. swear to god, you never have to send me nudes, ok

i just thought you were cute. and nice. it’s why i’m asking you if you want to meet up

and so you can decide for yourself if you think i’m crazy

She blinked and then smiled. ‘what if you decide i’m the crazy one

n o way.

why so definite? i could be

nah, the nude said everything. girls who send nudes like that aren’t crazy.

way to rub it in my face

lol it wasn’t bad. it was a cute photo. to an extent

’ She paused, frowning. ‘cute?

what? is cute bad?

i was going for sexy

wow i literally lol’d. sorry to burst your bubble.’ Then before she could send a text to show her offense, ‘i swear, cute is good. cute is sane. i like cute. honestly, it was a good thing that it was cute. that’s how i know you’re not crazy.

She couldn’t help but smile. ‘pictures can lie, you know…

i do know. which is why we’ll meet in like two hours so that we can both check for each other’s sanity

She laughed before setting her phone down to the side. Then she picked it up and found herself texting, ‘thanks, jack. for, you know… making this situation a lot better than it could have been for me

There was a long pause for a moment, and she wondered if he’d ever respond. Then a series of texts came.

rapunzel, i hope you feel the same way when we meet later.

which, btw, i would prefer sooner than later bc i’m a little afraid you’re going to change your mind

also, you’re welcome

i’ll see you in a couple of hours, rapunzel. take care.

also, please don’t think i’m crazy bc i really enjoy talking to you

Rapunzel found a smile permanently painted on her lips.

me too, jack.

kuuxkat  asked:

So everyone under the sun is either obsessed with 1)Third Year Angst, 2) Idol Serious Business 3) Aqours Finally Getting it. But what about Chika? I mean - this isn't the first time she had frozen up after things had gone wrong. Yes - she tried her best to get her act together as a leader, but she should be aware that it isn't enough. I mean - even You was waiting patiently for her to just let it out. She isn't really quite leader material yet. How do you see her developing?

The short answer: Chika definitely has leadership qualities. Her issue is that she’s trying to force herself to grow too quickly; ironically, this is exactly what’s hindering her development. In order to become the leader of a school idol group, Chika needs to learn how to trust her friends. Once Chika learns this, she’ll have a much better grasp of the group dynamics and can properly advance as the leader of Aqours.

As for the long answer: we’ll need to analyze not just one, but two former leaders in order to do this. Say hello to our old pal, the read-more cut.

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only between dreaming

summary: “wait,” phil says. he closes the distance between them and dan finds himself holding phil a little tighter than necessary.

“i’ll come get you in the morning,” phil whispers.

dan says okay, because it’s the only thing that won’t come out trembling and horrible.

words: 0.9k

a/n: so i’ve had this fic posted on ao3 since september and i didn’t really want to post it on here because,, idk. i just don’t think it’s good enough. maybe i’ll delete this in the morning. it’s so unsatisfying to me

rn i’m working on a fic that was supposed to be like 3k but now it’s like. 6k and growing, it’s my monster child

i’m so angry and depressed, ugh. i was going to try and work on a personal fic but i have 0 motivation;; here’s a two month old fic that’s literally just a memory of mine with dan taking my place

- -

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birdflashd  asked:

(feel free to post public idc) hi I don't even know if you're up right now or on tumblr bc your queue is going so idk and this isn't going to be a very nice message to read so I hope I didn't get your hopes up but you're my favorite blogger/writer/stucky shipper and I'm not expecting an essay from you but I just got into a fight with a toxic friend and he keeps insulting me and it's making me cry a lot and it hurts so I was wondering if you have any tips on how to make it stop hurting


First of all you shouldn’t take anything he says to heart because you’re a beautiful, wonderful person, and anybody would be lucky to have you in their lives. Clearly he just doesn’t appreciate how lucky he was to have you as a friend, so he’s the only one who’s lost out here. 

Secondly here is a list of things I do when I’m feeling crappy so hopefully some of them will make you (and any of my other followers) feel a little better:

- Put on some clean pyjamas and snuggle up in bed/a huge pile of blankets 

- Listening to some quiet music while snuggling can also be nice, or just listening to music in general

- Idk if you have a pet but if you do you should play with them

- Watch some youtube videos to distract yourself (cat videos are always great, or some interviews of your fave celebrities. The Summer Soldier interview is always my go to xD)

- On a similar note, watch a movie. Watch tws, arguably the greatest movie to ever bless this earth with it’s existence

- Take a long bath/shower with some nice smelling soap and make yourself smell awesome (then spend ages sniffing yourself probably)


Thirdly here’s some random things that might cheer you up: 


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I really hope you feel better soon, under the cut there’s an extract of the new Schrodinger’s chapter for you too.

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babbyspanchie  asked:

Kuroken and 44 (why is it so hard to breathe when I'm with you) please~~ I love all of your writing btw <3

Ahhh thank you so much I’m blushing <333

44) “Why is it so hard to breathe when I’m with you.”

“Bokuto, I’m going now!” Tetsurou announced as he slung his bag on his shoulder. 

A face poked from the next room. Koutarou’s hair was half spiked and he wore a small pout. 

“Have a great time.” 

Tetsurou grinned. “I’ll say hi to Akaashi if you want.” 

The other boy stepped out and he clenched his fists while scrunching his face. 

“It’s not fair that you get a whole weekend off and I have this group project!” 

“This is college bro.” Tetsurou walked up to Koutarou and patted his shoulder as if his reassuring touch would be the solution to everything. 

“I hate it! But have a good time though.” Koutarou pushed Tetsurou towards the door. “You’ll miss the train.” 

“See you later.” 

“Have a safe trip!” 

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