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you know, we’re gonna be alright {s.m}

authors note: this wasn’t really a request and i really don’t even write imagines all that often and this is a really really old one that’s been sitting in the drafts of my personal blog for forever and a day now, so i thought why not post it while i work on finishing another imagine. english isn’t my first language so i’m sorry if i made any mistakes. this is a very short part one of a (probably) two part story with a cliffhanger at the end, so yeah, enjoy!!

triggers: mentions of a car accident.

word count: 819

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76 is so bad with the whole flirting thing he asks someone else for help idk Jesse or whatever LETS SAY JESSE and Jesse ends up going to Reaper "I'm so sorry we tried we really tried" reaper is not surprised but now 76 is extra confused and somehow even more obvious to flirting it ends up with an argument OMFG WHY DO I EVEN LIKE YOU >:U and reaper thinks it should be illegal for someone to look so sad with a mask on and then 76 grabs his mask OH GOD THE TEARS BURN THE MASK HATES WATER

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I can’t even

homosexuality, heterosexuality and all of those other shits are so weird. Like, why do you need gender to know what kind of person you like? Like idk you guys, it’s so weird. If you like someone then, you like them? But, why does there need to be a specific dong or like, why do you need to know what’s under the other person’s pants for you to like them?

Like this shit is so wild like wtf

It got me thinking all of a sudden like woah, is sex that important to people??? idk

I mean like, I don’t really care for a person’s gender or whatever the heck is under their pants. If a person is eye candy then, they’re eye candy and I can have a crush on them but like… It’s so hard to find a person you actually like??? Like, someone you can love, cherish, and give your whole being to???

Like, idgaf about gender yet I find it so hard to find that “other-half” people talk about yet, there are people who stick looking for that other half with a specific gender in their mind and like woah, that shit is just so fucked up and weird and like idk, i don’t understand why

in other words, sex is so fucking weird. Attraction is weird even idk where I was going with this but, people in general are so fucking weird

What wwas I ranting about again?

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At first I wanted to ask jack why u do this but now I just want to ask pia why u do this (jk I love u)

Also omg I have to do this like

The story has been building up to this since almost the beginning. When I first envisioned this whole mess, the bit that’s coming up, was like one of the very first bits. It was like, the thing I shaped the whole story around.


I had to do it. The story wouldn’t exist without it.

Yes my brain organises around super anguished bits and then comes up with a story around that idk I’m weird it’s weird idk


And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.