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Third one of the NWY ficlets~

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Steve spends the entire ride mentally cursing at Sam for making him do this. He curses at Sam as he parks his scooter and grabs the pizza boxes, and for the entire climb up the stairs, but when he hears the “Clint, the pizza’s here!” and the door to the apartment finally opens, he outright vows to murder him.

Send your cutest delivery boy, the order had said. And yes, maybe it wasn’t a request he was supposed to take seriously, but standing in front of this man, Steve’s feeling miles more inadequate than he already was while trying to convince Sam to send anyone but him. The guy’s downright stunning, with shoulder-length, soft-looking hair, piercing icy-blue eyes, and a jawline so sharp it could cut diamonds. His arms are bigger than Steve’s waist, and he’s got a hint of stubble that Steve wishes he could feel everywhere on his skin.

“Delivery for Bucky Barnes?” he says, voice squeaky, and he can already feel his cheeks heating up. Yep, he’s killing Sam, and then he’s moving out of the country because he can’t risk ever running into this man again. He probably has some aunt or third cousin left somewhere in Ireland still.

For a few seconds the man just stares at him, mouth slightly agape and making it very clear that Steve’s not what he was expecting—big fucking surprise. Thank you, Sam—, but when the apology’s already on the tip of Steve’s tongue, the guy huffs out a disbelieving laugh and says, “Whoa… can’t believe that worked.”

“I’m sorry, I was the only one available,” Steve blurts out, mortified and blushing down to his toes and oh god, he can’t possibly have meant that, can he, and he all but shoves the pizza boxes into the man’s very impressive arms.

“Dude, are you shitting me,” the guy says, taking the boxes from Steve and licking his lips as he lets his gaze roam over Steve’s body. “I wrote that as a joke, but man I should’ve asked sooner. Hey, what’s your name?”

His smile as he hands him the money is playful and sincere and charming all at once.

“Steve,” Steve replies, his own lips curling up on their own accord and barely managing not to stutter. It makes the man—Bucky—perk up, and seriously, no one should be this adorable and sexy at the same time. The guy’s just plain disarming and Steve needs to leave right away because he’s one wrong inhale away from dying an embarrassing, asthma-induced death.

“Well, Steve,” he starts, winking at him, “my roommate happens to think pizza is the greatest invention since the bow and arrow, and Darlene’s is the best joint in the area by far, sooo… we’ll be ordering a lot from you guys. I hope I’ll see you around?”

It’s his tone that does it. Hopeful and slightly shy. Tentative when Steve would’ve pegged him for someone full of confidence. Steve takes a step forward as he pulls a sharpie from his pocket, and scribbles down his phone number on a pizza box before he can stop to think about what he’s doing.

“Call me when you want to order. I’ll, um, get you a discount,” he says. He’s pretty sure you could boil an egg on his face right now, but he goes on. “I’m off on Thursdays, but you can call me anyway…”

Bucky’s bright, ear-to-ear grin is definitely worth the embarrassment.

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not the same anon that asked for your fav writers but... what about some fav fics you can rec? 😏

hoo boy anon ok u asked for it !!! this is going to be long but here are a few jikook fics i adore that i can think of right now!! pls give them lots of love afterwards!! also the ones im not mutuals with i put a slash in between bcus im too ahlgsfjlb shy to actually tag them oK ANYWAYS ଘ(੭ु*ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭ु*.°❤🌸❤🌸❤🌸❤🌸❤🌸❤

Dream Maker by graesun (@/bottomkook), Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita), (@/polkari-seuta) [rated M, complete 12/12, 73k] poor!au, fluff and smut, angst, past child abuse, established relationship || (i died a lil bit of joy when two of my fav writers collaborated… but after finishing this my entire being has been resuscitated. this is such a wonderful & incredible fic!!! i still go back to re-read it bcus it’s so good,, like it’s rly fluffy and it made me smile a lot but the angst sent my soul into the astral plane of decease.. and i rarely;; read smut but this is a total big exception!! i was blushign the whole time okadjl;akj they’re such great writers i lov asdjkl anyways it’s rly good alright!! i lov it sm) 

dream a little dream of me by wordcouture [rated G, oneshot, 2.7k] magic realism, lots of fluff, dreams vs reality || (idk how a person can be this creative.. like.. all of couture’s fics are perfect and so beautiful!! i’m p sure everyone has read ‘wonder’ and like?? i just love the author’s craft and couture has a way of weaving her words!! it’s short but sweet ok i lov it idk what else i can say to express the magnitude of emotions i have for her complex fics ;;) 

this is the way the world ends and begins by aborescent (@/kookie-time) [rated T, oneshot, 1.7k] mutant!au, supernatural elements, violence, angst || (i love her fics so much.. she’s an astounding author!! the concepts she has for her fics are always amazing!! this fic has some dark themes but it’s totally captivating and gripping and it rly sucks u in. i believe she has some backstories? of the boys? on her tumblr and she’s p well known hehe so yeah!! i lov this a lot ok she’s great!!) 

Training Wheels by jeonify @shyjimins [rating G, oneshot, 4.8k] childhood friends to lovers, fluff and angst, mutual pining, slow burn || (this was the very first jikook fic i’ve ever read and i fell in.. absolute love.. and after this, i fell in love with all of jo’s other fics too!!! her writing is so beautiful and so eloquent and dreamy too. and this!!! fic!! broke my heart in the beginning from all the angst and pining, which i lov a lot, but the fluff n happy ending slowly mended it back together. my soul lifted into another dimension that’s full of sparkles and stars bcus it was that good ;; she’s amazing, trust me! i genuinely lov her other writings too and she’s the sweetest person and adk;laksj i get so shy talking to her omg anyways!! i lov her and her fics lots)

Of Scatterbrained Mix-ups and Lame Pen-Names  by happy-tokki @berry-happy-tokki[rated G, twoshot, 14k] pen pals!au, lots of fluff, awkward jungkook, cute jimin || (this was so freakin cute ok!!! pen pals!au are my weaknesses and this was so amazingly well-done. her writing style is so pretty and whimsical and gentle - the pacing was so smooth too. it was such an enjoyable read,, i smiled and giggled lots becus it was so adorable!! i lov awkward jungkook too so it was a major addition. plus, her other fics are incredible ok im in lov with all of them!! tokki’s the cutest and the sweetest too and u won’t regret checking this out and the author ok!!! i lov lov lov this)   

those who dream by day by melonmilk [rated T, oneshot, 3.1k] ballet!au, fluff and angst, internalized homophobia, dancing || (this was rly beautiful;; the mood was tense and poignant but it was really breathtakingly well-done too! this is a great ballet au and though it’s short, it’s totally worth taking a look at!! the author’s writing style is so pleasing!!) 

you’re intoxicating (I can’t stop) by astrochild (@/astrochild) [rated T, oneshot, 1.9k] fluff and angst, high school!au, rich kid!jungkook, swearing, mentions of violence || (this was rly angsty and it p much shoved an ice pick thru my heart but the happy ending healed it;; it’s so lovely!!! even tho it’s short it still really sticks with u after u finish reading it and… the way it’s written is so nice and appealing!! plus i rly love the vhope sequel too hehe she’s great!!) 

Bad boys and good-byes by blt_prf (@/blt_prf) [unrated, 12/12, 20k] college!au, enemies to friends to lovers, fluff, minor violence, music!au ish || (she’s one of my fav authors and this is one of my all time favs ok!!! this was such an amazing read i loved it so much!! i love the gradual build up of their relationship and her writing style is so pleasant and soothing,, like it’s a rly great fic ok i lov it lots!! she’s incredible i lov her other fics too) 

crush(ed) by fatal (cumrich) (@/witchboyjimin) [rated M, oneshot, 5.2k] space!au, angst, self-discovery, sci-fi!au, fantasy!au || (i lov this fic so much it’s written so beautifully and the worldbuilding is so wholesome. like, there’s enough detail for u to imagine the world the fic takes place in and!! it’s great rly i lov it n i lov her other fics too;; she’s amazing and i also lov her other fic ‘he hangs like tuesday morning’) 

run (you son of a gun) by infires (infires_man) (@/infires-man) [rated T, oneshot, 13k] gang!au, angst, hurt/comfort, heavily implied abuse || (this is so!! beautiful!!! i can’t express how much i lov this fic kadjf;k i still go back to read it because it was so amazingly well written and it just!! rly pulls at ur heartstrings but the ending just gives u such a warm feeling. i lov it so much!!! the composition is brilliant as well,, just pure amazing idk what else to say to convey how much i loved this asdjfkl;)

Brightly, Flare by flitter [rated G, oneshot, 2k] magic realism, hinted soulmate!au, art!au, artist!jimin, student!jungkook || (i lov all of flitter works ok!!!! i had a hard time choosing which one to put on here but this fic is the first fic i read from her which made me fall in lov with her writing!! this was such a dazzling fic… like she strings her words together like poetry and i just love her work so much!! amazing rly i lov her. plus her ballet!au one and the santorini fic is great too) 

speak now by recordmin  @minblooms [rated G, threeshot, 3k] freeform, fluff, pining, arranged marriage, wedding crashing || (this was rly cute ok i lov this so much!!! even tho it’s short it’s super duper sweet and my heart had burst open into sunshine and fluffy clouds bcus it was that enjoyable and great ok!! plus all her other works are rly great too i lov them so much;; she writes short fics but despite the length, all her writings will always leave this kind of lingering alluring and warm feeling with u and.. plus, wedding crashing!! is a great trope we need more of that! i adore this a lot ok!!) 

Fell For You In A Snap by Polkari Seuta (@/polkari-seuta) [rated T, oneshot, 3k] youtuber!au, social media!au, modern!au, drinking || (this was so cute,, like i smiled so much bcus it was so nice to read!! this was a great social media fic and it was incredibly delightful to read. i lov the author’s other fics too bcus they’re always so well-written and like, her writing style is always so crisp and fluent and is just such a pleasant to read!!) 

Push-up (push me down) by Mintsugakookies (@/mintsugakookies) [rated T, oneshot, 2k] canon compliant, fluff, domestic fluff, crack, established relationship, john cena kookie || (i am one big sucker for domestic fluff ok when i read this, it immediately cheered me up and my heart fluttered all the way into the sun dkafj;slj this was so so cute i lov it so much!! and i lov the author too) 

Aorta by minimints @strawberrywhaliens [rated T, oneshot, 15k] fluff, little angst, sick!jimin, lovesick!jungkook || (look this was so freakin fluffy i’m crying adsfjkl the rest of the series is rly cute too!!! i adore this so much,, like it’s word heavy but it’s rly fluffy and cute and it leaves a warm feeling, u know!! she’s a wonderful writer with a clear and eloquent voice and she’s a wonderful person too!!! the cutest mom i probably should have linked the first part but i love aorta the most so!! check it out ok!! i lov it a lot) 

너의 목소리 Your Voice by pinkmonnie [rated M, 10/?, 65k] college!au, assistant professor!jimin, student!jungkook, teacher-student relationship, fluff, realism || (oohmy gosh pink’s an amazing and an utmost incredible author!! and i lov all of pink’s fics and this fic is so precious and well-written. jungkook is selectively mute in this but the author doesn’t romanticize it and pink’s portrayal of their personalities and jikook’s relationship is so beautiful and stunning!! i lov it to bits. plus!! her other fics like ‘After Hours’ and ‘Thirst’ are freakin golden, ok;; she’s brilliant)

Let The Walls Break Down by pjungkook @pjungkook [rated M, 5/?, 37k] canon compliant, non au, friends to lovers, homophobia, heavy angst, fluff, smut || (the angst in this?? broke my heart but like the lil fluff afterwards healed my soul. and then it shattered again like, another 100 times again bcus so. much. angst. isa why isa is a rly awesome writer & i love her writing lots!! the way she paces her stories are so wonderful and so well-done. her writing is so fluid and articulate too! plus!! she’s the sweetest and loveliest person ok!! my wimpy shy ass probably wouldn’t have made a move to talk to her if she hadn’t msged me first;; her other fic ‘lost stars’ is amazing too omg so check her out ok!! i lov this and i lov her)

Cherry by bananacookies @bananacookies1 [unrated, 11/?, 36k] wolf!au, hurt/comfort, a/b/o dynamics, fluff and smut, omega!kook, alpha!jimin, mature themes || (a/b/o fics are not my cup of tea but this!!! is amazing!!! like i said i rarely read smut but this is another exception!! it’s so fluffy and cute and it’s getting rly angsty right now, but the author’s updates are so consistent and she’s an incredible writer!! the pacing of the story is wonderful as well and the story’s so intriguing, especially since it’s omega!kook. but bcus of that, pls give her lots of love and be open-minded about it ok!!! she deserves lots of love bcus she’s awesome,,)

Tie Me Down by ohdizzy (@/ohdizzy) [rated M, twoshot, 23k] college!au, taegi is main, side jikook, kidnapping, humour & crack, fluff, ot7 dynamics || (i’m sure we’ve all read.. the lejindary Blow Me Like Your French Horn fic.. and i love that fic so much but i love this fic so much too!!!! her fics are so well-written and so funny i lov them so much!! reading them makes my heart all warm and fuzzy hehe;; this was hilarious i lov how she writes their dynamics! i know the main pairing is taegi but!! pls read!! it’s amazing i lov her writing sm) 

son of a witch by syubnugget (@/namgifucker) [rated E, 2/?, 9k] witch!au, main sugamon, side jikook, humor, strangers to lovers, witchcraft || (i think i’ve fallen in love with sugamon after this… like i kno jikook is a side pairing but this!!! is such a wonderful and lovely fic!!! the characterization is fantastic and it made me giggle a few times from the banter, but the world building and the little details are so well written! i love witch!aus too so i rly lov this a lot!! the characters are rly interesting and i’m rly excited for more hehe) 


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131012 - squishy cuddles with the maknae line (っ╹v╹ )っ

If there’s a bison miraculous it should go to Kim, just saying… cause he’s bi and he’s my son


Wʜʏ ᴅᴏ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡɪᴇʟᴅ ᴛʜᴀᴛ sᴡᴏʀᴅ?
Tᴏ ᴘʀᴏᴛᴇᴄᴛ ʏᴏᴜ.

Hideous lol

you always have his name spilling out of your mouth like a coffee too hot that is burning your tongue and you never come out alive of a relationship and you become a stranger to yourself, you come out as another person, not different but new and now you are a version of yourself even you don’t recognize and how odd is it to look in the mirror and see yourself, yet a complete stranger and tell me how it feels to see the your own face and not know a thing about it
—  does he break you or do you break yourself? // JustScribbledWords

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Aww thank you, sweetie pie!

Hmmm, I wish I had a ‘How to improve over night’ speech, but like all areas of artistic pursuit, its all about consistently doing it, and each drawing being a stepping stone to improvement.

Draw daily

When I started drawing it was mostly because I wanted to see visuals for the book characters I love. I hated that I couldn’t provide the artistic skill that I believed they deserved so I created a drawing schedule to get better quicker. Everyday for the first year I drew after work, no matter what (unless traveling). 

Draw quickly

Doodle a ton. I made it a point to doodle 1 or 2 hour drawings during the week, and a more detailed drawing on the weekend when I had more time. I believe those quick drawings helped me with my more detailed ones, by helping understand form, composition, color value, etc.


I don’t care what anyone says, references are so important. How are you supposed to truly understand something if you don’t look at it? Even if its just a snap shot of your own hand to understand how fingers look when opening a door. References=improvement.

Art tutorials

I stress this because I don’t watch tutorials, and I know that I should. There are a ton of great artists willing to pass out free knowledge on the internet, find ‘em.


Once you get comfortable with your style, get a bit uncomfortable. Try new things with it, branch out, learn new techniques, and see if you like them, or how they can be incorporated with your style. 

Draw what you imagine

This is mostly personal taste, but don’t just draw what you see. Yes, references are important, but incorporate that awesome imagination you have in everything you see. Let people see how you think, what makes you amazing. 


Why are you doing this? For yourself. I told you that I’m drawing because I love books, and I want to give them some visual representation, but that’s just another way of saying its for me. If you are drawing for others or to gain followers, you will lose steam and inspiration fast. Do it for you, and what you love and it will fuel you.