idk why i'm posting it but here it is

y'all today i went on a date with this girl and we drove like 40 minutes north and went hiking and then when she was dropping me back off, we went to visit the tallest building in atlanta and it was so fun and cute

in what part of the world would it be okay to continue chasing after Taehyung when it’s quite obvious that he’s scared and running away from crazy screaming fans trying to ruin his vacation??? him running away wasn’t enough for people to realize that their behavior wasn’t okay??? they still kept going after him until he managed to get inside the car??? y’all really gotta start using common sense, stop following them around, stop trying to sneak pictures and videos just so you can post them on social media to get attention, stop invading what little privacy they have as celebrities. he’s home for the first time in a while, he just came back from a tour, he’s trying to spend some time with a good friend, idk why people thought this was okay and continue to do it when it’s NOT OKAY. 


Except for the heart-shaped hole where the hope runs out

hey girls…… I love u.. but please stop derailing mlm/trans boy/male in general positivity posts bc it’s a really fuckin awful feeling for us to see a very nice, positive post about us covered in comments like “ew but boys are gross” “why would you be a boy when u can be a girl instead” “uh but lesbians are better than gay guys” like I hope u realize ur actually harming a lot of kids with that (esp because there’s a large community of minority ppl on here) and it really sucks that you’d act so immaturely

Imagine Woozi surprising you by getting the food that you’ve been craving a lot recently.

i feel so alone here in this fandom. ;; like i need friends!
so if you are a final fantasy/ kingdom hearts blog please,
heart this post for me to check out and give a follow; also
I would love to just babble around with you guys about the
chocobros and anything else. ♡

“Pick up the small ones!!” zeno’s kneeling i swear he’s not that small (Traveling with the Happy Hungry Bunch would be a blast)

I came here to post this but then I got distracted by my dash and forgot. :<

I changed my background to the new poster for the musical episode and now I can’t stop staring at it help 

Every time I look at it I’m like

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