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tythan hc dump lmao

i hope the drama is over now or soon bc i have a few hc’s I’ve been waiting to post here they are enjoy
this ones cute + dorky + idk why i wrote it

Ethan’s insecure abt his tiny nipples + tyler is like ohno + tells him they’re cute + ok + plays with them all the time + eth is just like aw wow cute i love my boyfriend
eth doing flips + gymnastics stuff with tyler all the time bc ty is strong + can hold him doin anything

sometimes when ethan does it around the office or the apartment ty gets all nervous even though he’s always fine he just doesn’t want his baby boy hurt

so one day ty thinks eth’s gonna rlly hurt himself but just ends up getting kicked in the face + eth is like TYLER WHY so lil blueberry takes care of his big bear tyler who was just tryin to protect him (’:
eth writes tyler a song on his birthday and sings it to him in the morning just the two of them before they go into the office for the whole of teamiplier to celebrate
in the 2016 markiplier bloopers when mark is like ‘suddenly realize you’re lesbians’ ty + eth just start mAKIN OUT for real + marks like gUYS STOP CAMERA and they’re like whoops gotta shoot again
after tyler mentiones the spooky bathroom in the feb livestream ethan never noticed, ethan’s suddenly v afraid so oops showers with tyler everyday
tyler is in the corner of ethan’s room in the background of his videos alot and he’s always making him laugh + blush in his videos + he has to cut it all out
I’ve got a couple more I’ll post later (’: hope these were enjoyable

alex: the stars are beautiful tonight, aren’t they?

eliza: yeah

alex: you know what else is beautiful?

eliza: *blushing* what?

alex: john lau- i mean no angelica schuy- no no no i’m sorry i meant *looks at smudged writing in hand* elizardbert smiler

As a person who hates getting left behind, I think about leaving too much. I always wanted to leave everyone and everything behind. But recently I have been wanting to stay. And I’m afraid that I might stay for the wrong reasons.
—  i understand why everyone left now. and it’s too late

no matter what happens on Grey’s Anatomy or what ship we drown with, every single relationship is important.

Merder. Japril. Omelia. Jolex. Calzona. Elizona. Crowen. Slexie. but also…

Meredith and her mother. Webber and Bailey. Jackson and Catherine. Amelia and Derek. Jo and DeLuca. Derek and Mark. Izzie and George.

every relationship formed on this show is significant and important and so necessary, whether we like them or not. and that’s the beauty of this show.

Sign Imagery

Aries is the sunset; the moments during the evening where the sky is illuminated in an orange color. Taurus is a dark green forest, with vines and poison ivy in every direction. Gemini is a breezy afternoon, with strong winds blowing in the air and swirling around people. Cancer is an ocean - the soothing waves crashing down against the sand and representing profound depth. Leo is the night life, in a busy downtown city, with taxi drivers honking at bystanders and eager tourists shopping in cozy stores. Virgo is the light drizzle of rain, spreading all across a land and leaving dew drops on the fresh grass of the earth. Libra is a sunny morning, with the sky a color of azure and birds chirping, and the smell of tea coming from inside the house. Scorpio is a desert, with isolation in every corner and the subtle beauty of being surrounded by comforting silence. Sagittarius is a college campus, with students ready to learn and the overall sense of a future that entails endless possibilities. Capricorn is a dark night on a quiet neighborhood, with blackness on both ends of the street and a foggy haze creeping in. Aquarius is a place with cosmic-styled neon lights and lava lamps to light up the room, and giving the feeling of spontaneity. Pisces is the clouds, above the realm that we are familiar with; they are the soft fluffs that change shape and take multiple forms.

Feels/Scary things from the Heroes of Olympus
  • Percy: You have no idea what Tartarus did to me.
  • I've been burdened with power and responsibility I can't handle.
  • I've been through hell, darling, and I've seen to many people die.
  • Scars are from more than just knife fights.
  • Goddamn right you should be scared of me.
  • Annabeth: Don't you think you can get out of this
  • My life was hell from the moment I was born
  • The disgusting bastard child
  • And then I went through hell itself...
  • I've seen to much by now
  • I know what you're thinking.
  • It's going to be the death of you.
  • Leo: I could light up your world with destruction;
  • You don't know what I've been though.
  • I could destroy everything you love
  • And I could do it
  • Jason: I'm not allowed to choose -
  • Stuck behind a title;
  • One of these days, it's going to make me snap...
  • And when that happens,
  • A lot of people are going to die.
  • Piper: Not after money, fame, attention, beauty, but I got it goddamn anyway.
  • Don't make me mad.
  • Love can kill.
  • And I can call myself Love.
  • Don't judge me by my appearances.
  • I can rip out your heart in more than one way.
  • Frank: Mad. It's mad.
  • I'm a living war. A million creatures.
  • I hope you can see what I'm planning.
  • There's no easy way out of a bear trap.
  • Hazel: I've breathed more than once -
  • Death is lonely.
  • Don't make me hurt you.
  • The weapon is inside me.
  • Death is my friend.
  • Oh god, I may look darling but I can truly drive you insane in the space of three seconds.
  • Nico: And if this was easy,
  • And the way was lit up,
  • I'd still have my scars, my experiences -
  • I want to kill you, so don't take to hiding.
  • There's no way you can hide in darkness when the darkness serves ME.
  • Reyna: No life is truly easy, but some are harder than others -
  • Get out your guns and try to shoot me.
  • You won't hit me.
  • I'm so full of bullets they've become my source of strength.
  • I am not who you think I am and I will never lose again.

I think I found a solution to the issue of the length of Phineas and Ferb’s summer.

So we all know that Milo Murphy’s Law starts on the day immediately after Phineas and Ferb ends. We also know that MML takes place in either 2016 or 2017 because of Zack’s retelling of his boy band back story, where he says ‘It was the year 2016…’. Therefore, this would also mean that every single episode of PnF (bar holiday specials, etc) also takes place in 2016 or 2017.

Which can’t happen, because that would mean over the course of three months, everyone went from using flip phones to using smart phones and calling CDs antiques. You could argue that due to PnF’s incredible and advanced technology, such a rapid increase compared to our world would make sense. However, many characters go on to express how long the summer feels; far more than 104 days and seemingly going on for even years (and yes I know these are just fourth wall jokes but listen. I can do what I want).

So what I’m suggesting is that the reason PnF’s summer went on for eight years was at the fault of Cavendish and Dakota.

So far we’re not sure why they’re hated by the agency so much, but it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that it was due to some disastrous mistake that could’ve cost them their secrecy and possibly endangered lives. What if they messed with some sort of time altering device that they shouldn’t have and then fumbled it up in some way that caused all of Danville to slow their time relative to the rest of the world? The agency would try to cover it up as best they could, convincing people stuck in time that ‘gosh, this summer just seems to drag on, doesn’t it?’, at the very best leaving a few head scratches and mild confusion. Cavendish and Dakota would be shunned and hated by all other agents for causing such a devastating mistake; pushed to the side and given the most inconsequential task possible, so there was absolutely no chance of them being able to screw up time again.

Idk this may have all been said before by others but I don’t frequent the MML tag enough to have noticed. In any case I’m not entirely sure how well this all holds up, I was just trying to make sense of this inconsistency without just saying 'don’t think about it.’ It’s almost 1am and I need to get up at six tomorrow. I’m going to go to sleep.

staying afloat

For @rebelcaptainprompts prompt #8: “agony, fingers, and shiver” 

With a word like agony, do you really think this was going to be anything other than angst? I’ll do a part 2 if I feel nice

(also I unintentionally ended up using the words a lot oops) 

Word Count: 500 (no cut)

One. Two. 

Jyn sees stars, pain searing through her body. She collapses to the ground, groaning in agony, clutching at the blaster wounds. 

“Jyn!” Cassian’s voice breaks in anguish, as if he was physically sharing her pain. “Jyn!” His voice reaches her while he can’t, fending off the impending Imperials. 

Blood seeps through her clothing, a sickly warm feeling creeping up her side. She pulls her hand away and the tips of her fingers are stained a dark red. Her head spinning, she manages to drag herself out of the way of blasterfire. I have to hold on until he gets here

Steadying her breathing as best as she could, Jyn brings herself to peer at the wounds. She inhales sharply. It’s bad. She needed to be in a medbay in an hour at the latest. She tries not to think about what would happen if she wasn’t, attempting to shake Cassian’s agonized face out of her mind. They had fought so hard to stay afloat together, and she wouldn’t drown alone. I promise. 

Where’s Cassian? She tries to see the firefight, but she can’t lift her head. Swearing to herself, she leans against the closest wall and waits, undoing her scarf and pressing it against the injury, counting minutes in her head as the warmth of life leaks out between her fingers.

She’s cold, so unbearably cold, icy water lapping against her side. It was if the death that eluded her at Scarif was now breathing down her neck. The thought sends a shiver down her spine. 

When Cassian finally reaches her side, face streaked with dirt and eyes wide with concern, she can barely make out his face in the blurry haze of her mind.  

“Cass…” she gasps, unable to form his full name, trying to grasp at his face swimming in and out of her vision. Help

“I’m here, I’m here, don’t worry,” he murmurs, pulling out his medkit and working quickly to temporarily patch up the injury, his face a mask of neutral concentration. His fingers feel warm against her skin and her throat tightens, because wasn’t Cassian usually the cold one? 

Cass,” she tries again. He looks up at her from under his eyelashes, and Jyn catches a glimpse of the pure fear in his eyes. She feels like she’s being dragged underwater, and reaches out to Cassian to pull her up, desperate to keep afloat. Don’t let me go. 

He takes his hand in hers, their fingers intertwining together, both stained with blood - her blood. She’s shaking, shivering from cold, shock, and the sheer effort of hanging on to the remaining scraps of life. “I’ve got you,” he says, ready to hoist her up in his arms. “Hold on.” 

Jyn tries to nod and give him a reassuring smile - I’m trying - but it’s getting harder to keep her head up. She gives his hand one tight squeeze - I’m sorry -  before the waves pull her under. 

She never lets go of his hand. 

1 out of 4
  • Ronan: so 1 in every group of 4 guys is gay...?
  • Blue: from what i heard.. Yeah...
  • Ronan: well damn.. Then one of us is gay..
  • Blue: possibly
  • Ronan: i hope its Adam. Adam's fucking cute
  • Blue: ...
  • Gansey: ...
  • Noah: ...
  • Adam: ...
  • Ronan: what's up with your faces

“Why did you still love him even if you knew that he would leave eventually?” a friend who had no interest in that part of my life asked, leaving me dumbfounded.

“Everyone always has two choices. My first one was to ignore my feelings and regret not loving him while he was here. The other one is to regret loving him after he left.” I answered, memories of the past flooding my mind.

“And you chose the second one…”

—  excerpts from a book i’ll never write // lessons (#8) // for the record, i never regretted loving him

MISS A’s Min contract is expiring soon and JYPE has yet to release any information if she will be renewing or not.. If she doesn’t resign that could possibly mean that MISS A disband… JYPE also hasn’t mentioned if G.Soul will be renewing his contract either which sucks cause he’s about to go to the military soon. 2PM will start doing their military time soon as well. JYPE is saying good bye to their greatest acts honestly, there’s only so much that Twice and GOT7 can do. The reason I say that is because those are the only two popular groups in the company once the seniors leave, the solo artist aren’t being promoted like they should be, DAY6 are still slept on, plus there’s rumors of new groups will be debuting but probably not any time soon…. JYPE needs to stop being a mess.

that time yoongi went to his grandma’s house and had the time of his life :’^)

SUGA 150105

안녕하세여 슈간데여 할머니집왔는데 다행이 핸드폰은 터집니다 전기장판깔고 자니까 허니슬립함

Hello, this is Suga. I came to my grandma’s house, thankfully my phone still works (still has service). Because I slept with the electric mat, I had a honey sleep.

SUGA 150105

이정도면 귀양살이 급이라고 생각합니다 편의점갈려면 차타고 삼십분 나가야한데요 껄껄껄

If it’s going to be like this, I think it’s almost the same thing as being exiled. They said it takes thirty minutes by car to go to the convenience store ggul ggul ggul

SUGA 150105

다음엔 숲속에서 살아남기 책을 가져와야겠다 아빠 말로는 청송 산길을 걸어다녔다고 하는대여… 까딱하면 길잃겠슙…

Next time, I should bring a book on how to live in the mountains. Dad said that he came back from walking on the green pine tree trail…If I’m careless, I could get lost…

all trans credit: thejoonmoon

Monsta X as (Your) Family Members

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Shownu - The Dad

The ‘I believe I am a cool dad’ kind of dad to be more precise. He will try to impress your friends, you will find him behind you in your room dancing along with you to you songs and then he would make fun of you about being a terrible dancer. He pretends to be cool when he comes to pick you up and probably says stupid things that embarrass you ten years later. However, he’s very loving. He makes sure to be a part of your life and if anyone ever thinks of hurting his child - well, they better run for their lives because those muscles are coming for them. 

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Wonho - The older brother

He’s the hot older brother who brings his hot friends around and makes you hate him for exposing your home (terrible) looking self like that in front of them. All your friends fawn over him while you try to embarrass him in front of them. He introduces you to cool music and at times takes you out with him. He’s also protective as fuck. No on dares to touch his cute little sister/brother or else they’re dead. Probably the reason why you’re still single. Will always try to make fun of you and will love it when you fall for it and fight him. 

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Minhyuk - The Aunt 

Minhyuk is that cool aunt - probably unmarried or divorced - probably from the father’s side as well. She drinks her ass up, comes to pick you up when you have a fight with your parents and takes you out shopping regularly. She is the first one you’ll tell if there’s someone you like and she always has some cool advice up her sleeve which wows you. Very easy to talk you and it will not be a surprise to find her in the club you’re currently in dancing vigorously around. Also very deep especially when drunk. 

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Kihyun - The Mum 

Savage mum who is always complaining that you never help around the house. She probably talks shit to your face and tells you that you need to work a lot harder in order to be successful in life. She always complains about your dad and brothers. However, she loves your family a lot, and no one dares to say anything bad or do anything to her children or else she will take out that kitchen knife she keeps hidden at the bottom of the drawer. Nags too much but she’s always ready to help you with anything you need. - Probably will try to get you to date your nerdy neighbor or the cute looking shop assistant because ‘I DO NOT WANT TO BECOME A GRANDMA WHEN I TURN SIXTY’. 

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Hyungwon - The Cousin 

Him and your brother (Wonho) are the reason you think you are adopted into this family. He’s so damn good looking that you hate him for it. He tends to lock himself in the room for days but when he comes out he will be the friend you need. - Probably one of the friends your brother brings around - No one believes he is related to you because of his good looks. Appears randomly on magazines for some clothing line. A lot of people know his face but nothing else about him. You friends want to kill you for having such good looking family members. 

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Jooheon - The Uncle

The crazy uncle to be exact. He has kids of his own and even though he’s from your mother’s side he acts too much like your father. It will be your worst nightmare for you and your cousins to be seen out with him. He sings loudly in the street and is known by practically everyone in your town/city. He tells you that life is too short to worry about useless things. He would be a very good philosopher if he was not trying to be cool all the time. Would team up with your father when it comes to protection of all of you. Your mother refuses to call him her brother. 

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Changkyun - The brother 

Your twin/younger brother. Talk to no one in the family because he thinks he’s you’re all too stupid to be his relatives. Currently in his emo phase and you have no idea when he’s getting out of it. He ignores you at school and as soon as he gets home he will lock himself in his room. He eats by himself. Probably pretends to be important however he’s just a little shit. Argued with your cousin just ‘because!’. Probably only talks to your uncle but simply because your uncle annoys him too much that he brings him to his edge. - Your friends still think he’s good looking and awesome!! - 

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~ Lua

Okay but Andrew having different armbands for every occasion.

•At first Neil didn’t even believe Andrew owned more than two pairs of armbands. He even asked Renee about it and she confirmed. Later on, Andrew showed him his collection of armbands.

•For black tie events (pretty much only banquets): Yes it is still black, but more of an onyx black. They are “the least worn out” of all of them.

•For practice: These are the most tattered ones with visible dirt on them. No one really knows when the last time Andrew decided to clean them.

•The everyday armband: Great for a good smoke break on the roof, kissing your boyfriend, going on a stroll in the park, and the list goes on and on. The fabric is breathable and durable.