idk why i wasted time doing this

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why don't you draw ships that you don't ship?

Why don’t people who don’t like ice cream eat ice cream? Why don’t people who don’t like snakes have a snake as a pet? Why don’t people who don’t like latex trousers wear latex trousers? Why don’t people who don’t like westerns watch westerns? Because it doesn’t bring them joy and satisfaction, they don’t want to force themselves to do something only for someone else’s pleasure, wasting their free time for things they don’t feel happy doing. Sometimes you have to do something you don’t like because you have no choice, it’s normal, but I have a choice and I don’t want to draw ships I have absolutely no heart for. So I choose not to draw them. Isn’t it like… obvious?


so this account followed my acnl Instagram and honestly this just upsets me. people should be allowed to do whatever they want with THEIR game that THEY PAYED FOR! this discrimination against people who hack is getting very annoying and i’m honestly sick of it. if you don’t like someone’s town bc it’s hacked then don’t look at their town or their posts about their town. it’s so simple. sorry for this little rant i’m just getting tired of people that hack getting hated on in the acnl fandom. if anyone out there has an acnl instagram with a hacked town i would suggest you just block them before they follow you. hacking is never going to go away in the acnl fandom so idk why people like this waste their time trying to contact nintendo and reporting on the new softwares that makes hacking assessable. just grow up and mind your own business and stop worrying about what other people do to their towns…

Rainy Days and Teacups [Tom Holland Smut]

Requests: “Tom smut, where reader (or whoever) breaks up with her BF and runs over to Tom’s apartment so he can comfort her since they’ve been friends for years. Tom comforts her in more ways than possible after they confess their feelings for each other ;)” Anonymous
“694 + Tom Holland ;) literally cannot get enough.” Anonymous (from this drabble list)

Word Count: 2.4k+ ( I have no control)

Rating: M (explicit)

Trigger Warnings: Angst, unsafe sex, smut, break up??

A/N: I hope it is oke that i joyned these two requests, if any of you want me to do it separately I can totally write another one. Also this is a lot of plot, idk why i wasted so much time into this but the real smut is under a break.

You hesitated. Your fist a few inches away from Tom’s door. You took a deep breath and knocked.

“Coming” You heard his voice from the inside. You hoped the droplets of rain on your face would hide the tears on your eyes.

The door opened to reveal your best friend on a hoodie and loose sweat pants.

“Hey.” He said. “Victoria, you alright?” Tom looked worried as soon as you pulled the hood of your jacket back from your head, revealing your face swollen by crying.

You shook your head. “Can I come in?” You asked, your voice a mere whisper.

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~ i wanna sleep but i keep thinking about how my life is gonna whisk by and im just another speck in the worlds timeline~

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I'm starting to miss my ex again and it's killing me. We were in an on and off again relationship for 4 years and we broke up a year ago but I can't help but miss him. I tried texting him to talk and be friends but he screens me and never answers. I just want to talk to him and see if he's okay because I still care about him. He was my best friend and now he hates me. Idk what to do😕

Let him go. Why are you wasting your time on someone who doesn’t care about you? You deserve better darling. Try to move on. You will find someone better. 

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Why do you have so many troll anons? Like if they don't like you (which idk how; you're so funny), then why waste the time typing in your ask box? It's VERY annoying

Well the thing is, no matter who u are and what you do online, youre going to make some people angry/unhappy and gather some unexpected ‘haters’. You could be the nicest fucking person in the world and someone is still going to hate you. It just happens

Im actually completely unfazed by these anons though, sometimes i play their games, whatever, at the end of the day im always reminding myself that theyre just a sad lonely person who has nothing better to do with their day than to send salty messages to a 20 year old australian boy on the internet that theyre not too fond of.

But if its annoying and blocking ur dash ill come up with a 'mean anon’ tag or something for you (or anyone else) to blacklist so it wont pop up for ya! ✨

Does anyone know who the admin was/is for @fuckyesnathansummers ?

They haven’t posed in a long time and if they don’t come back I’m thinking I might start my own fuckyeahcable blog but it would be simpler if I could just take it over bc then what they’ve got on that blog wouldn’t go to waste? And they’re not responding to my asks so I’m assuming they haven’t been online (I wonder why?), so idk how I’d do that blep…

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what do you do about an insensitive psychiatrist? she is so smug and thinks that I'm always 100% psychotic and sometimes the voices and sounds I hear are so disturbing I sob and sob and she tells me to "get a grip" and idk who else to go to... what do I say to her that will demonstrate my issue?

in my personal experience, psychiatrists like this are unwilling to change and trying may be a waste of time. i recommend switching psychiatrists if you can. if not, you can try researching treatment ideas or medications and explaining why you think theyd be beneficial to you and how they directly relate to your symptoms. it also may work to remind her that like … you are seeing a psychiatrist because you’re likely having trouble functioning day to day and shes supposed to try to help you learn to “”“get a grip”“” yknow??? good luck w this 💕

idk i’ve watched far too many old tomb raider playthroughs lately and i love me some kickass european adventurers with matching colour schemes

i love being an artist i can just think about whatever i like and make it happen

i get why people are confused and angry, etc. but literally nothing this band does has ever made any sense whatsoever so i, personally, am not going to waste my time and energy being annoyed when i could be using it to discuss how smol and cuddly louis looks in his adidas getup but u do u 

Guys. Guys.

If you’re working on a comic and you have to draw your pages based on small thumbnail sketches that already look good and you can’t quit match them - scan enlarge and trace. I have wasted so much time. This is such a simple solution. What the hell why didn’t I think of this sooner?

Music Meme

You can tell a lot about a person from their music! 
1. Hit shuffle on your iPod / MP3 player / iTunes / etc. 
2. Put the first 10 songs! No skipping! 
3. Tag 10 people & pass it on 

I got tagged by @azraeltree. You better listen to all of these songs I wasted time linking kek

  1. Nym - Skeleton
  2. Mayhem - How I love
  3. Flight of the Conchords - Hurt Feelings
  4. The Megas - Can’t Stop the Top
  5. Arctic Monkeys - Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?
  6. ProleteR - It Don’t Mean A Thing
  7. OFF - Peppersteak [All Levels At Once]
  8. Sam Smith - Writing’s On The Wall
  9. Detektivbyrån - Om Du Möter Varg
  10. pLasterbrain - G★R★E★E★D★Y ft. Helen Kane

I tag uh… @inhale-the-sans, @bonegard, @feth uh idk. 

Don’t feel pressured at all to do this. The musics on my list happens to be hella. I’d 10/10 recommend all of these songs.

If anyone wants a link to the huge stream playlist I have, which I update constantly, here it is.

Idk why all the girls I know are so into guys…like guys aren’t that great? You’re 19/20/21 can you please chill and focus on school and get ahead so you can support your own damn self, if you will, please? You like the attention guys give you, I get it, but what is that attention going to do for you, unless you decide you’re ready to get married? Because guys at this age are crap, literally crap on the bottom of your shoe, and there’s no point in giving them the time of day/wasting your time thinking about them when they won’t last/are not even worth it. Literally you’re wasting your time. Both of you are.

i never let anyone see me like this, here we go–this is my face without makeup. 

i hate my face and my skin but i don’t want to do it another second. it’s a waste of time and suffering. years and years of suffering, dysmorphia, dysphoria. people always tell me not to wear so much makeup. here i am

it bears repeating–i have acne and it’s cute. i have acne and i am cute. cheers