idk why i trusted u

  • someone talking to me, a person w a personality disorder: open up!! talk abt ur feelings!! i can't love u if I don't understand!! dw your feelings are valid I promise to love you even w ur disorder!!
  • me: *pushes past my crippling trust issues & opens up about my symptoms, tries to explain how my brain works and how Person can help me minimize my symptoms*
  • them, slowly backing away: okay!! :)) ur feelings are valid!! :) i have to go but dw!! some1 will love u one day dw ! :)))

Touken Ranbu Graphics (1/?)
↳Yasusada, Hotarumaru and Sayo

❈Requested by digital-wings | Insp x | taken from wikia character page

i was just making ramen and thought of this but tbh at this point i wont reblog any posts accusing a certain person of being an abuser unless i personally know the person making the post because of how many abusers will accuse their victim of being the abuser and how many of them are really good at taking things out of context + painting the other person as the bad guy

its just too risky at this point imo