idk why i trusted u

  • someone talking to me, a person w a personality disorder: open up!! talk abt ur feelings!! i can't love u if I don't understand!! dw your feelings are valid I promise to love you even w ur disorder!!
  • me: *pushes past my crippling trust issues & opens up about my symptoms, tries to explain how my brain works and how Person can help me minimize my symptoms*
  • them, slowly backing away: okay!! :)) ur feelings are valid!! :) i have to go but dw!! some1 will love u one day dw ! :)))

Touken Ranbu Graphics (1/?)
↳Yasusada, Hotarumaru and Sayo

❈Requested by digital-wings | Insp x | taken from wikia character page

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dear leela would you mind helping me name my tortoise it is a tiny adorable baby and i can't think of a name for the life of me (okay that's not true i've thought about naming it artemis but idk)

i’m so bad w names :( :( :( why would u trust me w this :( artemis is so lovely ahhhh. i thought of franklin but that is already a turtle character so it’s v unoriginal. maybe fern .. i like the name fern .. it is so cute and reminds me of green things and so do tortoises iajoerjaowier