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Your expired yogurt parallel is spot on. Some ppl can stomach things others simply can’t. I’m surprised Sam has put up w/ this. I know I’ve heard you say he’s given reason to w/perks & whatnot. I believe you too but last few times felt different somehow. Even MM looks defeated in the latest pic. I thought they both did too in the selfie pic from the event from promo week. They look like they’re as tired of it as we are. Idk why in my mind that equated to a change but it did. Guess I was wrong.

His career is in its infancy. His big break happened to be with a group of execs who subscribe to a culture of micromanagement and image control. He’s paying his dues in an industry that uses weird, often fucked up currency. He doesn’t have to like it - and I doubt he does - but it’s how the game is played, and right now he’s neither a baller nor shot caller. That time will come but it’s not now and not with these people, so he’s doing the best he can in less than ideal circumstances. Rare is the person willing to put their job, reputation and livelihood on the line to tell their boss to go fuck themselves with a cactus. We all endure crap situations, lousy coworkers and soul-sucking days until we can move up the ranks away from it. That’s life. That’s work. That’s adulthood. It’s all just infinitely more bizarre looking in his profession.

Oh man……. This episode had me feeling some kind of way…. Now don’t get me wrong! I love Reiner and Bertholdt. I truly do! Even more so than Eren and Armin. I feel the same over Annie and Mikasa too! But back to my point…. Seeing Reiner break down and go through a panic attack of sorts….. Made me hurt for him so much more! Omg….. I really am afraid of (manga) Reiner from here on out, because that man’s emotions and mentality are only going to get WORSE! But if I’m being honest… I never realized how sociopathic and manipulative Bertholdt really is…. Trust me, this isn’t my first rodeo… At this time back in 2014, I already found out about all this back in the manga! But goodness gracious, actually watching it on tv and listening with my own ears…… The man truly had some mental control issues over Reiner! Don’t get me wrong….. I still ship them (I also ship Bertholdt and Annie too!) but I’m starting to wonder…. If that’s one of the reasons why Annie also kept her distance from those two? I mean I guess besides Mina and Hitch, she also confided a lot with Eren. Idk….. I’m getting all mixed up in my thoughts!!! I also can’t believe is will be one of the very last scenes we ever see Ymir again in…….. Fuck that makes me emotional! We all know what happens to her in the end……and…..I just…… It’s just not fair! Ymir reminds me a lot of Levi. Their stories are so parallel….. But I will elaborate more on that, next post!

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So it's April and thats the month of yorikos wedding , ch 125, and also became yorikos death month.. I think sensei gave us a link about Touka and yoriko , they have a pararell .. same thoughts about 'why do things have to be like this' .. and Touka accidently(or not?) Found the death letter .. that must be something bad happening between them.. idk just saying..

This post uses math to work out what the date is so I don’t have to. [x]

They put it at approximately 4/17. 

There are clear parallels being drawn between Touka and Yoriko. In the chapter alone, Touka’s stomach bothers her while Yoriko is starving.

There’s a few more parallels too. Touka and Yoriko are basically both being taken out as peripherals to Mutsuki’s grudge against Sasaki. Touka and Yoriko both get married in April to boys they had known for years before that point, but their relationship jumped suddenly into marriage. 

If it is April now then Kaneki and Touka’s talk happened sometime around either late February or March considering the clown raids concluded early February. Which means that Kaneki and Touka have been in a relationship for about two months before being married. Bujin suddenly asking Yoriko to marry him out of nowhere was also made explicit, it was even a sight gag that was recounted three times with Ui getting coffee spit in his face three different times.

Edit: As @coromoor pointed out also, Touka and Yoriko both have a reappearance in :re that heavily parallels each other, panel wise and situation wise. They both reappear working at cafes, and the two of them are both noticed and drawn emphasis by the eye of the man they would eventually marry. [x].

Touka and Yoriko have a lot of parallels to their situation right now. They’re both even trapped in a cage to an extent, Yoriko in a literal one, and Touka unable to leave the underground due to Goat’s hiding from the CCG. 

If anything the parallels show that despite being human and ghoul Yoriko and Touka are still connected. I doubt even with Touka’s decision to ignore Yoriko’s execution the two of them are really going to stay separated. That’s not really how the manga rolls. The difficult questions which Yoriko represents to Touka, those are things she has to face eventually. Which points to a reunion between the two characters, rather than one of them dying quietly. It’s almost like fate. The things you wish to ignore the most suddenly always rears it’s head up in front of you. 

have you guys ever really thought about both how both jbj and vixx have a song called fantasy? i love them both dearly so i got to thinking and lo and behold, theres a hell of a lot of parallels in the music videos

i looked further into the similarities and the songs are two (perfectly full) pieces of a whole… the songs are basically a conversation with each other. i know logically the two songs aren’t made “for” each other, but the idea that the songs are talking to each other just made me so happy.

jbj is speaking as the fantasy, so the whole idea is “i’m your fantasy” while vixx is talking to the fantasy (which in this case, would be jbj) saying things like “you’re my fantasy, it’s my fantasy, etc” 

its so… poetic together.  like.. okay. here are some more actual lyrics from both songs to prove my point further:

jbj: i am sweet poison, you can’t refuse or avoid me, no choices

vixx: you spread throughout my body, im drinking you in. the addiction that fills me, it pierces my heart.

vixx: if theres only one way thats opens, please save me, fantasy

jbj: the maze with many emotions, don’t worry. trust as you and follow me.

vixx:  ill give you my everything, so give yourself back to me, fantasy

jbj: when you call my name, i’m alive. i hope my voice is heard in your ears and heart

vixx: i only need to have you. 

jbj: take me as much as you want. i’m your fantasy.

vixx:  its all mine, its my fantasy…


I thought I was gonna die.
Not while I’m around.

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Hmmm, idk if i never drew parallels before but i went back to the comics on goth's origin and saw when Geno originally wanted to call goth 'Lotus' and instantly thought of how people have been calling Fell!Goth Lotus.. idk if this was mentioned before or smth 0-0

THAAAATT’S– exactly why Fell!Goth given name is Lotus! in underfell, fell!Geno is way more strict on that part! CONGRAST U GOT UR HEADCANON RIGHT!

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“Dici che tiene a te come tu tieni a lui. Allora perché non state più insieme?”
mi chiese impaziente.

“Ci amiamo l'un l'altro a modo nostro. Sì, è così. E non sono molto sicura sul perché non stiamo più insieme” risposi così velocemente che sentì un dolore al cuore. “Alcuni potrebbero dire che è per colpa delle nostre priorità. Altri direbbero che forse non è il momento giusto. Ma chi è che lo sa? Sono io? È lui? Non lo so. Non capisco neanch'io. Dicono che gli opposti si attraggono, mentre i simili fanno l'opposto. 
Ed è come se stessimo camminando su due linee parallele con in mezzo infiniti spazi tra di noi… e anche se uno dei due corresse più veloce, non riuscirebbe a incontrare l'altro al traguardo. 
Non importa quanto potremmo provare. 
Sai a volte il mondo sembra essere contro di noi”

Officially weirded out

I like listening to interesting or bizarre mysteries from IRL. I just learned of a whole thing called Missing 411, books written by David Paulides. If you search that term on youtube you’ll find a number of videos with interviews and other case studies, primarily of super strange disappearances of people in wooded areas.

I’m officially weirded out right now because of this:

I tried to put you right to the place where they start talking about it, at 2:04:20. Remember in ICoS where there’s that mystery in the Vermont woods? For 50 years people disappear in the same place with no known reason?

Well apparently Vermont is actually one of the places that has a cluster of disappearances in time and space. The IRL disappearances happened in 1926-1950 in the southwestern part of VT near Bennington, and the ICoS scene is set in Northern Vermont, so they aren’t in the same location. 

But when we wrote the whole VT scene, neither of us knew there actually is a legit thing with people disappearing mysteriously in the woods. In ICoS the locals mention this has been going on for 50 years, that the people go for a short errand and never return, and that dogs can always track them to the same spot but nothing can be found beyond that. IRL across the world, apparently that is also a thing, where the people who go missing oftentimes are either super good hikers/in good condition or are planning to go for only a short time and never return. But interestingly, I’ve already heard multiple stories where the dogs either can’t find a scent at all, or they catch a scent and they follow this seemingly impossible path before, also seemingly  impossibly, the trail goes suddenly cold. Some people are never found, other people are found but their bodies tell bizarre tales.

I’m fucking weirded out because we wrote that not knowing any of this shit happens IRL, and we accidentally wrote something not exactly like the clusters that happen IRL, but close enough to some of the trends IRL that it feels like it’s the sort of thing that could have happened, and could have been another unusual time and space cluster in Vermont for unknown reasons.

wtffff how did we keep accidentally writing shit in ICoS that was too creepily parallel to actual reality even when we had no idea at the time I don’t like itttttt

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Kristina help!! If you have some time (and if you don't, its ok, u can just ignore this!) could you please possibly link any blog posts about why S3 is so good (bc of parallels, details, etc.)?? My friend thinks S2 is the best season and idk how to explain why S3 is so good bc there's sooo many little details dhfkjehksdf

Hi! Well, if you need help to explain the uniqueness of this season, HERE’S a post with a person’s personal experience of this season and what it taught them (it’s very thoughtful!), THIS and THIS are great posts about the symbolism of the season. And THIS is the post with Isak x Even - Romeo + Juliet parallels which is beautiful. (And THIS is just small details of understated moments of Isak and Even’s relationship, it’s just very very nice). I hope this helps at least a little!

touka and kaneki/kirishima

okay, i’m scared. i was thinking. what if kaneki & touka end up being a parallel with touka’s parents?

because, touka’s mother used to kill humans and that resulted in her death later on. touka used to kill humans. kaneki has been compared to arata multiple times in the story by ayato, which is the original reason why ayato didn’t like kaneki. so what if, lets say touka gets killed and kaneki lives. what if ayato becomes like yomo, blaming it all on kaneki? like these are just dumb thoughts, but its worth thinking about

While You Were Sleeping Final Thoughts/ Review

I’m a cruddy reviewer because these are always rambly and finicky. Anyway I review just to get stuff out of my system more easily than through doodling.

Mr Choi’s death: Why did he have to die? Honestly, his story was resolved when Yoo Beum was sentenced, kill him right after? The only reason I can see is that it sets up Jae Chan and Hong Joo meeting at a funeral again…… Which is…. parallels done for little effect? Idk. Mr Choi’s death just wasn’t tearjerking for me, likely because though him and JC shared such a past and present cases together, it didn’t really convince me that he was that prominent a figure to JC’s life. Sooooo yeahhhh I’m not that fond of Mr Choi in terms of his relation to JC as someone who’d be suuuuuuuper important. 

Yoo Beum: Thank god they didn’t woobify him. Yeah, he could have had some tinge of guilt in the beginning but in the end he is bad. Mr Choi did pity him, although understandable I found it eugh at the same time. Mr Choi, you did the same thing as the pasttttt

Woo Tak’s resignment: UGH I FELT FOR HIM SO MUCH. The purest man ever on screen from ep 1 - ep16. Gosh, why is he so nice. Usually I don’t fall for the “perfect” men but he’s so sweet. Funny how such a simple hurdle for a character can seem to hold more emotional weight than a character’s death. (I’m looking at you Mr Choi) We knew from the beginning how much being a good cop meant to Woo Tak, he was such a model one! For him to lose it, the heartbreak was shared with us. Idk how to feel about the secret being his colour blindness. On one hand I’d say it was underwhelming because… well it was uttered from the lips of a murder suspect. On the other, it does determine whether or not Woo Tak would stay a cop or not. Though, this secret had little impact on the plot so I’ll say it’s still underwhelming. (like Mr Choi’s death. Sorry. I like Mr Choi but ehhhh still not convinced) I like the fact that we’re getting Lawyer Han at least. Bby is going to look amazing in a suit. 

Prosecutors’ wedding: CUTE so CUTe. Also, Jae Chan’s lil bro + his friend are so cute together wtf they have more chem than with so yoon from what we’ve seen HAHAH So Yoon as Hong Joo’s little sis is good. femme fatale hair flip is so extra idm it lol these dorks

HJ and Jae Chan’s wedding: I’ll be honest I’m salty we didn’t get the 3 dragons together. (expected but still) I’ll fool myself into thinking these marrieds have no where to go that’s away from family so they crash Woo Tak’s place regularly. hahaha. They cute, it’s sweet.

Overall Review of the series:

This show had a strong start but it started flip flopping in the middle and end. It didn’t quite know what to do with the endless possibilities of 3 people seeing the future of the person saved before them. At times, I think it wasn’t sure if it wanted to focus on romance, philosophies about justice or life lessons. At one point, Nam Hong Joo seemed to disappear from the overall manipulation of the plot, she became pushed into the role of damsel in distress and that was her only function. What happened to the crime solving that would happen because of her abilities? There was the growing irrelevance of her ability which annoys me since Woo Tak somehow had more weight on the drama’s plot (or lack thereof? Not complete lack but not really… there either). I think there was just overall flimsiness in handling the plot (Yoo Beum’s impact as the big villain for one).

Ah, *slaps hand* positives!! This show was still quite fun, (I still make aus of JC and HJ as Kim Shin and Wang Yeo’s quirky nephew + nephew’s gf) bits of humour resonated with me. Did drop some nice quotes, characters were likeable. Gave me a good OT3 pairing (to which I think I’ll form my own headcanons and storylines). Jung Jae Chan as a big mess with tons of flaws I absolutely loved. Overall, I had a good time with this series. Doubt I’ll rewatch it but I’m up for clips of the three dragons interacting! Always. They match so well together. 

(shhhh I might draw them kissing idk)


Alright. The backseat scene. I missed something but rewatching it just then OHMYFUDJVKSMIBG OKAY so Daryl and Rick are talking while Jesus is unconscious and Rick says to Daryl that he wouldn’t have gone through with leaving Jesus behind while he was unconscious, and Daryl says he would have. BUT, then rick says he KNOWS Daryl wouldn’t have, probably because he knows Daryl well enough to tell.
Then like, a little off topic, rick says ‘Almost as soon as we got to Alexandria you got here, you saw, you, and Michonne, Glenn, you all tried to tell me. So shut up.’ He then swerves the car slightly for the SECOND TIME to make Jesus’ head fall onto Daryl, then says 'because I’m finally listening.’
NOW. If we cast our minds back, what did Daryl, Michonne and Glenn all say about Alexandria? If memory serves, they all said in various ways that it was a GOOD THING, while rick remained skeptical. In fact, in 512 Rick was dead set against Deanna’s system of bringing new people in, because 'people measure you by what they can take from you’. Daryl in 610 has exactly the same attitude.
So what is Rick trying to say here?? My interpretation of this scene is Rick trying to push Daryl towards accepting Jesus in the same way Rick came to accept this new future; possibly as a member of the group (though not quite yet), possibly as a good guy or even just as not a completely awful one.
And think about the other aspects of the episode - Michonne and Rick becoming canon, Carl basically accepting Michonne as his surrogate mother, and Rick and Daryls episode-long discussion about letting new people in. It all seems very focused on the future to me - so why couldn’t Daryl and Jesus’ little 'episode’ be a part of this same trend? Not to mention the parallels between Daryl and Jesus’ first meeting and Rick and Michonnes first meeting.
Idk, I just had this revelation while watching and people probably already noticed but I just need to get it all out, but if this isn’t foreshadowing then FUCK knows what it is.

This doesn’t even fit with my art resource blog,,, I need to make a side one I have too many thoughts n feelings about this

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1x06 Stiles says “Don’t be such a sourwolf.” 1x11 Kate says. “Look at that sour face.” While talking to Derek chained up. A parallel I never see talked about but I love. One because you have Stiles saying it in teasing and playful while Kate says in a mocking him, obviously trying to get him worked. idk why i'm telling you just needed to share.

I find it especially fun since Dylan O’brien adlibbed the “don’t be a sourwolf” line and Jeff and the writers obviously liked it enough to run with it. I never really thought of it like that, but it’s just another thing to contrast Kate and Stiles.

  • Stiles obviously find Derek’s grumpy persona entertaining and is teasing him - Kate mocks him for it.
  • Kate views werewolves as monsters, Stiles don’t. He calls werewolf-gone-wrong Jackson aka the kanima an abomination, clearly indicating that he isn’t lumping Derek and the other wolves in the same category
  • Stiles saves Derek, Kate tries to kill him. 
  • Kate used Derek, Stiles respects him (and the one time he did use him, or rather his body to sway Danny, he was punished for it and learned not to do it again)
  • Kate uses Derek’s secrets (how she tricked him) against him - Stiles keeps his secrets.

There are probably more things that contrast then as well, but it goes to prove how opposite they are. 

Thanks for sharing :) 

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I just found this hairstylist on YouTube named Brad Mondo and he reacts to haircut/during videos and I immediately thought of The Rape of Lock. Like, why can I just picture Bakura reacting to hair fails? Idk, but I love it

I looked up one of his vids, and his hair in that one was platinum, so I can already see the parallel. I think the only difference is that Bakura would scream *a lot more* lol. The video I saw showed a guy getting his hair bleached right off his scalp, and I can imagine Bakura swinging his straight razor around and vowing vengeance on anyone who would even DARE TO TRY SUCH A STUNT! 

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it bothers me that so many people including you always headcanon drift as an idiot cause i know most of yall do it cause he is religious and because he used to be a drug addict lmfao you should be ashamed honestly

Yes I get why that would bother you, specially if it was for the reasons you’ve listed here and in a different situation I’d probs be 100% with you but:

a) I barely talk about headcanons/make post about them so idk where you’ve picked up that I ‘hadcanon drift as an idiot’ cause I really don’t. (And I’m in fact kind of curious as to why/where you thought I did? Was it a couple jokes I may have reblogged? What a mystery)

b)Not to seem rude, I guess, but what parallel universe you are living in/which blogs you follow because I can assure you that while a lot of people agree in Drift not being the brightest person alive I’ve never seen anyone say it’s cause he’s religious/was a drug addict? Like, this ask has been the first time I’ve ever heard about it? So unless we move in very different circlesthe only reason for this I can think of is that no one is actually saying that but still that’s the only explanation for Drift not being super intelligent you can come up with, which…. tbh…. doesn’t say much about you…

this scene

reminded me of this scene from the manga

that parallel tho.

Atsushi receives a praise from Dazai, a praise in which Akutagawa had long yearn for but has not received it (yet).

Akutagawa states, why is it you? 

Atsushi has the Detective Agency, a place where he belongs to, and even if he messes up/fails something, they won’t throw him away. Lucy, on the other hand, has the Guild- the only difference is that when she messes up or makes a mistake, she’s to be thrown away.

Lucy also says, hey, why is it you? why not me?

protect these three children

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I've been going through sarasarai's lovely blog and she brought something up now that the Dean killing Cas spec has resurfaced, that wouldn't that parallel Cain/Abel and therefor establish Dean/Cas as platonic? I mean Cain and Abel's story was actually why I've always been thinking Dean is going to kill Sam because i thought there had to be a reason why their storys where so similar? idk I really dont have much knowlegde of those things

Anyone who still follows both me and sarasarai would know that we have two very different outlooks/reads on the season divine narrative. When it comes to platonicizing the Dean/Cas relationship, I personally believe the writers are way past that point and no single event can “platonicize” the relationship. Now, when it comes to Cas’ season divine finale fate, no matter what happens (our individual outlooks), whether Sam dies OR Cas dies, there’s going to be two readings for each: one romantic and one platonic, depending on how you view the tapestry of the narrative.  

Dean kills Cas?  

  • “Oh no!  Dean killed the person he has romantic love for, just like Cain killed Colette!”
  • “Oh no!  Dean killed his brother just like Cain killed Abel!”

This is the same for Sam.  Some will compare Sam to Abel, others will compare him to Colette (just like they did when the episode aired).  The narrative has shown the First Blade to kill both brother and lover.  It can be argued that the bigger focus has been on the lover bit since Sam, and only Sam, has shown worry over the brother killing bit (most of this is visual subtext: Sam looking up Cain killing Abel information on his laptop, Sam sleeping with his hand on his gun even when he’s sleeping in “the safest place on the planet”), while the lover bit, of course, got a whole textual episode around it.  

I don’t know what else to say about this.  There’s going to be two readings no matter what IF it happens (and I don’t think it will).