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hmm… cypress bronte hasn’t been active on instagram ‘til recently (or has he?)

headcanon: cypress bronte deleted any vaguely teddy king related photo on his instagram after their death (there used to be A LOT more posts on his insta)

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Know yourself

YOOOOO this sounds pretty cool and since I was tagged I thought why not  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯?

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Rules: answer the questions and ask 20 people/awesome followers you would like to know better

Name: Kayla ;)
Nickname: Boo, Kay, hoe
Birth month: December! (Merry christler)
Height: 5'4 (I’m short)
Ethnicity: Mexican
Orientation:???? Aromantic I guess ¿¿¿¿
Favorite vegetable: um…pass?
Favorite book: idk, I have too much I like
Favorite season: FALL! (bugs can go back to hell where they belong)
Favorite scent: caramel
Favorite animal(s): literally all animals (except birds, they can be assholes)
Favorite beverage: chocolate milk (IDC how old I am I still love it!)
Average hours of sleep: 6-7 hours I guess
Favorite fictional character: TOO MANY!
Number of blankets I sleep with: 2 usually.
Dream trip: Rome, Italy!
Blog created: 3-26-17 I think, my main blog was..idk I had it for like 2 years

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I was tagged a thousand years ago by @itsmagical Thank you very much!
(You got me curious about your name and why you think it fits you so well)

Rules: Answer the questions then ask 11 of your own!

1. Do you want to have kids?
I don’t. Not at all. I want nieces. It’s like kids, but just the good part.

2. If so, what name would you give them? If not just tell me some names you like idk
This is actually one of the reasons why I don’t want to have kids. They’d all have ridiculous names. Évariste, Catherine, Ashley, Hindley, Eleonor… Not because they are ridiculous per se, I think they are beautiful names and I love the people or characters who have them, but because it’s not something you call your kids here if you don’t want people to stare at them. The poor kids would hate me. If I were to have a son I wouldn’t be surprised if I named him Évariste Regulus…

3. What are some tv/netflix shows you enjoy?
Hmmmm… I have fun watching Game of Thrones. I’m watching Anne now and I’m liking it. I used to love a series called Burn Notice. It was about something like a MacGyver spy who had to macgyve because he was broken.

4. What are your favourite movies?
I love Amelie, East of Eden, Barefoot in the Park, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Empire Strikes Back, For a Few Dollars More,…

5. What do you like to eat?
I don’t really like to eat. To be honest it disgusts me quite a lot when I think about it. It’s introducing something inside your mouth to crush and slobber and finally swallow. Aggg…
There are things that taste good though. I like lasagna, chocolate, cherries, spicy food, and basically fruits and vegetables.

6. Can you cook?
I’m better at baking. I can cook if I have the recipe. And I’m better at a little more elaborated recipes than I am at the easy ones. There’s no way I’m able to fry an egg, for instance.

7. What languages can you speak?
Spanish, Italian, English and French. I read French quite well and can write it, but I haven’t spoken it for five or six years so I bet it must be awful now.

8. Who is your favourite famous person? :o
I think I idolise people so I’m not sure the famous people I like are actually people and not just another character. No-one is Robert Redford. Not even Robert Redford.

I do like my idea of Robert Redford, though. And the idea I have of Paul Newman or Audrey Hepburn. And James Dean was so cute and so awkward. I dislike Captain America, but the man playing him seems very nice and adorable, like a little spoonful. I like Bob Dylan and Franco Battiato too. Hedy Lamarr seems to have been pretty much perfect. And I would have married Lope de Vega, Galois or maybe Voltaire, because he was so funny.

9. Is it hot or cold where you live?
It’s famous for how hot it is.

10. Can you sing or dance?
I’m awful at dancing. I’m better at singing, but I don’t know if I’m good enough to say I can sing.

11. Do you own any pets?

My questions
1. If you could be any character, who would you choose? Or would you prefer to be you?
2. Why?
3. Forget Pottermore or any test. In what House do you think you’d be sorted? Why?
4. Is it the same House you thought you’d be in the first time you read the book? Was/is it your favourite House?
5. Again, forget Pottermore. Reading the book what did you imagine your Patronus would be? Why?
6. Is it the same Pottermore gave you? Which one do you like best? Which one fits you best? Why?
7. What memory would you use to conjure it?
8. If you could go back in time and meet someone, who would you choose? Why? What would you do? What question would you ask them?
9. Or would you rather meet someone in the present? Who? Why? What would you do? What question would you ask them?
10. With what fictional character would you spend a day? Why? What would you do?What question would you ask them?
11. Are they your favourite character? If not, why didn’t you choose them instead?

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kageyama bros fight!

occasional-sea-singer  asked:

how noodly can we get with a child from Excalibur and Aria [Primarina on here]

Looks like a very Noodley Seal pup! And Ex would like to inform you Aria is pretty cute so He does not mind this crackship as much as some other ships




OKAY UHM FIRST OF ALL I BIT OFF MORE THAN I COULD CHEW, I WAS GONNA DRAW ALL OF THEM. LIKE ALL OF EVERYONES CHARACTERS, AND THEN HALF WAY THROUGH DRAWING THIS I THOUGHT TO MYSELF, HOW IN THE HELL WOULD I BE ABLE TO DO THAT? SO U  H NAH. sorry ;; these are the only characters i got done. 25 people. idk i feel kinda bad but i just dont think id be able to do such a task- so uhm ye here you go. im sorry its shit xD like its all messy,,,

vg stuff belongs to @blogthegreatrouge  also if u ever see my submission, his name is actually bob. bob is his name, not max. its bob. AND NOW THE TAGGING WILL COMMENCE

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AHHH don E


Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories

Friends & Family appreciation!

i want to compliment ALL my mutuals & my friends.
because my anxiety kills me (thanks anon)
mostly because i don’t contact people often,i just want them
to know how much they mean to me.
that i see them as ACTUAL friends. 
yes this is kinda like a follow forever. just with compliments!
this is a  hella  long list! so i’m so sorry.
i’m bad with telling your personality,so i’m so sorry.
i didn’t wanna leave anybody out.
family = bolded (basically means people i see as my real life friends)
friends = italics (means that we might not talk alot,but you still mean alot to me)

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a court of thorns and roses: the seven courts of prythian

the spring court’s high lord is tamlin 
the summer court’s high lord is tarquin 
the autumn court’s high lord is beron
the winter court’s high lord is kallias
the dawn court’s high lord is unnamed
the day court’s high lord is helion
the night court’s high lord is rhysand

So I was scrolling through tumblr and found out it’s sasusaku week and got nostalgic. 

Look I haven’t seen Naruto in 10 000 years but I can clearly recall what was the moment I thought I really might like this ship and voila whole 15 minutes of doodling. It’s super sketchy and colours are meh but this was about speed ok? I have Minato-ed my way through this memory so anyway

SasuSaku Week Day 1: Favourite canon moment 

Im probably the only one who does this
  • Lemony goodness fanfics: -Insert hot as hell make out scene-
  • Me: oh... my
  • Fanfic: -insert dirty talk here-
  • Me: ...why can i hear them-
  • Fanfic: -Dude fucking moans-
  • Me: Forgive me mother for i have sinned.

@danielhowell‘s worst nightmare:

spicy llama placenta topped with Maltesers in the shape of an XD, served with a side of gender rolls, all of it made by Delia Smith. This concoction is called: Hello Internet. 

I’m actually sorry I don’t even know why I’ve done this I’m so random tonight

I tried to post this twice and it vanished both times (?) so here I go again, sorry it’s long-ish.

Towards the end of last semester, I wrote a 5 page essay talking about the importance of LGBT+ representation in all media and why it’s needed. This past year, we’ve been fortunate enough to see a few people who took advantage of their platforms and showed off some wonderful characters that people can really relate too, and I hope I can be that one day too. I want to make characters that are unique and complex enough for specific audiences, for peculiar people, so that everyone can have fun and enjoy the stories that I produce some day. I want people to cry over them and to be filled with joy that, my god, they’re being represented when they never thought they would be.

If you haven’t read any of @gutter-guy-supreme’s zines, I highly recommend you do. This characters design was inspired by their latest one (hope you don’t mind bud). In it, they talk about their personal experience identifying as non-binary and that’s just what this character is. Non-binary. Charlie talked about how a lot of people have this preconceived idea of what a non-binary person looks like and how people think it’s a half and half spectrum of girl/boy. And It really opened my eyes a bit.

So sitting in my first period class, I came up with the concept for a character who can teleport only through backpacks/bags/purses, and this ends up getting them in some odd and tricky situations. It’s Just a character who fuckin jumps through portals that only they can see in people’s bags, who sometimes goes to class, and could live an average life, but makes it hard on themselves by putting themselves and their friends in dangerous situations, but,,, They’re constantly searching for things that make them happy and are trying to give themselves reasons to strive. They fuck things up. They want to be better for themselves.

I’m excited to work on this character bc I hope they see the light of something some day. I hope most of my characters can ?? Go somewhere ? anyway, thanks for reading and check out @gutter-guy-supreme’s stuff. I’m gonna try and start posting more of my original stuff whether or not ppl are interested. Sorry if this is a bit silly, I’m just a boy w ambitions

The villagers were all staring at him expressionlessly. Coldly. The village head threw the bright red fabric at his feet. Her cruel expression was shrouded in darkness.

“Leave!” she barked. “Leave and let the wolves be done with you.”