idk why i post these really late at night

Yandere!Kara x Ichimatsu Comic

This is that “angsty” comic that I spent way too long on i dont know why, it’s not even that angsty anyway.. under the cut for yandere and abuse. It’s not crazy or anything, but still there.

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My phone vibrated and i was like yes! a friend possibly? I am not alone!…. turns out it was an email from tumblr saying congrats on a solid 10 posts on tumblr.

I’m honestly kinda surprised that Esme dated Olaf at all bc isn’t she realistically way out of his league? Do you really think that a guy like Olaf, who gives zero craps about his appearance or personal hygiene, not to mention looks like he just rolled out of bed at all times of the day, would actually end up with a debutante like Esme, who is super conceited, vain, and self indulgent?

Then again, I guess in the Snicket universe, nothing is really impossible. But their unlikeliness as a compatible couple and the fact that they actually can pull it off is what makes them so entertaining to me.

I have too i guess?

★Nickname: Halha is the one I remember most, my mom friend gave it to me :>

★Star sign: Libra 

★Height: 5′8″

★Time right now: 12:17 AM cause late night papers

★Favorite music artist(s): Can’t get enough of Jack Johnson/Ed Sheeran rn, love that cute shit

★Last movie I watched: The Princess Bride (technically)

★Last TV show I watched: uhhhhh probably something like Stranger Things? Idk really

★What are you wearing rn: Free t-shirt and jeans #college life

★When did u make this blog: idk lmaooooo

★What kind of stuff do you post: lotta trash, sometimes fashion

★Do you have any other blogs: nah, I just horde weird URLs

★Do you get asks regularly: nope

★Why did you choose your URL?: I fuckin love yu gi oh m8

★Gender: girl

★Hogwarts house: Gryffindor B)

★Pokemon team: Mystic cause I’m a nerd

★Favorite color: Blue

★Average hours of sleep: Like, 6?? Depends on the homework

★Lucky numbers: 7 cause I’m a hack

★Favorite characters: Uh I can only think Zevran from DA:O rn so let’s go with that

★How many blankets do u sleep with: 1, sometimes 2

★Dream Job: Scientist babes ;y

and i don’t tag anyone cause im boring