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headcanons for asanoya maybe?

Ooohhh I’ve never done asanoya so this was fun!

1. Noya uses Asahi as a pillow all.the.time. He loves using Asahi’s stomach to rest his head on, which is one of the reasons he kinda likes Asahi with a bit of chub and purposefully feeds him a lot.  

2. After watching Dirty Dancing, Noya demanded they try that lift and after many failed attempts they actually perfect it and end up learning the entire final dance routine. 

3. Asahi hates scary movies but Noya loves them. Whenever it’s Noya’s turn to pick a movie and he picks a scary one, Asahi sits behind Noya so he can bury his face in Noya’s neck at the scary parts. 

4. Because Noya loves Asahi’s shaggy hair, he’s watched countless hair braiding tutorials on youtube so he can braid Asahi’s hair. Asahi loves it.

5. Noya gets super sleepy when drunk and one time (at a party Asahi couldn’t attend) someone had to call Asahi to come pick Noya up because he’d passed out–barely 45 minutes into the party.

6. Being with Noya for so long, Asahi has become more confident and he engages in pulling pranks with his boyfriend more often. Their main targets are usually Tanaka and Hinata.

7. Noya hates it when anyone calls him tiny but he loves it when Asahi calls him that. 

8. During rainstorms, the two will sit in their balconies with a nice cup of hot chocolate, courtesy of Noya. 

9. Noya hates doing chores and it takes a lot of bribing on Asahi’s part of get him to work. The bribe usually consists of his favorite food, foot massages and endless kisses.

10. One time, Asahi almost crushed Noya when they were sleeping. He felt so terrible that he slept with a pillow between them for a week but Noya hated the separation and forced him to remove it. 

11. Noya loves picking out Asahi’s clothes and he has really good taste. Asahi always wears what Noya suggests.

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Hey Cap! I just wanna say I love your use of repetition in your writing! Idk how to describe it, but they really set the tone in my head or like coating the scene with warm-glow-fuzzies? (sorry that makes no sense). Anywho, THANK YOU FOR BEING AMAZING and also letting us in on the small bits of your personal life, it really gives us young'ns hope that we can find such awesome love one day too

Holy crap it makes perfect sense, that’s literally why I do it!!! Thank you sooooo much for saying so: I’m often very insecure about it, because I know it’s a highly subjective thing…. thank you so much!!! :D 

And yes!!! There is hope for ye young’ns, I promise!! I’m sending you soooo much love!!! <3 <3 <3 

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #16
  • Phil: Dan, I bought you a pet
  • Dan: *excited* omg show me
  • Phil: *gives him a moth in a jar*
A Voltron (head cannon) Thing

Lance and Keith: [arguing]

Pidge to Hunk: I can see what’s happening.

Hunk: What are-

Pidge: and they don’t have a clue they’ll fall in love and here’s the bottom line; our trio’s down to two.

Hunk: [look of realisation] oh, we’re doing that.

Pidge: the sweet coress of twilight. There’s magic everywhere and with all this romantic atmosphere, disasters in the air.


Lance and Keith: [now stop fighting.]

Keith: [looks confused and embarrassed]

Lance: I hate all of you. [walks away to hide his blush]

Wow another AU..Who is surprised..

Anyways I really hope no ones thought of this before, and forgive me if this already exists.. But I was thinking, and wanted to create this one where basically Irkens aren’t so advanced and live in tribes. And humans get advanced to the point where they can actually travel to far away planets, and Dib is part of a crew of people going to Irk to explore and study it. When they get there they split up to cover more ground and Dib happens to have a run in with one of the natives of the planet..which is, you guessed it, Zim lol


powerful old married couple in space are judging you

….i reiterate - dragon ball super is the best thing that’s ever happened to me

Quality ML Tropes
  • “Tikki I am so in love with Adrien Agreste” “Ok well then why don’t you talk to him?” “no”
  • “Gosh Nino Marinette is such a good friend. She’s so friendly! I really appreciate her in my life!” “That’s awesome man you should tell her that, I think it would mean a lot.” “Uh….no”
  • “Tikki I really do love Chat Noir but I wish he would stop flirting with me. I don’t reciprocate his feelings and it makes my life so much more complicated because I worry all the time about letting him down.” “Maybe say so? He’d never do anything to make you uncomfortable on purpose!!” “Oh, I couldn’t-”
  • “Plagg do you think that Marinette has a crush on me???” “idk kid why don’t you ask her?” “nO!”
  • [post accidental reveal] “TIKKI Adrien can’t possibly like me for me !!!!!!!!!!!! He only loves me because I’m ladybug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t possibly be together with him my HEAR TIS BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Or what if. And i might be stretching here Marinette but what if. You had an open and healthy dialogue about your feelings and concerns to resolve this issue” “nO TIKKI WHY WOULD I EVER-”

sometimes i feel like it suddenly became ~cool~ in this fandom to like…not be super enthusiastic about sarah’s books? and to always use disclaimers like “well, it’s sarah so *rolls eyes* obviously the prose was terrible” or “idk like this is good for ya fantasy” or….idk, just stupid stuff like that. I feel like people are afraid of enthusiastically loving these books, because if you admit you love them too much then like shame on you for daring to enjoy something that doesn’t check all the tumblr boxes on what “unproblematic” media is. 

and that so shit??? because this is fandom and so while we are always going to have criticisms, we should never be afraid to love this thing enthusiastically. LIKE IS THAT NOT WHY WE ARE ALL HERE?

and I feel myself doing it sometimes and it’s like wait…stop, no I actually really love these books, and there isn’t really a “but” in there. there’s room to criticize but there shouldn’t ever be any room to feel ashamed of really loving something, despite or even because of its flaws. 


and i refuse to adjust my enjoyment of something simply because this hellscape of a website wants to tell me that i am a bad person/uncritical reader for enjoying it as much as i do. 

so when the ny times reports about duterte being practically responsible for over 7k random deaths in one year, in metro manila alone i might add, y’all r silent af

but one guy decides to write about his (again, very EXTREME) lifelong experience with his house help in the atlantic and suddenly y’all are up in arms???? suddenly the philippines is a relevant country and u suddenly KNOW EVERYTHING about what goes on here???

dear arohas

A huge part of you is in awe.

You look at these six boys and wonder, for days and weeks and months, how six boys could mean so much to you in less than a year. You, who has been there since their days of being confined to just the training rooms, and you, who stayed through the cringe-worthy episodes of To Be Continued (and Clap Clap). You’ve been there by their sides during the most important time of their lives and still loved them for all their cheek and socks over jeans. You loved them all the same.

And even if you weren’t there before, even if you had stumbled across these six boys without meaning to on a random, beautiful day, even if you decided to love them midway through their Summer Vibes or Confession eras, you are here, and that is all that matters.

You wonder how it happened and why it did. Idly, you think that the reason you love them so much is probably because of the way they just are. You love them for how they’re just happy to be able to do what they love, and you love them because they’re just– themselves. They are not afraid to be themselves.

Then you backtrack and realise you don’t really need a reason, do you? You just do. That is all that matters.

Three years, five years, ten years from now, you’ll still be here. You’ll look back at the first time you met these six boys and wonder where the days have gone, and then you’ll look forward to the days that wait for you both. You will still be here, and they will always be here for you, too.

Nothing could ever be quite as wonderful.

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