idk why i like this scene

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Why do I want to be in love so bad. I want somebody to hold me and keep me safe and want to keep me forever, but life's not like a fanfic, and I have to write about 10 more scenes for my script that's due tomorrow. Help me gracious and wonderful fanfic creator.

ahhh everyone wants love dude, hopefully it’ll come!! and ahh idk how i can help you without any context or anything DD:


Jared Leto + SS behind the scenes (club scene)


there’s literally nothing about this scene that I don’t like… I think my favourite part is dianna breaking character and laughing after chord bumps into her though


Idk about you guys, but I think one of saddest/realest scenes in fmab is when ed and al are waiting outside the room where winry is delivering the baby in rush valley. At first I was like why are they so uncomfortable? And then it hit me like a dump truck loaded with five tons of bricks. This situation reminded them of when their mom was dying. She was probably in pain, and there was nothing they could do about it. The fact that they’re so young to be involved in the military was thrown around casually or for comic relief up until this point, but this is the first time where we really see how young they are. It reminds them of someone they failed to save not once, but twice. It’s hard to tell with al, but ed just curls up and covers his ears, just like a little kid. Every time I see this scene now I just can’t get that out of my head (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Sorry that was longer then I intended. Just something I was thinking about.

Okay so @c-0-i-n-s and I have been talking a lot about Sherlock theories and oh boy.

Y'all know how Molly was dating Tom, one of the snipers Moriarty hired? I just remembered her saying ‘he’s not from work, we met through friends’ like what if that 'friend’ was James? If she knew that Moriarty was bad after all the shit that went down, why would she then proceed to date someone she met through him? How does she know she can trust anyone she met through him? Also why didn’t Moriarty target Molly?

I’ve actually been thinking about that a lot the past few weeks after rewatching the show. Like, what if Molly is in contact with James’ brother?

Also, that scene they filmed with Moriarty and Molly for S4. What even was that. Was that a flashback, or is that his brother idk man.

I’m probably looking way too far into things, but idk this show has me thinking about a lot lately also I’m running on three hours of sleep this time so my mind is all kinds of awake and jumbled so please forgive my rambling.

Ok so I’m still screaming into the void over the new episode right now, but I want to get out my idea for why Junko seemed excited and happy to see Ryota.

Obviously Ryota’s a widely known animator (I’m assuming?) so once Junko saw him maybe she got the idea that maybe he can bring Monokuma’s general “character concept”, I guess you can say, to life? Like actually give Monokuma color and animation on how he would walk in real life and stuff like that.

Idk it’s just a theory and we really didn’t get a lot from that one scene, but I was really surprise at Junko’s reaction towards him and I really can’t wait to see what happens next (we’ll all probably suffer though)

Tell 10 facts about yourself

I was tagged by a cool ass person @eternaldragonslayer thanks babe

10 facts about myself

1. I am a procrastinator and I’m proud (gotta say it like spongebob)
2. Some emoticons makes me cringe. Like this one “:3” Idk why I just really have a burning hatred for that one. Like it’s too cutsie for me and ugh I’m just not a cutsie or affectionate type person. Like sometimes hugging gifs from anime scenes makes me cringe cause no. Just stop. Please. Begging you don’t do that to me. I hate the term “huggles.” I just hate cutsie shit in general so don’t even try cause I swear to goodness gracious I will fight you.
3. I have so many nicknames. Connie is actually a nickname however I’ll forever consider it as my real name. Other nicknames would be Yolanda and Cinnamon(I love cinnamon)
Along with burger -_-
4. Rin Okumura is my precious son. Gray is my husband along with Levi Ackerman. Juvia Lockser is my queen
5. I cried at fairy tail like 4-5 times cause I’m a lil puta. Fantasia parade had me bawlin
6. Grey’s anatomy and gossip girl are my favorite shows like go watch em
7. I am African American and my first language was sarcasm. I mastered it don’t you think. Like I love how I’m sarcastic and I have a monotone/deep voice. How perfect is that
8. I wear glasses. I am quite blind. Very blind. Practically legally blind I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m lowkey Tina/Velma(my friends call me that cause I always lose my glasses)
9. I play or used to play piano. I mean I still do but I don’t take lessons. I normally just play whatever I want on the piano AND I KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE FAIRY TAIL THEME SONG SO LIKE IF YALL WANNA HEAR IT, I IS WILLING TO DELIVER. I also know Unravel. Currently learning how to play Masayume Chasing. Speaking of music, I am also Britney Spears trash AND SHE IS PERFORMING AT THE VMAS LIKE I CANT WAIT
10. Mountain Dew is my life. I love mt dew. Also snapchat is my life. Clearly tumblr is but we not gonna get into that

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I think that Dylan was uncomfortable in st*lia sex because he didn't agree with that (he's totally right), he said that once. That's why I think in stydia sex would be different, he likes them together and they had development, they didn't just met and had sex. So I hope that both, Dylan and Holland, give us what we want. Please, just pay us after all that horrible m*rrish scenes, ew.

Well, he only said that about the Eichen scene, but I think that in general DOB isn’t the hugest fan of doing sex scenes. I don’t really think he likes making out with people even though it’s for work. 

But I really hope he’ll pull through for Stiles, as you said, and I think logically it really does make sense that Stydia would get a makeout scene. Every other ship did? 

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Why do people keep saying this version of joker and harley isn't abusive? In a deleted scene he did slap her, he left her to die (even if he knew batman would save her he was depending on someone else to save her not good) and gave her electric shock therapy. Like just because he isn't slapping her in every scene doesn't mean he isnt abusive, there's a lot to explore. And im not hating on you at all, i love your blog but idk this just confuses me.

That’s alright, I can understand why you might be upset or confused by this. And thank you for liking my blog. :)

With the deleted scene- yes, they did fight, and he did slap her. However, that scene was cut from the final movie. And it was cut for a reason, meaning, from what we can tell, that it’s no longer meant to be considered canon. As well as all of the other cut scenes (like him supposedly getting mad and shoving her out of the helicopter). Does that make the fact that it even happened okay? No. But it does show that they decided to go with a much less abusive version of their relationship for the DCEU.

I don’t agree with the fact that there is absolutely, 100% NO abuse whatsoever between them. I do feel that there is supposed to be an implied element of emotional/mental abuse involved, as well as possibly some mild physical abuse that we just don’t see. Especially since both Joker AND Harley are incredibly clever, highly manipulative, and just downright cruel.

But we have to remember that this is a very different version of their relationship where the love and obsession is actually mutual, meaning that they likely somewhat treat each other as equals. Joker LOVES Harley. I honestly don’t care what anybody says- if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know that’s true. He will literally do ANYTHING to get her back, no matter how extreme. And so it really wouldn’t make sense for them to have him be so in love and obsessed with her and then just treat her like a piece of shit all the time. It would make sense to fans like us, who already understand that he does love her, but he doesn’t ever want to admit it and he can’t express his feelings normally, so he takes everything out on her with violence. But the mainstream audience would just not understand that at all. So, they obviously had to go more of a “Bonnie and Clyde” route as the outright physical abuse made test audiences uncomfortable and tense.

Like I said, I do think that there’s an element of emotional or mental abuse that comes from both of them, but it doesn’t seem like there’s much violence between the two. Every now and then when Joker’s super pissed? Probably. Or when Harley’s annoyed and decides to fight back like she does in the comics? Sure. But I don’t think that DCEU!Joker would just start beating Harley randomly simply for the hell of it. He cares about her, even though he would never actually want to admit it.

You also need to remember that they’re both criminally insane murderers who look like clowns. They clearly have mental health concerns to some degree, and no relationship between them could ever be healthy, no matter what. They’re both villains! That’s the life they want to live! And though things clearly get a little rough between them sometimes, and though it’s super weird to think of, this version of them is meant to be perceived as less violent and abusive and more loving and reckless.

That’s just my own take on it, though. And I understand why some people might not really be able to grasp this, as it’s a totally new and unique concept for them as characters and as a couple that we’ve never seen before. But frankly, it’s a concept that really drew me in and that I absolutely cannot wait to see more of in the future of the DCEU.

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Before I watched TW, I saw a gif on tumblr of Lydia in math class doing a problem (solve for x) and someone said "why couldn't she just factor it instead of using the quadratic formula?" (Not exactly those words). That made me laugh so hard and I wondered what this show was. I started watching TW and when I got to that scene, I was like "Omg it's that one tumblr post I saw...factoring is easier why'd she do all that?"😂Idk if you remember that scene but I just wanted to share this haha

lol, I am such an english kid I literally never caught that. Fair enough, anon :) My genius daughter likes to show off. 

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For the character ask... how about Laertes!

·         Why I like them

Super cares for Ophelia, like in exactly the same way Hamlet doesn’t. Fucking gets on with murdering/revenging in exactly the same way Hamlet doesn’t. Told Hamlet about Claudius even though Hamlet was a Gigantic Cock to him.

·         Why I don’t

Idk man Laertes is pretty decent. He’s a bit overprotective of Ophelia, thinks he knows best about Hamlet, won’t take her word for him…

·         Favorite episode (scene if movie)

When he comes back from France and tries to fuckin take over Denmark. In the recent RSC production he abseiled in from a helicopter it was fucking dope.

·         Favorite line

“Drowned? Oh, where?” just the way the guy at the RSC did it, he was so quiet, so incredulous.

·         Favorite outfit

Haven’t seen an ‘incredible’ Laertes costume yet so I can’t really put anything here.

·         OTP

Him and Osric!!!!!!

·         Brotp

Him and Ophelia <3 <3 <3

·         Head Canon

Massive fan of Jamie Oliver

·         Unpopular opinion

The stuff he tells Ophelia about Hamlet is pretty sound advice. Young men are pretty changeable and just cos he says he isn’t and you love him doesn’t mean he won’t break your heart.

·         A wish

I wish there was some way he could have teamed up with Hamlet in the fencing match to take Claudius down

·         An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen

I mean he dies. Not much else can happen rly.

·         5 words to best describe them

·         1. Cool

·         2. Lad

·         3. Lad

·         4. Passionate

·         5. Caring

·         My nickname for them

Cool fighty bro


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HII! So im assuming you finished Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir. Do you have any favorite scenes or moments from the show??

HIIIII!!! And yes tons!!!! I know im pretty late to this show since the first season ended but thank god i get to wait for the second season like everybody else. basically im happy that i caught up. Im probs totes gonna list 5 scenes that are my favorite scenes of the show

5. Episode 10: Dark Cupid. Okay so there is this scene where Alya gets struck by Dark Cupid and insults Marionette about her gift for Adrien. Idk why thats just still so funny to me. The way she says it and how harsh that insult is omfg. and not to mention the fact that she runs off with a maniacal laugh. idk its just so funny to me

4. Episode 23: Simon Says. Okay this was another funny moment to me but idk why i thought about this when i saw the episode. Where marionette was told she was grounded and she was stuck in her room unable to see her friend nino perform. The thing is when she sits on her chair sighing in sadness the scene cuts to Hawkmoth and his usual window opening and butterflies flying around which you know that means hes gonna akumatize another victim. Funny thing is i straight up thought he was gonna fucking akumatize MArionette and have her kill her parents idk i legitimately thought thats whats gonna go down lmfao

3. Episode 24: Volpina. ITs just the fact that we get to see another “Superhero” in the show. I mean that costume looks fucking amazing and im hoping that Volpina chomes back as an actual hero fighting side by side with Ladybug and Cat Noir regardless if its Lila again.

2. Episode 10: Dark Cupid (Again) You already know what scene im talking about. ITS THE FUCKING KISS. Ladybug and Chat Noir finally kissed. Granted Ladybug did that just to break that hallucination but STILL. And its just the idea like Holy shit Marionette finally kissed Adrien and Chat Noir finally got kissed by Ladybug. Its so cute and it gets me everytime i love it aha.

1. Episode 26: Stone Heart, Origins Part 2. Okay lets be honest. this is EVERYBODYS Favorite scene. Like favorite out of the entire show and i love it too. No doubt. If you watched this episode you know exactly what scene im talking about. The Umbrella Scene. literally the LAST scene of season 1. The scene where Adrien explains the gum situation and gives his umbrella to Marionette so she doesnt have to walk in the pouring rain. Its a cute scene, the music makes it 100x adorable and emotional it always makes my heart melt and to me personally i think its the best way to end off the season. I love it so much.

The another part ( my story )

Also toriel will sing opera if her voice is soft it okay but if her voice more louder(then she will protect your ears XD"JK") when toriel fight MIA with singing mia need to defat her in the high pitched,(XD means nearly to scream XDD why I’m doing this?!!)

The skelebros :(papyrus and sans) (their music instruments is drums and trombone XD ) also papyrus will also make something like “ energy soda THING XD instead of spaghetti XDD) sans’s trombone is add with more technology and more STUFF XD also he may be can be lazy in training on his music instrument?? ) Papyrus will try to join the gang band??(udyne named it) XD (idk why I’m doing this?!!) Their soul is in thier voice (that doesn’t even give ANY SCENE!!)

Undyne: she is going to ROCK!!!(with her electric guitar XDDD also mia need to watch out from the musical spears XDD)

Alphys:well…not really musical instrument but using the electrical keyboard (ya know that huge thing with that MANY keys in it?? Idk what it names XD I’m lazy even to search it XDDD ) let’s just say she is using it in SCINCE AND STUFF….yeah XD

MTT: will they will use they voice and the musical instrument (still thinking about it XD) watch out mia

(Oh!! I forgot!! Gloomy will use his CV music or his headphones??? Yeah also mad dummy may use the TRIANGLE "that what it names right???”) Finally asgore…hhhmmm still working on it (I mean isn’t that going to kinda funny when sing or use music instrument??? XDD don’t worry I will the find solution for THAT problem ) hope you liked that au!! (Or at least the idea of it XD) and yeah thanks all!! (Also excuse my bad English….and my bad idea in this au?? XD I’m kidding!! But really I don’t know if it’s a good idea heh) Omega flowey will use all the lost souls and will make them like a musical instrument??(still working ugghhh I really need to stop saying that) and asriel will use (all the LOST SOULS and turn them to ) mmmm mabye microphone left mabye (powerful electric guitar??? Or mabye more I don’t know!!( Yeah that’s all )

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People also ship SebaCiel because Yana encourages it by throwing in fanservice. Sebastian smells blood on Ciel? I guess he'd better shove him against the seat, loom over him staring intently, then rip his clothes off lol. Yana is obviously okay with the ship. Not to mention the anime. Kuroshitsuji 2 was practically a yaoi soap opera. So it's not like this stuff comes out of nowhere. Idk, nobody should make anyone else feel bad about their ships. It's all just fiction anyway.

hehehe  that too. I understand were the hate comes from (as in, the feelings, not the actions) but people who’s like: idk how could someone ship this???

like c’mon, be real. Why some people didn’t stop reading at the corset scene is a mistery.

okay but was anyone else let down by val royeuax in inquisition but I was

people talked so much about this grand city and how magical and wondrous it is and how corrupted it is and all we see is. an empty plaza

like, I think it would been cool if blackwalls scene was at a different location of val royeaux, where there are a shitload of people and the structure is all different I can’t really put what I wanna say into words but

for one: why does everything look the same in the capital. cities’ buildings should look massively different depending on where u are in the city and to be able to see corruption through the infrastructure and the poor and whatnot would have been cool to see

idk i feel like bioware could’ve like. given this big deal place more depth is what im trying to say

the thing that was super annoying with suicide squad was Harley’s ever-changing hair

it literally made the reshot scenes so easily placeable I don’t get why they didn’t try harder to like idk… Match it?