idk why i like this quote so much


get to know me meme [16/50 relationships]: Sam Puckett & Freddie Benson

“Yeah, bringing the number of cool people in this room to one … and a half.” 


…”The music was a blade, knifing through the dark. The melody sang and the Corsai arced back as one, as if repelled by the single, massive beam. They hissed like steam and broke apart, and fell away beneath the music…”

Imagine HP Characters Playing Scrabble
  • Ron: So I... put down an a... to make... "a"?
  • Hermione: Wait that's not-
  • Harry: Then I'll put a n to make "an"...
  • Hermione: *sighs* I'll add to your an to make "accordant"
  • Ron: What the bloody-
  • Draco: Wait
  • Draco: *puts down an ly* Accordantly. I win.
  • Hermione: *a look of shock and betrayal*
  • Harry: Honestly I'm not sure that's much better

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Scenario: (this for early in the relationship) the character doesn't think that they're good enough for their s/o, so they try to push them away, meaning ignoring them and not hanging out as much, but not considering s/o's feelings Possible quote: "Would you please just shut up for one second/once in your *curse word* life and listen to me?!" (cursing isn't mandatory); "If you cares so much about me, you'd let me make my own *curse word* decisions like the adult that I am./!"

:)  This reminded me of Sans idk why.

Let me know if it made you cry, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 



You had done something wrong you knew it.  Sans hasn’t even looked you in the eyes for weeks.  He made every excuse to avoid you even going so far as lying to you.  It seemed that every time he talked to you lately he was lying.

You had cried yourself to sleep again last night.  You couldn’t help it you had so much pain inside.  Who knew that you would ever feel so much for someone?  What would you have done the first time you saw him if you knew that this would be what happened?  

After a few minutes of thinking you decide that you wouldn’t have changed a thing.  No matter how badly this hurt there had been so many good times.  You were convinced you had true love.  Even if it was just for a short time.

But the time was over.  There was no need to drag it out so painfully.  You were going to find Sans and end this.  You walked around town for a while.  It was a small town and you found him sitting in Grillby’s.  You walked over and sat down on the stool next to him.  As soon as you were comfortable Sans got up without looking at you and began to walk out the door.

“Sans.”  You reach out and grab his sleeve, “sit down we need to talk.”

Sans sat down without a word.  He stared at the counter in front of him.

“So…,”  you couldn’t do it, even after all the pain he put you through.  Sitting beside him now, you just couldn’t tell him to get lost.  “That is a really interesting counter there, huh?”

“Yep,”  Sans got up again this time you didn’t stop him.  “I have to go.  I love ya, babe.”  

He started walking away and you couldn’t help the next words that came out of your mouth.  “Do you really?”  Once the words were out you regretted them.  You started something you couldn’t fix.  But maybe you started something that he could fix.

“Why’d you say that.”  He was still facing away from you so you couldn’t see his face but he had stopped moving towards the door.

“Because, Sans, you haven’t been around, you lied to me, you keep walking out on me.  What else am I supposed to think except that you are done with me?  You got what you wanted and now you are leaving me behind!  What else can I think except that you don’t love me anymore!  Maybe you never did-”

“Would you please just shut up for one fucking second and listen to me?!”  Sans voice had cut you off and you were actually happy for that.  Your words had flowed out of you and you never meant to say that much.  Sans turned around and you could see how heartbroken he was.  “I stayed away so that you would leave.  You’re right about that.  But it was never because I didn’t love you.  I love you, I truly do.  But you are- you’re too good.  You are going to do great things one day and I- I’m just going to drag you down.  Even now I’m hurting you aren’t I?”  

You could feel the tears on your own face.  You weren’t sure when they started but they were so hot they burned, you could feel every tear track they made as they fell down your face, and you couldn’t see much more than a blurry mess.  But that wasn’t important, he loved you!  He wanted to be with you.  But he had made the decision to push you away.

“If you cared so much about me, you’d let me make my own damn decisions like the adult that I am!”  Sans looked shocked that you had yelled, hell even you were shocked you yelled.  You took a breath and continued, “I love you, Sans.  If you do this to me now, where ever you think I’m going I won’t be able to get there.  Because I’ll be stuck here.  I’ll be stuck waiting for you to come back so that I can tell you that I still love you.  Because I will never stop loving you.”

He just stared at you and you just stared back.  You had said all that you could, you had poured your heart out and now you felt vulnerable and scared.  You noticed all the monsters in the bar that had been watching you.  But when you looked back at Sans you forgot all of them.  He held out his hand to you and smiled.  Not a fake smile that he normally used, but a real one.  You rushed to him letting him pull you into a hug and wrapping your arms around him.

“I’m so sorry, babe.  I love you.”  In that moment everything was right, everything was perfect, and the thing was you would do it all over.  A hundred times if you needed to, because this is home and this is always where you will need to be.

this is my art project on trc that i did,,, this is going to be in a museum for a year and i choose to do fanart wow only me,,, but yeah right as i was finishing i found out that trc is becoming a tv show and honestly i’m so nervous to see what they do with the characters. nobody who likes trc that i know of has seen this yet so here it is i’m sorry if it seems stupid and innacurate. the hand gestures are supposed to be in the shapes of ley lines and then their hands are over the key points of who they are and the words are all quotes from the books,,, idk it’s stupid aaaa

(Dude!!!! it’s so cool i can’t imagine why ur putting it down so much it’s obviously rad enough to be a museum installation shit man! the ley line framing different elements of the characters is dope)

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Lmfaoooo but her quotes are so bad though like "fire breathing bitch queen"??? Really???? And the stars one from acomaf idk why people love it so much it's not cute lol

Her quotes have been pretty terrible since day one I’m not surpsied either but it’s funny. I think fire breathing bitch queen is my least favorite “epic” t0g quote.

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The quote about being a grandad with the best stories got to me so much and idk why? Maybe because I'm in my 20's and at an age where I've travelled a lot and lived quite a bit and all my friends are settling down and having kids and I'm still very much detached and alone and like, floating through time, but that line specifically moved me and like made my eyes well up idk maybe my mind is trying to tell me something lol. Anyway this article was amazing I'm very moved and blown away tbh

Well now you made me cry….

But yeah this article just resonates on so many levels. I feel so spoiled that I’ve been given this much insight to be honest. 

A walkthrough on how I make my contained themes! Part 1: What is a contained theme?

updated November 12th 2015

Whazzup! This is Aoibara, the mun of amxthystus here! Today, I am here to teach you how to make a contained theme!

So click the read moar if you wanna learn something new today!

What is a contained theme?

Contained themes are a new trend on tumblr, especially on the RP side. It can take many tears and sweats to make one, but once you make one, it is rewarding. Why? Because contained themes often do not exactly like one another, and are pretty much a one of a kind-ish theme just suited to all your needs and fancy!

First, I will teach you the basics of how a contained theme looks like, using my examples, as well as comparison of which theme to use to make your own theme! So, we won’t be doing any actual heavy duty coding or whatnot as I want to make this simple for everybody and to explain what a contained theme has usually!

The Anatomy of a Contained theme

Alright. Lets take a look at some contained themes, and lets see what we can see which are similar.

Sooooo, Aya, what do you see similar there in these four themes I have made so far? ovo

~ -writes them down in fancy handwriting-

  • Each have their own image background, with a ‘box’ to contain the theme.
  • Descriptions are preferably placed in the ribbon tabs.
  • Most links are jumbled, in a form of a symbol, and have hoverover titles.

Yep! What my muse, Ayanami said was the pretty much the basic of the basic anatomy of a contained theme! well i actually taught him this and that so yeah Now I will explain why each of the similarities are for. And you can also look at my page to play around and learn how a contained theme is like!:

  • The background is each unique, and not done by the color sliders of the theme. So, basically, you will need an image editing program like Photoshop or GIMP! If you don’t want to pay lotsa money for Photoshop then I highly recommend GIMP as it is what I would call the freeware ver of Photoshop!
  • Descriptions are often not in the description box we see in the customization option when we do our themes, and are usually in the html code using tabs. If the description is directly on the background, it often doesn’t blend well which is why we use ribbon tabs to make it visually appealing. The ribbon tabs by dxrkthemes is the most popular, and it is my favorite to use as the font is rather easy to read and most easiest to customize! Oh and the size for the text is really reasonable.
  • I usually jumble the links because first, it is funner and it gives me more freedom to match the links with my themes, and second, alot of the contained theme codes I have used often have limited amount of links, and I tend to have at least 6 links. So I highly recommend you practice and learn how to jumble links in this tutorial by unseenmockingjay!

So…There are so many contained theme codes? Which one to use?

And that is a good question! I have so far used the contained theme codes by Octomoosey and fastcst, and have edited my own hollywhood theme! I will lay out each one of the themes, and describe their difficulty of editing, and pros and cons!

Octomoosey Theme #36

Difficulty: Easy

Pros: This is the code I would refer to if you have difficulty editing codes, or just don’t feel ready to go wild with the html. Octomoosey also has a tutorial on how to set your container and everything properly in the theme description.

Cons: The font-awesome symbols can sometimes have the symbols you aren’t looking for, and can be a bit limited. So if you want to use your own text symbols, you would need to tinker with the code a bit there.

fastcst theme

Difficulty: Medium

Pros: When you feel ready enough to touch the codes, this is the code you can start using. fastcst has alot of explanation on their FAQ about the code, as well as explanation in the code itself. So, it is a good starting ground when you want to tinker with the html!

Cons: Not friendly for popup boxes. This is the reason why I switched my theme to a hollywhood theme, because if you try to put popup boxes, it will only show the portion of the popup, matching with the size of the theme and pretty much screws everything up. Idk how to exactly explain it but next time I will get a visual explanation on what happens.

hollywhood theme

Difficulty: Hard

Pros: Hollywhood themes are simple, so they become incredibly easy to edit, like adding values to edit your quote posts, tags, etc. easily. Hollywhood theme #30 400px and #52 are the most often edited codes. I use #52. I will make a tutorial on how to edit a hollywhood theme in the future for this chain of tutorials.

Cons: This isn’t very beginner friendly unfortunately, because you will be spending 99.9% of your time in the html area rather than the customization area. So basically, you will need to know where to touch when you want to make a Hollywhood contained theme. Also, I noticed alot of people struggle coding with the pagination to stay in place and not slip out when the screen is bigger or smaller. (Actually, if anyone has an answer to this issue, please inform me as I am having issues as well.)


Soooo that is all for today, and I will teach ya guys how to make an appealing background image for your contained theme next!

I hope this will give you an idea on what kind of theme you want, and I hope some will find this tutorial useful!

If you have any comments, con crit, go ahead and drop one by reblogging, fanmailing or asking me. The only rule is no anon hate!

Stay tuned for the next guide!

honestly most private thing i’m actually willing to admit is that i do not give a fucking shit why crow and tom servo ended back up on the satellite of love. i feel like (and not even trying to quote the opening) it’s just a tv show, so like…??? idk i don’t really care what creative decisions they make as far as plot goes. it’s a show that’s pretty light on plot to begin with (I UNDERSTAND HOWEVER THAT THERE WAS A RUNNING PLOT IN THE MIKE SCI FI YEARS BUT EVEN THAT WAS LIGHT COMPARED TO A NORMAL TV SHOW), so i don’t care much about the continuity. i also do not give a single goddamn shit about what beef the original crew and joel had. i like p much everyone from the original cast, and i understand why there might have been some serious beef, but it genuinely does not concern me because i do not know these people. i’m just trying to watch a show. i’m sorry if that makes me a fake fan!!! just trying to enjoy shit!!!

hi guys! i want everyone who sees this post, especially my followers to read it.
so, i know we dont talk too much and yeah, usually im not very talkative, but i really want to thank you guys. yes, yellow helps me alot to and right now, at the moment, it feels like this is one of the worst time in my life ever, knowing that there are people who look forward for your posts and like what you are doing is really, huge help!
and, idk why but i call my followers my sunshines so..

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top 5 torchwood quotes

OOOOOOO okay so some of these may be repeated so if u dont mind im gonna make it TEN 

1: john hart

  “We’re a cosmic joke, eye candy. An accident of chemicals and evolution. The jokes, the sex, just cover the fact that nothing means anything. And the only consolation is money. So run, Ianto Jones,” honestly i dont even know why i like this quote so much?? it really stuck with me though idk honestly alot of what john says and does i relate to myself in some ways (sadly enough) and this quote is really.. …  .. a lot of what i think about to myself 

2: gwen cooper 

“Have you seen a blowfish driving a sports car?” (because i mean iconic right)

3: ianto jones

“Mobiles, landlines, tin cans with bits of string. Everything. Absolutely everything. No phones. Phones all broken. Hello? Anyone there? No, ‘cause the phones aren’t working!” 

4: john hart

“Oh, not Excalibur? Blizzard? Bikini Cops? No? Torchwood. Oh dear.”

5: jack harkness, gwen cooper, and owen harper

Jack: Alright, usual formation.

Gwen: What’s the usual formation? 

Owen: Varies. 

Gwen: How can the usual formation vary?

6: gwen cooper, owen harper

Owen: I hate the countryside. It’s dirty, it’s unhygienic. And what is that smell?

Gwen: That would be grass. 

Owen: It’s disgusting.

7: toshiko sato 

“Just what I need, a rodent watching me while I work. I think I’ll call it Owen.”

8: toshiko sato, ianto jones

Ianto: Oh, you are warped on the inside. How do you think of these things?

Tosh: I’ll take that as a compliment.

9: ianto jones

“I have searched for the phrase “I shall walk the Earth and my hunger shall know no bounds,” but I keep getting redirected to Weight Watchers”

10: jack harkness, ianto jones

Jack: What is it with you? Ever since Owen died, all you’ve done is agree with him!

Ianto: I was brought up never to speak ill of the dead. Even if they do still do most of their talking for themselves.

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u should read this post it was hilarious kpopviral(.)com/tao-dating-krystal-wants-to-leave-fx-ikon-member-dating-sm-artist-2015-rumor-list/ especially the "DO and Kai didn’t like each other until last year" part got me rofl so hard

this made me giggle thanks for sharing with me anon 

i lost my shit when the article said this: “Sehun is straight, has lot of previous girlfriends, but they dont last very long”  

(i dont understand ‘a boy has a GF means that boy is straight’ logic, how do they know that? what if that boy is bi or pan?) plus it mentioned “Sehun is joining wgm” and as far as i know this show is known as a cover up show by some veteran/older kpop fans (this show is used to cover rumor, especially dating [or interest in the same gender] rumor, but thats what just ive heard, idk if it’s true or nah)

this article was very insisting about sehun’s sexuality, why it needs to be mentioned in the first place tho? quoted from one of the comments: “Sehun is straight” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this makes me think that everybody thought that he was gay

while “DO and Kai didn’t like each other until last year” is just plain blasphemy,

like really? how the hell they came up with that idea? honestly? 

“we used to hate each other so much and only started to like each other last year, we took selca with our cheek touching during predebut era” -kaisoo

“i disliked ksoo hyung so much, i let him lay on top of me and let his boner touched my ass” - jongin

“i let jongin lay down on my lap to show him how much i disliked his entire being at that time” - kyungsoo

you know, sometimes i go to a cafe with someone that i dislike too during my free time, and ofc i take a selca with that person too, so then later at home i can stare at the pict with so much hate beaming from my eyes

oh, dont mind this, ksoo was just caressing the person he disliked, i mean, we all do that right?

soo was just casually linking arms with the person he disliked

i, too, would let the person i dislike to lean closer towards me - so close that i thought that person would kiss me in front of my friends/co-workers, in broad daylight while we are on the stage, ofc i would take a glimpse of that person’s puckered lips too, bc i dislike every parts of that person’s body, including that person’s plump luscious lips that look so soft and oh so kissable. dont get me wrong, i dont like that person, yet i dont mind that person blows my face, i dont mind the wet (bc saliva) warm air that person produced and puffed out to my face. i dont mind a bit. nope. not even a slightest bit.

notes: in case you havent notice all of these kaisoo moments i present to you happened before last year [2014]



hello!! its ya girl back at it wih a bujo post ayyy

using my bullet journal has helped me pull myself together this month (bc tbh I need all the help I can get there l m a o) so yeah I’m gonna talk u through each spread and what I liked, inspo etc etc enough rambling lets go go go

july monthly spread!

this is definitely my fave monthly of all the ones in my bujo right now so lets see if that all goes to pot in august wish me luck
inspo: @journalsanctuary this wonderful post!!
also that wrapping paper is cool af and I used it loads this month thx sophie

july 4 - july 10

yeah so that week I went camping and the spread was v low maintenance which was good plus it looks hella!!! always a plus
inspo: @studyblrholla here :))))
this was such a good spread honestly I think I want to use this as a default when I get back to school in september I love it

july 11 - july 17

okay so for real think this is my least fave of all my spreads this month idk what those flowers are doing aaa?
inspo: none do u see why I need to use other ppl’s spreads
I didn’t like this one much bc it wasn’t very rigid if u get me? planning it was a disaster
also I tried a journaly writing down ur thoughts thing and honestly I didn’t really like it like it didn’t benefit me in any way moving swiftly on

summer study list!!!

I like this one omg it’s functional and it’s somewhat motivating me to get my lazy ass into gear
inspo: none wow emily u can do nice things by urself
yeah not much to say here but I do like the lettering in the titles yay

july 18 - july 24 + favourite songs

I really like this spread bc the bujo part only uses 1 page yano filling a 2 page spread is hard when its summer and u have nothing on, also dear evan hansen quote!!! musicals are consuming me too bad I’m dirt poor and live i live nowhere near any cool productions rip
song page: @somestudy this is art
yeah overall i love this spread idk what to add here

july 25 - july 31 + director info

i had llike nothing on this week which is why the spread looks kinda empty but as u can tell I liked last week’s spred so much I did it again ayyy
inspo: I’M SORRY OK
the director thing is just a brain dump and really it’s nothing too heavy but I wanted to get some thoughts down about pj’s directory stuff bc I really like his work and it’s gonna hep for next year’s coursework so yeah

so yeah my cool dudes, that’s my bullet journal this month yaya!! I think it was pretty efficient but we’ll see how that goes when september arrives and I shift into m a x i m u m o v e r d r i v e

love yall and have a nice, productive and happy august :)

I heard a joke once: Man goes to doctor. Says he’s depressed. Says life is harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world. Doctor says, ‘Treatment is simple. The great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go see him. That should pick you up.’ Man bursts into tears. Says, 'But doctor… I am Pagliacci.’ Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains.
—  Rorschach, Watchmen (2009)

Like you read so many quotes by people where they saw voting for Trump as their last bid for financial security. Like so much of it is like “I’m didn’t know what to do, I had to look out for my family” or something like that.

And yes, it’s related to racism, or at least a myopic worldview.  But if that attitude isn’t racism perpetuated by the ruling class then idk what is?

And it’s not working out for them.  They can already see this. So like idk, I get why people (including myself) would want to hate on these people and mock them but like

We can do infinitely better than that.