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august 2, 2017

wOW i can’t believe its august already wth ?? sinCe the v much dreaded junior year starts for me in a few weeks, i made this spread as a way to remind myself on some v v general things! some arent even goals tbh just things i want to keep in mind :’) i named it goals before i wrote stuff down so thats why it makes no sense ahfahas i blurred out a lot bc they’re rly personal ahahha



“Sounds like a fairytale,”

Heyo everyone, 

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I was trying to look up some facts about the actors of DS9 I saw on a post, but as I started typing in ‘marc alaimo’ it auto-finished as 'marc alaimo neck’ and I started laughing too hard to keep typing what I actually wanted to google.

Wonder Woman Comics

So I found these two WW books at my library, right?

I’m putting this under a cut because it’s very long and pic-heavy.

And I read through them, and I’m just…amused? Horrified? At how different they are. 

So the book on the left was drawn and written by a woman. The one on the right, all men. And I just feel like…god it SHOWS. Even just the covers, Diana on the right just looks like this weird pinup thing to me, art-wise. So I started with the book on the right, and right off the bat, page 1:

Mmmmmmkay this is fun. I get the “okay origin story, women enslaved, fight back, escape, etc,” but I *really* did not need like 5-6 pages of Hippolyta being the slave of an almost-naked Herakles talking about how he’s (essentially) going to rape them.

Then we go to the present. Diana has apparently left Paradise Island and is coming back for trial (most of this story is told in flashbacks) and again, right off the bat:

why is DIana the only one not allowed pants. And later it turns out, she got a “makeover” courtesy of some sorority gals, but it…idk it still bothers me, maybe I’m weird. And then there’s this weird moment of like…make-up shaming?

Then we go into some Diana chidlhood origin story background stuff and it’s pretty meh tbh, my only other moment of why?was when they have this hunt festival thing which? for some reason? Is like? a huge orgy thing?

And kindasorta starting here, but there keeps being this weird bondage theme and I’m like…idk if it’s just that I’m a prude and it’s my issue, or if it’s being dealt with weirdly and tbh I wouldn’t mind input cause, I do not want to be a kink shamey sort of person.

So Steven Trevor crashes on the island, par for course. Weird Moment #465346:

Yah, she asks if he’s a man while grabbing his junk. Classy.

Apparently the Amazon idea of Man’s World equals women in leashes and underwear drinking milk out of bowls, death, and fetuses. 

Then we get introduced to Elizabeth Candy:

Missing: her first words are “She warned me you gals were kinda kinky, and I guess she was right!” which is kinda hilarious. So there’s that. Point being, Beth Candy is most definitely Not Small, a fact which then proceeds to get remarked on by almost everyone

for the rest

of the damn

comic. And it’s fucking irritating. Also we get more of the “weird bondage moments” as Diana repeatedly makes the case that Man’s World needs to “submit to the loving authority” of the Amazons. Which, yeah they don’t take well.

Also she wants to repay Steve for saving her life? by giving him a collar? and telling him he has to kneel and submit to her?

Anyway…the whole thing irked me. It was hard to put a finger on exactly what, but just…as my first foray into WW comics, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

So then moving from that one onto the other? COMPLETELY different. First page/s of the second book?

Is just an opening shot of Themyscira. And even though it actually has (mostly) the same prologue as the other? SO different in tone. The Amazons fight Harakles and the rest of Greece, but in a normal army sort of way before being rescued by Hera. (Side note: Also interesting that the two novels went different directions with which female deities the Amazons revere.) And the clothing is just so much nicer:

It’s just…y’know…Greek stuff. Or themed. Idk enough to say if thats zomgHistoricallyAccurate! but it’s nice. It never feels sexualised. Like watching the Wonder Woman movie, I for once feel the absence of a male gaze, something I’d never realised was so pervasive precisely until I saw something that didn’t have it.

So second book deals with Diana being born and her childhood/adolescence/young adulthood a lot more and it’s glorious and wonderful. Seeing Diana as a spoiled little brat is kinda amusing, wondering how she’ll get from there to here. 

Basically everyone loves her except this stable girl, Alethea, which of course drives spoiled!Diana fucking nuts.

I am 110% gay for Alethea and her take-no-shit sass.

So Alethea basically goes “Yeah I like people who aren’t dicks,” to which Diana, in a hilariously spoiled way, goes “FINE I’M GOING TO BE THE MOST UNSPOILED BRAT EVER SO NYAH. I’MMA BE SO UNSPOILED YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW” It’s like watching someone try to be the most humble. It’s hilarious. Over time Diana becomes sliiiiightly less of a dick, and Alethea starts to like her juuust a bit more.

Cut to big festival day, everyone competes anonymously, tl;dr Diana is so determined to win to impress Alethea that she cheats, unleashing a swarm of monsters as a ‘distraction’ which then, y’know, start wreaking havoc and she has to try to clean up her own mess.

Alethea fucking dies saving her and my heart legit broke, man. I 100% honestly started crying reading this book. the whole aftermath, and funeral, and trial, were just that perfect combination of writing/art/whatever I guess, but it hit me in the feels, HARD.

Fucking bury me; I’m dead. OH and Alethea’s anonymous costume for the games? It was the fucking Wonder Woman costume. Which Diana (who’s getting banished) is sentenced to fucking wear as a reminder of how she Fucked Up like jesus MY HEART CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE

immediate pre-closing shot of the book. ANd just to bring it back around again, even in this, her more-or-less Classic!Diana outfit, she is still less skimpy than the male-drawn comic.

Anyway that’s my long rambly thoughts, feel free to chime in, I look forward to trying to find more WW comics.

I don’t mean to be a Bitch™ but like… I’m getting kinda of annoyed about Bughead being a part of everything Riverdale related.

Don’t get me wrong, I dont have anything against Bughead, in fact, I quite enjoy some of that shit on the regs. However, if there is a post about, for instance, Kevin and Betty, I don’t understand why it can’t just be about their friendship.

Idk, I reblog Bughead stuff all the time but at the moment I’m just getting frustrated because I tend to keep finding posts diverting back to the ship when it started as something else? If that makes sense?

Yes, I like bughead.

However, I would like to be able to have a conversation about Jughead and Betty’s separate relationships with their friends and the other characters without it having to circle back to their relationship because recently I feel like I see a lot of posts like that and I’m not about to delete comments because I’m not a dick lmao.

You know what I hate is when straight people are like “awww, he/she is gay? But they’re so hot :(” ESPECIALLY when it’s about a celebrity or someone you literally were never going to date either way

I saw that on an Ingrid Nilsen video and I was like WHAT THE FUCK BRO

How does someone’s sexuality affect their attractiveness???? I don’t ??? You can appreciate the attractiveness of people regardless of either of ur sexualities? I’m straight but I totally appreciate attractive girls???? And if I think a guy is attractive I’m not gonna be like “omg he’s so hot but he’s gay :(”

I literally had the hugest crush on my gay high school physics teacher like I still have a huge crush on him and I knew full well he was gay and my teacher but that didn’t make him less attractive??? I mean by that logic then ANYONE who isn’t available isn’t attractive or there’s like the caveat of “but they’re so hot :(”

Like I can see where people are coming from to a degree but I wouldn’t be like “oh he has a girlfriend? But he’s so hot :(” more like “oh he has a girlfriend? Damn he’s so attractive”

Idk it seriously grinds my gears when people say stuff like that like there’s a difference between “that person is attractive” and “I want to feasibly date that person” but commenting on their sexuality as a caveat to their appearance makes zero sense

Slightly unrelated but I still don’t understand why straight people get offended if a gay person hits on them

Gay people don’t get offended if a straight person hits on them??? But I guess a straight person hitting on them is some sort of GIFT just like it’s ok and normal for a guy to harass a girl and keep hitting on her when she’s uncomfortable, yet if you tell a gay person that you’re straight I haven’t heard a single case of a gay person doing the same thing and pressuring the straight person or sexually harassing them after that single “no”

But no no you’re so right, it’s disgusting and awful and wrong for a gay person to accidentally hit on a straight person. Because straight people show so much radically more decorum and understanding of consent

I mean good lord JUST BE CHUFFED THAT SOMEONE THINKS UR HOT like I’ve had girls have crushes on me or whatever and just bc I’m not interested in them (just like I’m not interested in plenty of guys too) doesn’t mean I’m like EWWW wtF I don’t Swing That Way ™ I’m just flattered that someone likes me lmao

People are so confusing and make no sense

Anyway I agree that Ingrid is hot and I don’t care what her sexuality is bc the fact of the matter is that she’s attractive ??? Same goes for every single other person I have ever found attractive regardless of gender or sexuality

Besides “hot” is different from “I’ve gotten to know them and I am intellectually and emotionally attracted to them and would like a romantic relationship and it stinks that they aren’t attracted to me/my gender” so there’s that too

Don’t get me started on the even worse “oh he/she is trans? But they’re so hot :(”

People these days amirite

Hey guys!! ❤️

Soo the twitter acc was a flop.. butttttttt i really really really want to kinda idk meet u guys and i wanna do hangouts or lives which is why Im trying to do this stuff lol

So this time I’ll ask before I’ll create an account haha
Would you guys want me to make an instagram account where we can keep in touch through posts and insta lives??
I’d be so happy if we could do something like that!!!!
I like all kinds of groups which is why i’m sure we’re all going to have something to talk about ^^

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I had a dream about Seb which legit never happens.

Like Anthony Mackie and I were on the Martian set and the three of us were watching tv (idk why like what??) and I keep laughing at Seb because he was on a laptop doing stuff like googling stupid stuff and typing like an old person lol.

And Anthony kept looking at me like “wtf are you laughing at?” Because I was fucking dyingggg! And Seb kept turning around and making stupid faces at me haha!

It was going great until I looked down and realized it was pregnant???? Then I woke up to my mom screaming at me kms.

richonnelandfill  asked:

Ash, do you think Danai has ever stumbled across any Richonne fanfiction?. I'm pretty sure Gimps has but what about Danai? It's been proven that reads Richonne tweets, so fanfiction isn't too far off right? Either way, don't freak out but I tweeted her a link to Palm Trees and I am just hoping she randomly decides to read it 😂 it's so freaking good! (Just like all your work) ok bye.

Girl, I did an entire double take when I read the end of this, lmao. I mean, thank you! 😘I think? But I have to go hide now, because if she ever did read my work, I would die. 

To answer your question, though, she said a couple of years ago that she hadn’t. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s read a snippet here or there. Josh said he has, so it’s not far-fetched. And Danai’s sister (not sure which one) seems to keep her abreast of some fandom stuff, so it’s possible she’s told her about a story or two. But idk, maybe I’ll ask her when I (hopefully) see her in October. 👀 

anonymous asked:

tfw when u want to respect people and actors for their talent and maturity, but then u remember theyre still kids and ur split. ofc they deserve respect either way, but i see so many people treating all of this ellie and jack stuff like the most important adult couple. if theyre together and happy, im glad, but keep in mind theyre also both in middleschool/early high school so... idk, respect but dont go over board, they all kids in the end, if that makes sense

The only thing I can say is that children should have some sort of free passes. They’re not mature and they might not have been told what things are wrong or not. That’s why I’m alright with Ellie. I don’t like what she said at all and I think her apology was shit, but yeah like you said they’re kids so I don’t want to like…completely dislike them. Yeah it’s hard to explain.

anonymous asked:

VENT POST idk if this is allowed so if it's not or not okay then you can just delete it. Anyways, this is what my dad, who knows I have ADHD, said to me this morning: "If you just focus it'll only take 15 minutes! You just have to make the choice!" OH GOOD THANKS DAD ALL MY PROBLEMS SOLVED IF ONLY IN ALL THE YEARS I'VE BEEN ABLE TO FORM THOUGHTS I THOUGHT ABOUT JUST MAKING THE CHOICE THANKS

UGH. i HATE when people say stuff like that. my mom was like “idk why you keep putting off this stuff, you need to just sit down and focus” and i told her “that’s not how it works???” and her response was OFC “yes it is” and i weNT OFF she ended up apologizing but like DAMN adhd kind of means i dont have any control over what i focus on but thanks

can someone please write something regarding Barry and Iris with the turtle I don’t know why I’m so obsessed I just think it’s the funniest thing and Barry would totally be obsessed with it; Barry would totally keep referring to it as their “child” and so stupid stuff like telling Iris to make sure she tells the turtle goodnight and it would be the best turtle ever

Block B Reaction #4 - Crying when they yell at you

Taeil: “Aish, really.” Taeil would sigh and stand there for a moment as you cried. He’d then lick his lips, run his hands through his hair and pull you into a hug, taking a deep sigh to try to calm down so you can continue the conversation civilly

Minhyuk (B-Bomb): “You were just yelling at me and I didn’t cry so why can’t I yell at you??” He’d be very frustrated and probably walk away for a while so you can both calm down and continue talking later on

Jaehyo: He would freeze and be unsure what to do. He would still be really angry so he’d probably let out a huff and leave the room before he said something he’d regret. He’d feel bad later on though and find you to apologize

Yukwon (U-Kwon): Eyes widening in shock he’d immediately apologize and hug you, telling you he didn’t mean to make you cry. He’d then explain why he was so mad and you two would work things out as rationally and calmly as you could manage

Kyung: Probably crying himself, he would hug you and apologize and you’d have to apologize too. Through tears he’d explain why he was so hurt and angry and you two would finish the talk through tears. If it were a more intense fight and you were crying too hard you two would probably have to take a break from fighting in order to be able to understand what the other was saying. idk why but I feel like he’s a sensitive man when it comes to stuff like this

Jiho (Zico): He’d still be angry but also feel guilty at the same time for making you cry. He’d react a lot like Taeil, but I don’t think he would hug you. He’d keep space, not feeling like hugging you would fix anything and he’d probably say “Look I didn’t want you to cry, but I’m just really pissed right now and you need to understand that” in a calmer, more patient tone.

Jihoon (P.O): He might up like Kyung did if he said something particularly nasty in the heat of the moment, but he wouldn’t full on cry. He’d probably end up feeling really guilty and do some half-hearted aegyo to try to get you to stop. He’d then sigh, apologizing again and again and try to explain his side in a more gentle way

I play animal jam and pixel art was jist added into the game.

In my first drawing I accidentally made something that looked like the bi flag.

So i thought hey it’s pride month, I’ll make all the flags. The first was the gay flag.

Now on AJ masterpieces (which are your drawings you get to keep) have to be approved.

I just got mail from AJHQ that the masterpiece was NOT approved for inappropriate content.

I don’t know if i should be concerned about homophobia or they just dont want fights breaking out about the LGBTQIA+ community.

Because after the 2016 election, not even AJ was spared frpm the wrath of the people and children about Trump winning.

A giraffe dressed in orange and a spikey blonde wig saying: I’m Trumpet skill me (because we have filters on chat you cant say certain words)

One person was yelling at all the people who were angry to suck it up because of some trump supporter reason idk. Everyone who dislikes trump ganged up on this one person saying he was going to lead us down a dark path.

Being the mediator i am i tried gettong everyone to calm down and not fight each other. Didnt work.

So i can see why they would want to keep stuff like this out of the game since it is a kids game but idk man.

I’m making the het flag tpday and if that get approved tonorrow i will not be happy.

I’m about to head to class but I wanted to make a little post about something that’s recently been bothering me.

There’s a reason why I don’t usually get to know the authors of the fanfics I read. If I stay in the dark about who they really are, I can keep this perfect little image locked in my head when I read their stuff. But if I start to get to know them and they turn it to be an asshole, no matter how much I like their stories, I’ll drop their works.

In many instances, people get views and get cocky, and they start expecting tons of views on anything else they publish but it’s. not a competition, yknow? Who are people writing for, the crowd or themselves?

anonymous asked:

I'm gonna rant, k? So I have my bff. And I have my boyfriend. And they're bffs. Their always talking and stuff and she once called him attractive. They are both very loyal, but I can't help getting the feeling that they like eachother. Idk why. It just keeps me up at night, ya know? Ok. There was my rant. Have a nice day. :)

Yeeeeee I can understand why that type of thing might make you feel a bit uneasy. But who knows, really. I mean if you get even the smallest idea that they might like eachother, you’re probably gonna start seeing their conversations differently. What you’re seeing might not be what’s really there. Its fully possible they’re just bein friends. Ofc its not that I would know.

Maybe you should talk to one of them about it. Not interrogate them or pressure them or nothing like that. Just letting them know you feel a tiny bit weird about the situation you wanna know if that weird feeling is justified.

Yeah man idk the right way to go about this

anonymous asked:

is it bad that i kinda feel like seven and jaehee and zen and everyone wouldnt rly love me bc im actually just a chubby version of mc with freckles... im so insecure about my freckles bc my mom keeps saying theyre ugly and i wont get a significant other until im super skinny an d stuff... like i wish there was an mc with some chub or... something idk why i sent this to u im sorry im being whiny hahh;;

NO. DON’T WORRY. Freckles are super cute?? like wth? Like seriously just in the past few days my youtube inbox has been FULL of “fake freckle make up looks” from beauty bloggers i follow. You sound adorable to me! And i bet everyone would like u. I mean if u want to get super skinny cuz You want to then ok but you are already someone’s type for SURE and someone will definetly love you! You don’t have to look a certain way to be loved. I HOPE IM MAKING SENSE. Just don’t feel bad. All you have to focus on is continuing to be a kind person ok?