idk why i have this newfound

Arobynn Hamel's Death

Am I the ONLY person that doesn’t think Arobynn Hamel is really dead?! COME ON PEOPLE!!!

So remember when Arobynn pulled his men in after he’d slipped the black ring on Aelin? Lysandra was like THEYRE PROBABLY PLANNING ROWAN’S DEATH!!! (They probably were but that’s not the point) THE POINT IS. I saw this one theory that said THAT was when Arobynn had told his men to expose Lysandra’s identity if he ever died.

THAT MEANS THAT AROBYNN DEFINITELY KNEW ABOUT LYSANDRA. And he probably knew about Aelin+ Lysandra’s newfound relationship. So why would he purposely put himself at risk by sleeping with a liar? Arobynn knows Lysandra doesn’t trust him and probably doesn’t like him. He is the kind of person who does NOT. Take. That. Kind. Of. Risk.

Also, I feel like Arobynn also knew that the ring wouldn’t work. Idk why… This is kind of farfetched but it kind of makes sense. If Arobynn is really dead, then I’d feel like SJM purposely had to change his character to have Aelin succeed. I mean HES THE KING OF ASSASSINS!!! He’s taught Aelin almost everything she knows. HE WOULD NOOTTTT FORGET TO CHECK THE OTHER HAND!!!

Basically, I think Arobynn Hamel faked his own death and is out there prowling about:)