idk why i had this screenshotted

But yeah, not to sure about this one but its okay I guess :/ Why does nothing seem better than my very first one of Thomas?
And none of know how difficult it is to find pics of Thomas’ characters, I had to go through Thomas’ Mind vs Heart video and literally spam the screenshot buttons whenever Morality came on.
Logic is gonna be next, and then that’ll be it, or maybe I’ll do a Prinxiety one after idk

I am having a lot of OC feels lately, but I cannot seem to /fic/ about them, and every time I want to just write a headcanon or comment post I stop myself because, idk, part of my brain feels like I need to make proper essays or something? 

like, brains are fucked up who needs an essay? I just want to cry about how pretty my characters are, why will my brain not cooperate? 

also facebook had to remind me that I used it to upload my Erana screenshots two years ago the other day so now I”m like

I had so many ideas for her and Blackwall, and I was so invested in her story, and I loved the potential of the characters if not the reality of the game itself, but I never did anything with them

and now I’m sad?

also I really want to make a post about romantic subtext and video games and why I like Reyes since I finally played Kadara over since Maia was not at all cooperative the first time?

but still

sad seems to be winning

I want to talk about Adelaide and Starkhaven and Erana and the Chargers and Maia’s laugh and all my stupid otp squeaks over the years and I just got nothing :P

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is it weird that in that screenshot of that s3 spoiler I immediately thought of Pidge's mom instead of Matt?? like idk why I did but now I can't stop thinking that haha :')

I know, I was confused too, I didn’t even know it was Matt because it didn’t look like him at all, I had to check twice :,D

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"The Asian/Asian American community definitely needs tags and I think these are some great ideas! I just checked all the tags and they are empty (except #JusticeforMuslims). So they’re waiting for us to fill them up! " ok but like... just reblog the post idk why you had to repost it. kudos for sourcing it but it's much more polite to just rb the post

A quick scroll through my blog will tell you that I don’t reblog anything. MY style of “reblogging” is to screenshot and tag while including and giving credit to the original source and user. That’s my style and the way I’ve been doing things since the very beginning of this blog. I’ll admit that it’s not as “polite” and that it’d be easier to just reblog a post but once I start something a certain way, I have to be as consistent as possible. And it’s not like I claimed the post or any of the tags for myself, the main point was to spread the information and that’s exactly what I did because that’s what I do? Thank you for asking though.

Angry Asian Guy



♡Screenshots from tonight’s episode of Attack On Titan thanks to my friend who sent me these and had me dead♡

✨💖🍥 For @oppagotchstyle thank you for your wonderful spam on both this blog and my other blog @beautifulgoals100 I appreciate it a lot✨💖🍥


If you haven’t watched this anime which idk why you haven’t you should it’s really good oh my god


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I send you a few weeks ago the bs of my parents not letting me go to EXOrDIUM. So update I decided to give both tickets away. 1) back row ok set other front row. However, the person that got the front row i think is an army. She will not respond to my message idk I'm freaky out y do they have 2 b so ugly? I have no idea if the address she sent is even hers. I think I'm going to screenshot everything n post everywhere idk help me. I wanted other EXO-L to envoy the show but they had to ruin it ☹️

yea I remember that ? wait so did she hit you up? did you make like a post ???? im confused like why do you think shes an army and why wouldnt she reply to you like I dont think anyone would buy the tickets just to not do anything with them I mean´?? IDK HOW TO HELP YOU coud u maybe write me in the chat and show me like who u send them to and dw i wont leak anything lamo just so I could help you better bcs im rlly confused 


(An anon requested something about angel iggy with Prussia or something but I deleted the ask because I thought I had had it screenshot-ed. Sorry Anon DX) Anyway, I have actually doodled these before the ask, so I guess I’m posting it for you anon. And I’m sorry it’s all about dissolving Prussia idk why I always draw them like this whenever Iggy is an angel ._.

I had some nice mchanzo moments today in overwatch. For one, I was able to befriend an enemy mccree and we put our sprays next to each other (he was so nice, but, idk why, he started killing me at some point :’3)

And well…

The knew what she was doing (also, sorry that hanzo has a sign in front of his face, I didn’t really payed attention when I took the screenshot)

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OK so idk if you've seen the screenshot of Derek's mugshot profile going around, but on it, it says "Ethnicity: Caucasian/Unknown" what in the world is unknown about his ethnicity?? is this why he's fluent in spanish? and Cora was/is in mexico? and the mexican gang KNEW he knew spanish? is his father hispanic??! WE'VE NEVER SEEN HIM. I AM FREAKING OUT DEREK MIGHT BE AT LEAST HALF HISPANIC. MIGUEL MAKES A LOT OF SENSE NOW.