idk why i had this screenshotted


So after many hours of work, I made some BATIM screenshot edits to use for whatever! Backgrounds, headers, knock yourself out.

Crediting is loved, but not necessary. Just don’t TAKE credit for them, and we’re good.

They have captions


(and right click, open in new page to see it BIG)


That’s some next level immersion right there–Thinking some unknown guy had actually broken into my apartment for half a second

TW for eating disorders and disordered behaviour!! related to the skam stuff.

this could’ve been handled so much better? it’s arguably a good storyline, but they really didn’t need to be so damn graphic about it??

it would’ve had the exact same effect if someone had just said they know Vilde has an eating disorder, or used screenshots etc. and not posted that horrible video? why does vilde even have a video of her purging, and where did the girls get it?

idk if i’ve spoken about this on here before but i’ve had bulimia for 7 years, and things like this don’t necessarily trigger me, but they used to. and i can see how they could trigger someone else. someone else who isn’t in recovery yet, or is and is having their health sabotaged because of this video. i just think this was insensitive and they really didn’t think about the impact at all.

and i really hope something more graphic doesn’t happen in today’s clip; i’d suggest not watching it if you have any past or present experience with EDs until someone who hasn’t can watch it and tell us what happens and if it’s okay to watch.

stay safe y'all!


I’m unsure why I did this.  There had to have been a purpose??

As far as I know, my simself - the strange NPC police officer - is alive and well.  If you import NPCs from Porter and replace them with clones from the packed file, the NPCs spontaneously all die from old age.  Idk why.  There could be a factor here at work: maybe it’s because I was trying to overwrite residents with NPCs, maybe it’s because they’re hybrids, Idek.  It was a strange bug.

Artyom doesn’t like me.  xD

Tbh, I’m not fond of him either.  Idk.  It’s a mental block.  I’m much more Team Andrei.

… why though.  I have no idea why I put a ghost version of my simself here.

It’s October 10, at 10 in the morning on America’s East Coast.  Weird.

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May I ask how did you get those HD screenshots? I just found out now Netflix blocks all the screenshots I tried to take 😢 idk what to do at this point 😭

??? really :o I’m…not sure why that is anon?? I have a macbook air, I just open up netflix and hit shift command 3. I’ve never had a problem with it?? I hope you’re able to fix it though anon, I’m sorry! 


(An anon requested something about angel iggy with Prussia or something but I deleted the ask because I thought I had had it screenshot-ed. Sorry Anon DX) Anyway, I have actually doodled these before the ask, so I guess I’m posting it for you anon. And I’m sorry it’s all about dissolving Prussia idk why I always draw them like this whenever Iggy is an angel ._.


I was tagged by lovely @soooldout 💙 i took the first 2 screenshots yesterday but ended up not posting idk why. I wont tag anyone specifically but for real if anyone wants to do this, just say i tagged you and do it!

I had some nice mchanzo moments today in overwatch. For one, I was able to befriend an enemy mccree and we put our sprays next to each other (he was so nice, but, idk why, he started killing me at some point :’3)

And well…

The knew what she was doing (also, sorry that hanzo has a sign in front of his face, I didn’t really payed attention when I took the screenshot)

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OK so idk if you've seen the screenshot of Derek's mugshot profile going around, but on it, it says "Ethnicity: Caucasian/Unknown" what in the world is unknown about his ethnicity?? is this why he's fluent in spanish? and Cora was/is in mexico? and the mexican gang KNEW he knew spanish? is his father hispanic??! WE'VE NEVER SEEN HIM. I AM FREAKING OUT DEREK MIGHT BE AT LEAST HALF HISPANIC. MIGUEL MAKES A LOT OF SENSE NOW.