idk why i find this so funny

the Glenn Howerton went to Julliard thing is even…funnier when you have context to it. Like thousands of people each year want to go to the school and have to go through a long process to even get an audition. to get in they have to perform two monologues and sometimes are asked to perform up to seven. they end up only taking about 20 people each year which is such a small number. While they’re studying at the school they are put through face to face group criticisms where all of the teachers tell them what they’re doing wrong etc. They take all of these classical acting classes, voice classes, movement classes, even a classical clowning class. When Glenn was there people were cut each semester if they weren’t performing well enough. It sounds like such a brutal process day in and day out. Most graduates end up doing theatre or getting serious film roles.

But Glenn deadass graduated from one of the greatest (and most brutal) acting schools in the world and has spent the past 12 years writing and acting in Sunny of ALL things. And that’s not to mention that 80s Show and Coffeetown??? It’s just so funny to me? He spent four years studying under world renowned acting and performing experts, alongside some of the most respected theatre and film actors working today, and spends his life playing Dennis Reynolds and writing this dark comedy that’s set in a seedy bar in Philadelphia? It’s hilarious and so…Glenn?

Imagine HP Characters Playing Scrabble
  • Ron: So I... put down an a... to make... "a"?
  • Hermione: Wait that's not-
  • Harry: Then I'll put a n to make "an"...
  • Hermione: *sighs* I'll add to your an to make "accordant"
  • Ron: What the bloody-
  • Draco: Wait
  • Draco: *puts down an ly* Accordantly. I win.
  • Hermione: *a look of shock and betrayal*
  • Harry: Honestly I'm not sure that's much better
Tanya Vece Interviews John Frusciante, 2008

Want to tell everyone what you are up to?
You want me to spill the beans on the next Peppers project. No.

Want to tell everyone how you have been?
The same. More into art and painting as of yesterday.

The last book you read?
My Royal Past.

Three artists on my Myspace you have listened to this past month:
Easy. The Coral, David Bowie, Morrisey.

What have you been watching on tv lately?
Elections and It’s Always Sunny

Something you and I wouldn’t agree on?
Russell Brand being funny. I know you “like” him. He did cross the line and not cause it would be a matter of free speech or in the sense of an artist. He made his prank calls to Mr. Sachs personal and it was disrespectful. If Howard Stern called President Bush and said those same things the reaction would be the same.

Favorite movie of the summer.
Tropic Thunder

Every time someone I know refers to you they refer to you as John Mother Fucking Frusciante. Does this bother you?
(laughing) No. Anthony said it once at a concert and it stuck. The guy who makes my wheat grass shots at Whole Foods even calls out “Shot for John Mother Fucking Frusciante”. It is funny. I guess I could have a worse nick name. Tick or Flea! (kidding)

What are you doing right now?
This interview, and listening to Laura Black.

What makes you laugh the hardest?
I saw a video on You Tube comparing President Bush to the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. That was funny.

When will you be back in Las Vegas playing a concert?
When will you be back in California? I’m not sure either.

Name something you are looking forward to.
The next visit from my spiritual guide.

One piece of advice you would give to someone on the verge of quitting music right now?
Quit. If you have to think about quitting music you should. I did and I did because I knew I was not in the frame of mind to be in love with it at the time. Not saying I was out of love with music I was just able to be in love with it for a period of time for several reasons. Once I was able to fall in love with myself again I found my love of music again and think people were able to tell. Don’t make music to make money or get girls (or boys) or for fame. Make music because you are in love with music. If you do it for any other reason people will be able to tell and eventually their responses will cause you to fall out of love with the music. That is one reason to quit.