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Confession Room (Part 7 )

(Part 8)

If you didn’t know any better, you would’ve sank deeper into the kiss to extend the moment, lost in the memory of how the first time had went. But no, you couldn’t let that happen. No, you had more pride than to melt under the spell of his lips. You grunted in response and nudged him apart from you. “What the hell, Mark?!” You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve exclaimed that phrase ever since his presence was known to you.

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Licking and Quitting

A/N: So I wrote this a little bit ago and I never got around to posting it on here. But here it is, and it’s a group chat fic. Michael is left alone at the end, as usual, Calum quits the band, Luke has a foot fetish, and there’s plenty of other things they pretend to do and have. But it’s sort of a crack!fic so, enjoy the humor.

Pairings: Lashton, Malum


michael: do u think if i licked calum he’d be okay with it

calum: im right here you dinglehopper and no i would not be okay with it

calum: keep your tongue away from me please and thank you

luke: i want to be licked

luke: michael im covered in panda express please come into my room

michael: im on my way bye calum have fun being unlicked

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you don’t have to have taken nude photos of yourself to be able to realize how sick this situation is. imagine something intensely personal and private – your diary, a private text to your best friend, your secret blog, your frickin browser history. everyone has something that belongs only to them. whether or not you agree with it morally doesn’t mean it’s not 100% wrong for someone to steal that feeling of safety that you innately deserve, no matter who you are.

imagine your private life exposed to the people who think both the best and worst of you. no one deserves that.