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what the heck is sleep

Redesigned some ocs out of self indulgence, and because their previous designs were made when I was like…13 or something

  • Eisuke: Mc, you're five minutes late.
  • Mc: ??? Eisuke you literally?? Called me in a middle of a date?
  • Eisuke: I didn't call you here so you could tell me your life story.
  • Mc: ...Thanks. Anyway, why did you call me then?
  • Eisuke: Right...I'm cooking for the first time. I've been boiling this water for about 15 minutes now.
  • Mc: Okay, and...?
  • Eisuke: Tell me how do I check if it's boiling or not.
  • Mc: ...Is that all you called me here for?
  • Eisuke: Mhm. Now, tell.
  • Mc: ,,,, you put your hand in it :) :) :)
why sherlock has not spoken to irene in years: a very serious headcanon by me
  • Sherlock: idk how 2 tell john i am alive so i will ask someone super duper good at secret keeping 4 advice
  • *later*
  • Sherlock: and yeah I figured cos ur so pro at the not dead thing u could help a fellow not dead bro out?
  • Irene: lmao okay just do what I did and surprise him and assume he will be pleased 2 see you and don't say sorry
  • Sherlock: really?
  • Irene: lol it worked for you, right?
  • Sherlock: omg ur so right thanks babe
  • *later*
  • Sherlock: LIKE MORE THAN 3 TIMES
  • Sherlock: MY NOSE IS BROKEN
  • Irene: *gasping for air on the other end of the phone*
  • Irene: *cackling* I didn't think you'd actually dO IT OMFG
  • (and thus, the true reason Sherlock has not spoken to Irene Adler for several years, the end)

Okay, so I saw Waterparks at the back booth in Orlando yesterday (such a good concert, 10/10 was would do again lol), and the boys were honestly so nice. But I really need to give a personal shout out to Steven the merch guy, because I’ve heard so much crap about him and he’s honestly the sweetest person. So last night after I met Waterparks set, Steven told everyone to go outside to meet the boys, which some complained about, idk why but they did. After I met Awsten and Geoff I walked over to Steven and we talked for honestly 30 minutes. I straight up asked him why everyone in the fandom thinks he’s a dick because I thought he was pretty cool. He had to leave to help pack I guess, but after he was done he came back outside to personally give me a Waterparks poster (it was the one he used to sell merch on the the tour, so it’s been to every date!!!). Steven is not a bad guy, he’s just doing his job and honestly I think everyone should respect him for that. I get that it suck when you can’t meet your favorite band or if you have to wait in line for an hour just to get an autograph, but he is doing everything he can to keep the band safe and sell the merch. He’s the sweetest guy and he’s got a dry sense of humor, which I love. Can we all just please give Steven some loveee.

Okay guys, prepare yourselves. I’m gonna make a post about why I’m not going to be as active and it very well could be quite long. So just…brace yourself.

So, idk if I posted about specific things on here (I probably did because that’s just me) but I have really not been in a very good mindset the last few weeks. Ever since I came home from my trip to Florida, I’ve just been in this pit of depression and anxiety. I cried myself to sleep almost every night the first week I was back, and since then I stopped crying and went back to apathy and pretty much lost the ability to cry.

Then I got my period and since then I’ve just had really bad dysphoria. I’ve gotten so self conscious about the fact that I’m seen as female and not as anything besides that. I’ve just had a lot of self hate and completely despising how I look and how I am just in general.

Basically, the depression is taking over my life. I’m super dehydrated and hungry all the time because I haven’t been drinking enough water or eating enough. I haven’t done my laundry in over 3 weeks; I’m just wearing dirty clothes and wearing clothes for too long. I haven’t been sleeping enough, but when I do it’s extremely hard for me to get up. My grades are slipping, and school is just so hard for me mentally lately.

I just want to improve myself. I want to do more creatively and I want to give you guys more writing and maybe drawings too. I want to work on being nicer to my siblings and being better to my family in general. I want to try and do some more exercise and drink more water and eat better with less junk snacks. I just want to do better in general for myself 

So, that’s why I probably won’t be as active in the near future. I want to start trying to make my life better and try and reduce my depression and anxiety. I just hope that you all will be there by my side to support me in these decisions. I love you all so so much.


Okay idk why but this picture keeps uploading upside down lol 



9 and 10/100 Days of Productivity

Lmao remember when I thought I could update every day 

Okay so the spring concert did not go as well as I hoped but it wasn’t a complete disaster either 

Here’s the music we did 

Then I had a half day on Thursday so I decided to just come home and chill out and not do work bc I was so tired 

And then I was off yesterday but didn’t get much done - did some baking and started working out again instead 

But today I woke up early and am determined to Get Shit Done so updates on that later!

anonymous asked:

Okay thanks for being open with other opinions. Because you have lots of potential in writing just some things I wanted to point out. In that one scene when jungkook kept going to the oc but she was "distracted" by how good jungkook is I was like?? He's a stranger and the oc didn't take the situation seriously. Plus the part she cried about jungkook dying idk why she did when they rarely spoke + he was a dick to her lol.

i wouldn’t say she was continuously distracted by his good looks as she did walk away from him and turn down several of his advances, if anything i feel she was more aggravated that she couldn’t deny he was handsome (especially as he was such a dick to her) as time passed she felt less and less threatened by him and as i said previously you have to remember she’s a naive teenager with little life experience, she isn’t always going to take things seriously

and as for crying at his death, she saved his life only for him to be killed in a fire she feels responsible for, i think from her perspective it was more guilt than grief 

i mean this with the greatest of respect btw, but your previous message i can totally get on board with and understand why it may be an issue for you whereas with this one i feel like you’re just nitpicking? i’m not saying i don’t value your opinion cause obviously i’ll probably be awake thinking about this all night now but i’ll be 100% with you if my writing is making you ”???” and you don’t understand the protagonist or her mindset, maybe you should stop reading it. and i’m not saying that to be malicious in any way, but i don’t see this as constructive criticism or in an aid to help me better myself at all; these aren’t opinions they’re just ‘flaws’ you’ve pointed out in my story / characterisation and adding “lol” at the end of it just makes the message seem bitchy, whether it was intended bitchiness or not. 

perhaps you wouldn’t react the same way she did if faced with those situations and that’s aboslutely fine, neither would i, but Y/N is a fictional character with a backstory and a life prior to the present day in the series. i’m sorry if you don’t like / can’t relate to my writing, i really am, but please remind yourself that this is  fiction and i’ve planned out these characters so much and i feel like you’re just mocking them? like it’s totally unrealistic and way off field for me to have done things the way i have. i pour so much time and effort into writing despite my ‘real life’. this isn’t my occupation i do it because i enjoy it. thank you for saying i have potential in writing but please don’t make a mockery of the characters i’ve worked hard on creating.

if you would like to message me privately then please feel free i would love to talk to you, but this is the last message from you i’m going to post publicly to my followers, because it just puts a downer on my blog and i don’t want people to feel obligated to defend me against your opinion (which you totally have the right to have, hence why we should discuss it privately) it’s just making me doubt myself as a writer, despite the fact i never claimed to be a good one.

thank you for your message and i’ll maybe speak to you soon

anonymous asked:

Kise and nipples or chest (your pick) wtf why not right XD

LOOL I think i already did his chest, so lemme try nipples. Idk, this is gonna be hard to make sfw LOL. 

Kise + nipples

Sometime during middle school, while the first-string team was getting changed in the locker room after practice, Kise hmmph-ed very questioningly. 

“What’s wrong, Kise-kun?” Kuroko asked, pulling his shirt from his head and glancing at him over his shoulder. 

“Well,” Kise began, turning to address the rest of the room. The others weren’t looking at him, but that was okay. “I was just wondering. Why do guys have nipples?”

Movement in the room stopped for a moment, before Murasakibara turned to stare at Kise with wide eyes. “You’re right,” he said, slightly in awe. “What do you think, Mido-chin?”

Midorima scrunched his nose. “That’s a gross question.”

“The body isn’t gross, Midorima,” Aomine rolled his eyes. “It’s a good question. Oi, Akashi, what do you think?”

Akashi was staring down at his own bare chest. “It isn’t something that I’ve considered before.”

“Do you think guys can give milk to babies too, if we concentrated hard enough?” Kise asked. 

“Don’t be absurd!” Midorima cried, a little horrified. “It… I think it has something to do with when the Y-chromosome appears in our DNA, when we’re still in the mom’s stomachs.”

Kise looked at him blankly, “And… that means…?”

Midorima sighed a long-suffering sigh, shucking off his own shirt and turning away to rummage through his locker. “It means that when we are first developing, girls and boys have the same bodies. That’s why guys have… n-nipples.”

Aomine grinned widely. “Whoa, I could’ve been a girl!”

“We all could’ve been girls,” Akashi reminded him. 

Murasakibara pursed his lips in thought, then moved to look into the locker room mirror. “Do you think I would have been pretty?”

“Yes, Murasakibara-kun,” Kuroko replied. 

A small smile settled over his lips. “Would you date me?”

Five sets of eyes turned to look over Murasakibara. 

“Well, you did look pretty okay when we made you into a girl for the school festival, remember?” Kise thought out-loud. 

There were murmurs of agreement. 

“What about me, guys, would you date me?” Kise steered the conversation towards himself. 

Aomine wrinkled his nose. “Hard to tell.”

“Maybe his personality would be more bearable if he was a cute girl,” Akashi said, and once more, there were more murmurs of agreement. 

“You guys!” Kise cried out indignantly. 

DAY6 as (dumb) boyfriends

Jae: dates consist of you two walking around while thinking about what to do but never deciding what to do so you two just walk. back hugs and just having his arms around you because he’s a loser and likes to have you close. “I bought you this because it reminded me of you but is okay if you don’t like it I don’t even know why I bought it in the first place so yeah lol” short pecks on the lips without warning. “you are the best” “…” “now you have to compliment me back it’s your turn don’t you know how this works or”. every time you hold his hand he asks “what are we” in an overly dramatic tone. 

Sungjin: brings flowers to the first three dates. will put his jacket on your shoulders is not even cold he just wants you to wear it because it’s cute. should he hold your hand???? but what if you don’t want to???? he thinks too much. brings his guitar with him to your park dates and sings for you even though his face is red because he’s so embarrassed but he really wants to do this. nose kisses because he looks so cute sometimes you can’t help it. you have five kids now sorry not sorry. 

Junhyeok: intertwined fingers while walking. constantly puts your hair behind your ears. the type to hold you close when there’s other boys near but is so subtle you don’t even realize. plays with your hands so much you don’t know why but you guess is a pianist thing. kisses your cheek for no reason but hey you are not complaining. you don’t even have to introduce him to your parents I mean look at that face they will approve.

Young-K: arm around your shoulders 24/7. whispers into your ear all the time even if is just to say “I’m hungry” because he finds it more intimate. he smiles so much when you are together like wow. calls you late at night and pretends that it’s because he wants to bother you but actually he just misses you so much. randomly starts rapping about anything and you are so embarrassed because people is looking weird at you but you love this idiot. “now is your turn I’ll help you” he says as he starts beatboxing.

Wonpil: smooches. lots of smooches. forehead kisses are a must. uses your name in every sentence that comes out of his mouth because he loves your name and how it sounds when he pronounces it. caressing your cheeks with his thumbs before kissing you everytime because that’s how he kissed you for the first time. sometimes he smiles so widely during kisses that you have to stop because kissing his teeth instead of his lips feels weird.

Dowoon: looking at you when you are not looking. plays with his own hands when he actually wants to hold yours but doesn’t know if he should. being happy with just little gestures like sitting really really close to each other when you are on a date. his ears turn all red every time that you compliment him and he can’t help but smile and he’s so cute. the kind of boyfriend who says “I had a lot of fun today” at the end of all your dates because he really is very happy of spending time with you and wants to know if you feel the same way. 

  • writers: "right okay let's write a really interesting storyline for episode eight it'll be about area 51 and it'll be great"
  • *several months later, after the episode airs*
  • writers: "so, what did everyone think of the story?"
  • cyclone: *crying* "MEGAN. SYLVESTER. WALTER."
  • writers: "yeah but the case- wasn't it good"
  • cyclone: *wailing* "MEGAN"
  • writers: "yeah but guys. aliens."
  • writers: "why do we even try we should just write an episode about the fucking ferret"
the signs as got7 yj’s english

Aries: Hey guys! Wassup? This is Youngjae class~ C’mon.

Taurus: It’s not hard! It’s not hard!

Gemini: Do you know english?? I know english.~

Cancer: Today is good. And then, uhh- I’m sorry, man.

Leo: No I cannot stop, I cannot stooop ittt.

Virgo: Why?! Why me?! Why?! 

Libra: Very excited, yes, thank you. Keep going? Okay… this is my time?

Scorpio: I take your pizza, pizza? Yeah man!

Sagittarius: Hello everyone. My name is Youngjae! How are you?

Capricorn: No~ No! nO! That’s no- no!

Aquarius: Oh! This is very spice! Omg.

Pisces: Yes man, do you want an americano? You want iced tea? ‘Kay, I’m out.

Okay, we have probably covered this already, but for some reason I never really thought much about the scene in 6x04….

Bonnie eating pancakes…

then this happens and…

Kai eats her pancakes. Did she ever take a bite of them? Did he eat after her…or just steal her food? lol why I am analyzing these scenes idk…I miss bonkai.