idk why i did this gonna cry now

Just imagine….

Dan takes Phil to a really fancy restaurant for a date. Phil’s excited, but he could see the anxiousness and anxiety all over Dan’s face so he thinks, ‘Maybe this is it. Maybe Dan is finally going to propose.’ So he just sits there and eats his food contently, keeping himself alert at all times. After dinner, it happens. Phil looks up to see Dan slowly get down on one knee and Phil’s stomach flutters as he covers his mouth with his hands. Dan begins his speech, “Phil, I really love you a lot. And I’ve been thinking about this moment for the majority of the time I’ve known you, so Phil…” He begins, putting his hand in his jacket pocket and keeping his hand closed tightly around it, “will you…” This is it this is it…. Dan opens his palm, revealing a dead hamster, “let me put this hamster to good use?” And winks.