idk why i choose him but oh well

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oh gosh okay

my time period as a fan: i never tracked it but i think like a month maybe 2
my bias among the members & why: joonie! now idk much about bts but from what i know i can totally respect him and i support him
favorite song : well i havent heard all their songs but from what i know i love mama
favorite mv : ive only seen 2… blood sweat and tears and dope and so i choose dope
favorite choreo: dope for sure
favorite era : idk their eras omg but wings??
cutest member :yoongi
sexiest member :namjoon
best friend member :i literally dont know enough about them
best smile : yoongi!!!
favorite rapper : idk who are the rappers im sorry omg
favorite vocalist /
favorite dancer /
what i see for them in the future : huge success and love nd support all over the world!