idk why did i find this so funny

Harry: [standing there minding his own business, peaceful, in the Zone™]

Seeiso: [being a good friend, walks up and whistles to get Harry’s attention and gestures for him to walk out the door first]

Harry: [unbothered, looks Seeiso up and down and gives the sassiest neck twirl/eye roll combo in royal history as he proceeds to leave]

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Ok so idk if you saw this but on the fridge in Sara and Jacobs house there is a picture that mike drew and it says "mommy, me, stepdad" and I don't know why but I just burst out in laughter and I still find it really funny even though it's not that funny 😂

YES!! i did notice that. for anyone that didn’t, here it is:

hahahaha i fucking live for the fact that sara made sure mike knew exactly what jacob was to him. he’s not his father. she established that boundary to respect michael. mike knows who his father is. sara made sure he does. 

i saw on twitter earlier where someone asked if mike even knew what michael looked like, if he would recognize him if he saw him, and i have to think that answer is yes. he left them with that video message, and i have no doubts sara showed that to mike so he could hear michael himself say how much he already loved mike, even before he was born. 

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I'd hug you... but I obviously can't... so I'll just tell you a joke Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees? Because they're really good at it. *ba dum tssss* (Did it help, if not then eat cake. Cake is always good.) p.s go you for telling your mom p.p.s I really enjoy your blog but that doesn't mean that you need to always do it, if you need some time to clear your head or find your inner peace (idk) then do it, we'd understand

I love you x

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Well gosh, anon, I dunno what to tell you!! Video games are fun, but I never really get excited over one unless I’ve already fallen in love with the character and/or storyline, you know? That’s kinda what happened with Undertale!!

For You MV – A summary
  • Jungkook: for you
  • Jimin: for Jungkook
  • Suga: for Jungkook
  • J-Hope: for Jungkook
  • Jin: for Jungkook
  • Rap Mon: for Jungkook
  • V: for Jungkook
Now, as we were saying….

A/N: It’s good to be back.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

I do not own Star Wars. Or it’s characters. But I carry them in my heart. Does that count for anything? My soul says yes.

Anon said: “63. “That’s one of the worst ideas you’ve ever had.” 84. “If we get arrested, it’s your fault.” 4. “Just be quiet and look pretty.” w/Stiles x Reader perhaps?? (possibly Jeep Man x Key Lady/Delinquent (if they’re still the same person lol)) (“That’s one of the worst ideas you’ve ever had.”, “If we get arrested, it’s your fault.” And “Just be quiet and look pretty.”)”

“I thought of a Stiles x Delinquent (/Key Lady?) thing, about Stiles and y/n getting arrested and brought to the sheriffs office and Father Stilinski is obviously mega pissed off, and they’re both bickering over who’s fault it was for getting caught/committing a crime in the first place, but the crime itself is something ridiculous like Stiles accidentally leaving his important backpack at Lydia’s, and when the two of them went to get it there was nobody home, so y/n was like ‘pfft no(Second Message)problem this place is easy to get into’, so they break into Lydia’s house to get Stiles’ backpack, meanwhile one of Lydia’s neighbours sees them breaking in and calls the cops, who show up as Stiles comes down the stairs with a backpack and y/n is helping herself to whatever’s in the fridge. And papa stilinski would be so done with the both of them and then he’d just be like ‘y/n how the hell did you know how to break into the house anyway?’ etc. And I’m sorry idk why I find this so funny!! 😂”

“Jeep man & delinquent key lady where Stilinski senior says he thinks they should spend less time together, bc one is a bad influence on the other. Then the pair of them get into an argument over who is a worse influence on the other and the Sheriffs just listening to all of it until he’s like ‘I give up’. 😝”


“I believe these two delinquents belong to you?” Parrish’s dry tone hinted at his amusement as he pulled the two of you into the Sheriff’s office by the ear, keeping a firm grip as the the older Stilinski let out a heavy sigh from behind his desk.

“One of ‘em does. The other just always shows up a few steps later.”

“I’m assuming that joke is at my expense,” Stiles said sarcastically, rubbing his ear Parrish had just released. “That I’m the one that just follows that tingly feeling in my gut that senses when mischief is afoot?”

“Oh, shut up, Stiles!” You said exasperatedly. “This is all your fault, anyway!”

“My fault?! How in the hell is this my fault?” His eyes were wide, eyebrows undecided about arching high or knitting together.

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I felt too lazy to work on my stuff so I looked for a “draw your otp/ot3” challenge thingy.

I was gonna draw only this but then I thought “fuck it” and did these too (I can’t find the post for the Parks and Rec anymore ops)

The Aran/Hondo one is especially hilarious to me idk why, I was in tears while drawing it even tho it’s not. much funny or anything, idk.

Also special cameo by Don Flamenco (who’s just been dumped in the rp continuity so it’s especially funny to me to put him there)


since there were just so many theories on B.A.P’s Feel So Good M/V I decided to clarify what really happened in it ur welcome

enjoy this trash idk

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I follow a lot of OHL players on IG cause I go to a lot of junior games. One of the players followed me back so I was like, oh alright cool. And then the next day three of his teammates followed me too and now a week later 12 players from his team follow me. Idk why they did but I find it funny for some reason :')

b r u h

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ok hear me out: rfa high school musical au. im talking a full cast and stage directions for this ok

okay for this just consider the characters alone. not their relationships with each other.

if you start to think about their relationships it all falls apart


  • hear me out on this: Yoosung as Chad
  • Troy Boltons best pal? who has a big baseball dance number in the second movie?
  • yea, him
  • and in case you still need some convincing, please consider the following:

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  • this shirt that says “i majored in vacation”
  • if you arent convinced by now you never will be alright


  • so alright, i feel like casting Zen as Sharpay here is a bit too easy
  • but hear me out on this:
  • RYAN
  • Ryan is a Good Man™ who only ever acted like a jerk because of his SISTER
  • he just loves acting and he just wants everyone to be happy
  • but is still a lowkey diva
  • for example: here is a real life video of Zen

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whats this? another picture of Zen?



  • both are:
  • underappreciated
  • smol
  • precious
  • deserving of protection
  • the real hero
  • like wow for example in HSM 1 theres a scene where Troy is like Kelsi why to you let shapay push you around?? you wrote all the music its literally YOUR MUSICAL
  • and just wow me @ Jaehee
  • tell me these aint pics of Jaehee throughout this entire game


  • sorry, but i have to
  • Jumin is Sharpay, he’s just gotta be
  • i mean, have you heard the song fabulous
  • spoiled brat? check
  • bossy? check
  • savage?
  • well, he only gets checks
  • just try to tell me this image doesnt scream Jumin


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last but not least:

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  • i’m not gonna lie, i struggled with this one
  • i wanted to make Seven one of the main characters so hear me out on this:
  • Gabriella
  • first of all, Seven is a smart cookie! the smartest!!!
  • secondly, Seven is lowkey fragile and will sing an entire song about how you broke his heart if you so much as eat the last honey buddah chip
  • and no one sings a heart breaky song like gabriella montez
  • “It’s funny when you find yourself Looking from the outside 
  • I’m standing here but all I want Is to be over there 
  • Why did I let myself believe Miracles could happen 
  • Cause now I have to pretend 
  •  That I don’t really care”
  • “Cause now even I tell 
  •  That I confused my feelings with the truth”


  • i am casting ma boy V as the infamous TROY BOLTON
  • he is nothing but a sweet boy with a lot of love in his heart
  • sometimes struggles with what the right thing is to do
  • h e  j u s t  l o v e s  h i s  f r i e n d s
  • his friends do him real dirty on occasion because they just???dONT UNDERSTAND
  • needs protection. needs love. just trying to love his girlfriend. sometimes bad at it
  • V when anyone in the RFA tried to contact him:

y’all….if this aint V…. :/


  • Saeran is literally these kids


- Finding Lou , by @akingdomlikethis​: Louis is the nomadic stranger who wanders into Harry’s bookstore. Harry is the skeptic who falls for him.

Larry bookstore AU (60k) : let’s be real, this is probably the best fic I read in 2016 so far. TW for sad Harry (and bad past relationship), and Louis is a bit of a mess himself. Also great smut (bottom Harry). go read this now.

- Don’t Waste Your Time On Me, You’re Already The Voice Inside My Head , by @afangirlfantasy: At 16 years old, everyone takes a compatibility test on their birthday. At some point after taking the test, and along with other data collected, everyone finds out if they are a Dom or Sub. At 17 years old, everyone receives a bracelet that notifies them when they have been matched. Every Dom needs a Sub. Every Sub needs a Dom. When Louis’ bracelet lights up weeks after getting it, let’s just say that who he is matched with, is not quite what he had been expecting.

Larry soulmate AU (28k) : fair warning trigger for a coma!Harry, and a bad past (and shitty parents) for Louis. No smut (and happy end of course)

- no good unless it grows (feel this burning, love of mine) , by @grayromanticharry   It wasn’t until they were settled in and lying idly on the couch with their bodies intertwined that Harry whispered, holding back tears, “I’m not who I want to be.” Louis leaned down, lips close enough to graze Harry’s cheek, and asked simply, “Well, who do you want to be?” Harry had thought about growing his hair out for a lot longer than he had even realized.

Larry canon (6k) : well written, TW for insecure!Harry and anxiety . No smut. Really great :)

- i’m talking about you in my sleep , by  aceofdiamonds : another one of those fics where louis is a footballer and harry is a popstar.They really should have met under better circumstances because Louis gets very into the game and shouts a lot and maybe Harry really didn’t see him when he ran straight into him; he’s really very tall and Louis is really very not. They fall to the ground, Harry right on top of Louis, his stupid big arms on Louis’s face and he’s giggling like this is some sort of game – it’s not that sort of game, okay. He laughs a lot, and apologises a lot, and Louis rolls his eyes and struggles to remember that this is for a good cause.

Larry famous AU (7k) : popstar!Harry and footballer!Louis are always the wining team for me. Barely smutty( and coming-out happened.)

- All We Have , by @jessimond :   He looks at the person who’s asked him a question and then immediately wishes he hadn’t. He’s beautiful, is the thing, and Harry’s met him before.  “No, sorry,” he says, shaking his head, averting his eyes. It’s an old habit, one he’s gotten better about resisting, but he supposes seeing Louis Tomlinson out in the wild transports him right back to youth club.  “Ah, s’fine really,” Louis says, instead of just walking away like a normal person, “Pretty boy like you shouldn’t be smoking anyway, yeah?”  Harry’s cheeks flood with heat before he can stop it, and he squeezes his eyes shut. Of course. Of course Louis Tomlinson — the boy who basically made Harry realize he’s gay — thinks he’s cute now. Ten years after the fact, and much too late for it to do any good at all.  Or, a ‘Grown’ au

Larry (5.7k) : or the “wait I had a big crush on you when we were at the youth camp and I haven’t see you for years and now you’re hitting on me but you don’t remember me” AU. Cute ! (no smut)

- midnight starlight  , by  sheeran : Harry moves to Doncaster after breaking up with his long term boyfriend. Louis helps him move on.

Larry AU (5k) : cute without smut :)

- All I Wanna Do , by @dimpled-halo : “That’s perfect!” Harry tells him clapping his hands together, “How about I meet you at your place?”Well this is awkward.  Louis had originally kept the house they lived in, but since the break, Louis has moved into a flat overlooking the London city skyline and sold their old place.  “Yea, sure,” he says, “I’ll text you the address.”After Harry gives him a questioning look, his eyes furrowed like a grumpy kitten he goes on to explain, “I sold the house,” is all he tells him.Harry nods in response, “Oh…well alright.  I’ll see you tonight then.”  He waves at Louis before turning around to find his car in the parking lot.Louis lets out a deep sigh.  That was rough, so much for not having an awkward encounter with Harry. Or: After they decide to break up, Harry and Louis spend the hiatus apart.  After a year, the band reunites to start working on their new album.

Larry canon -post hiatus and ex to lovers (7k) : jealous Harry, no smut, and angsty :)

- A Sorta Fairytale (With You)  , by anonymous : Louis has a bit of a love/hate relationship with Harry Styles, popstar extraordinaire. Mostly that he hates the way his body can’t get with the program and realize that being in the same room with him is the absolute worst thing in the world. And now, he has to spend the next month with him getting ready for a wedding that Liam and Sophia just have to have. When did his life become a shit romantic comedy, anyway?Or, the one where Liam is getting married, Louis is Sophia’s Man of Honor, and Harry is the popstar Best Man that Louis absolutely doesn’t have a crush on.

Larry famous!not famous AU (15k) : funny with a lot of pining (Louis is so embassing tbh), great smut (bottom Louis), and some angst about closeting .

Like always, you can find all my fic recs in my Fic Rec Masterspost!

Of course it is hilarious conceptually that someone might eat 10 pounds of lettuce in one sitting for dinner (and funny to see someone eat that much lettuce) so I get why people find that raw vegan video funny but also a lot of people have no idea what lengths women will go to to avoid confronting their disordered relationships to food and yes, that includes “I’m just vegan and this is easy and raw” so idk. Anytime you see someone, especially women, beginning to restrict their dietary choices, it is best to not bother them unless you are genuinely worried but you should keep an eye out. This is especially true given I know very few women who either don’t have disordered relationships to food or never did in the past.