idk why but this was just a funny moment ok shhhh

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Do you have any funny stories? ): I'm feelin really down. I just went through your entire feelin down tag

i mean i gueth…..
i had this teacher who mean to and sarcastic to all her students and one time she left the room one day like 2 months ago and the SECOND this bicth left the room everybody in my class started talkin shit and me, a good child, was jus sittin there like dam :/ and she had jus gave a sarcastic response to a student who asked a kinda dumb question but idk if her attitude was necessary anyway everybody like this lady MUSTY !!!!! and everybody agreeing and ppl saw i was jus there like :| and somebody was like fatima what do u think ?? n i was like …….SHE MEAN AS HELL!!! and everybody started laughing and then ppl like O SHIT SHE COMIN!! and me , never talced shit about a teacher when they’re not in the room, was like SHHHHH and next thing u kno she like fatima can i see u in the hall for a moment and i was like mr_krabs_shooc.jpg and when were outside i was like …..yeth? and she like do we have a problem here I was lik.. no … and she like u sure about that?? n i was like SHIT SHE HEARD MY ASS SAY SHES MEAN!!! SO I EXPOSED MYSELF I WAS LIKE “….o u heard that?? yea that u mean??” she like ? im like yea sometime u mean but idk why i said that sjjejr and she like ….wat and im like :) wait :) SHE DIDNT EVEN HEAR ME SAY THAT SHE PULLED ME OUT CUZ I SHHHH EVERYBODY IN THE ROOM WHEN SHE CAME IN I WAS LIKE :) fuck :) and she like okay why do u think that im like …. sometime U mean.. Like my dad .. IDK Y I SAID THT BUT I DID AND SHE LIKE OKAY.. GO SIT DOWN PLEASE I WAS LIKE OK MS.! SJEJJDKFG I HATE MY ATH THE NEXT DAY I APOLOGIZED N SHE SAID IVE HEARD WORSE THAN THAT GODT!! JSJDJFNF