idk why but this moment is one of my all time faves

i’ve barely talked about er/uri when complaining about shingeko so i dont know why people keep believing the problem is that the ship died or damn even that my ‘fave’ died

like, let me be clear as fuck: is not that erw0n died, is how he died. he could have died on ch80 and yes it would be sad af, but also waaaaay way less shitty than him being dragged four episodes for nothing. cuz whats the point of making all the serum drama if it isnt going to bring any sort of conflict later on??? oh right, it was just to create drama at the moment. the story could have progressed without what happened on the rooftop. yes this could change and bring consequences later, but it seems like the fandom doesnt want this to happen at all which is frustrating. actions have consequences kids.

a lot of people have a problem with the passing of the story too. it went from four chapters full of flashbacks and way too much information, to a one year time skip in which they somehow reached the ocean as if it was in front of them all along but they were too dumb to see it before. like imo it seems like yams wants to finish the manga as fast as possible

the problem i have with the story is more than just “you’re mad your favorite character and ship died” stop invalidating any criticism to the story with that holy fuck

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you know whats the hendall moment that doesn't get talked about enough? and is def one in my top 3 fave hendall moments? the one when harry L I T E R A L L Y the day he finished shooting dunkirk he called kendall to hang out at mels ❤❤ it's so underrated and idk why it's like that but its so fucking cute

💃🏽🎉 ❣️👏🏽 LABOR 👏🏽 FUCKING 👏🏽 DAY 👏🏽WEEKEND 👏🏽❣️🎉💃🏽

they hung out for the majority (if not all) of that weekend, literally from when he finished work to when she started work bc remember the wrap party was on friday someone saw them getting drinks are nobu an then they were at mel’s an then on saturday someone said she saw him with kendall an two other people (cam an kaia) buying balloons an then i don’t think they were seen together on sunday but then they had lunch together on monday before she had to go to New York ❗️❗️❗️

literally they spent the weekend they had off together like wow did you know i love death an dying 🔥🏃🏽